DC United Swaps Dax McCarty for Dwayne DeRosario

Photo by Sam Teigen

Earlier this month DC United let midfielder Fred leave for Australia as a free transfer, signaling to the league that they would be in the market for a creative, play-making midfielder.  Today they got their man.  In a shocking move, DC sent midfielder and former captain Dax McCarty to New York for five-time All Star Dwayne De Rosario.  Straight up.

Weirdly enough this is the second time both players have been traded this season.  McCarty was acquired for DC in the offseason during the Expansion Draft in a trade widely hailed as a steal for DC.  McCarty, who had just finished a stint with “Team Cupcake”, was seen as a rising star in the league and was immediately given the captain’s armband by Ben Olsen.  However, after solid start to the season, McCarty struggled in his center midfield role and was replaced first by Branko Boskovic, then Fred in the DC midfield.  By moving to New York, McCarty has a chance to hit the restart button and thrive in a possession passing system with Hans Backe.  The key for New York is the amount of money they save by trading DeRo now; depending on the terms of the deal they could save enough money to acquire a position of need (cough cough keeper).

DeRo, he of five MLS Best XI selections and four MLS Cups, moves to DC from New York after leaving Toronto on April 1 for New York.  Since joining the Red Bulls, he has two goals and four assists.  The trade suggests that DC United is going for broke and feels the Eastern Conference is weak enough that they can make a run in the second half of the season, when their schedule gets arguably easier.  De Rosario plugs into their midfield nicely and gives the Black-and-Red a scoring threat they lacked in the middle.  His presence will also help keep Chris Pontius wide and with Charlie Davies in front and Pontius and Najar on his side, this DC attack could take a major step forward.  Another key though will be DeRo’s presence in the locker room; this is a young team being built with the hard-nosed attitude of coach Ben Olsen and the Canadian’s past attitude problems could be a bad fit here.

Ironically this may not have been the most important trade for DC United today.  Earlier, DC acquired San Jose defender Brandon McDonald for allocation money.  The 25 year-old defender had taken Ike Opara’s spot in the ‘Quakes XI this season and instantly adds depth and a more physical defender to DC’s much maligned back line.  In one day, DC may have become, with Philadelphia and New York (and Columbus?) as favorites in the Eastern Conference.

But what do you think?

9 Responses to DC United Swaps Dax McCarty for Dwayne DeRosario

  1. Neither team won in my opinion, but Dax as a player might have won.
    Perhaps with the offensive talent up front at RedBulls he can thrive.
    But DC United let go of Fred and have put DeRo,in
    and they have McDonald, I will have to see but DC is taking a serious chance here, that I don’t think they needed.
    DeRo’s passing game is the question , can he be the central midfielder.

  2. Dave says:

    This seems odd to me. I wonder if there is more drama behind the scenes at NYRB that we are seeing. He’s used to wearing 10 and being the captain so perhaps he was too much for NYRB?

    I’m sure sources will leak out the truth, oh wait I forgot there’s not people reporting on the MLS for papers like the other big 4 lol.

  3. CTBlues says:

    Who’s going to take PK’s now for the RedBulls?

  4. Chris G says:

    I think DC won, but only because Dax really wasn’t working with the current line-up and never really filled that play-making role at DC. I think if he could have been more of an attacking MF, not the one in charge of the ball, he would have excelled more at DC just as he did at Dallas. Apart from a few games DC has also had problems scoring from MF and have had to rely on 2-3 players to score all the goals. If teams have to now look out for Pontius, Davies, DeRo and Najar when attacking, it may open up the scoring a bit and also help the D out because teams wont attack as hard when DC can hit them so hard on the break.

    I’m glad DC also picked up another defender and let Fred go. While Fred has had some moments of brilliance, he has been horrible at times too, and I think the bad has outweighed the good this season. Who knows when more defenders will be healthy, (wasn’t Jakovic supposed to be back by now?) and the club is just leaking goals like nobodies business.

  5. Dan says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that New York is opening up cap space for a new GK and a 3rd DP this summer.

    • john says:

      I do not want Trezequet at all. Totti is a Roma legend and even I want to see him retire at his boyhood club so no to that. If they sign any “experienced” european star I would prefer a midfiler especially a playmaker. We already have enough forwards as is.

    • Charles says:

      DeRo was all but invisible. NY probably thinks take a younger guy ( which they already traded to Toronto )….almost a do over for them huh ?

      DC, not sure what they are thinking, but I haven’t seen them play enough to comment on Dax.

      The east is weak, but my opinion is getting DeRo won’t be enough, even if he starts to show up.

  6. john says:

    WTF he was becoming a fan favorite and now they trade him? Seriously him Linpere and Richards are my favorite players on the team. I hate Barcelona and Arsenal and I’m part Irish so you can figure out who I don’t like on the team.

  7. tabahiko says:

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