Real Salt Lake 3-0 New York Red Bulls: Game Report

Returning from London where they won the Emirates Cup, you would think that the pre-season tournament would have given New York Red Bulls a lift especially when confronted with a trip to Real Salt Lake.

It wasn’t so as the problems plaguing the club have re-appeared and you can sense the frustration on the field. Nat Borchers would convert a big goal in the 13th minute on a corner kick from the far side by Kyle Beckerman. Somehow Borchers was allowed to get into the area and headed in the chance; He wasn’t covered well by the defenders.

Towards the end of the first half, with the Red Bulls down by one, you would have thought they would come out of their funk, but all of a sudden a big rip from Luis Gil from three yards away found the back of the net. Either Frank Rost was screened or he thought it wasn’t going to be that difficult to stop.

But the final nail of the coffin came in the 76th minute when a long cross came into the Red Bulls area and on a bounce it hit Roy Miller in the left forearm and right away the referee signaled a penalty. Alvaro Saborio took the spot kick and converted it inside the far post.

With the great conversions of goals from Real Salt Lake, you have to give them credit for their defense as well. They pressured the Red Bulls every inch of the field. No matter where the ball was and who had it, you saw two or three defenders on a Red Bull player. But once again Real Salt Lake frustrated the club to no end.

What has happened to this club, the New York Red Bulls? What’s happened to the swagger and the confidence they had at the beginning of the season? They started out well with four wins, three draws and a loss. Since the home defeat to Chivas-USA on Sunday, May 15, their record for the last sixteen games has been two wins, nine draws and five losses.

For the first time this season the Red Bulls have lost in two consecutive matches and they are at .500 average. In their first eight matches of the season the goal difference was eleven for and three against. Since May 15 the difference has been twenty six for and thirty against.

Firing two assistants during pre-season, controversial coaching changes, and a blockbuster trade to bring in Dwayne DeRosario only to throw him away at DC United — and at the same time throwing away all their bench depth and let’s not forget injuries to Luke Rodgers and currently Jan Gunnar Solli picked up a right quad strain, and you can see why the club has been in peril.

The supporters are demanding the club fire Hans Backe right now for this current season and with all his talk of only going for the Supporters Shield, ignoring the US Open Cup and his ho-hum display of rarely making substitutions, I believe he needs to change things up and quickly as the performance against Real Salt Lake was disgraceful.

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9 Responses to Real Salt Lake 3-0 New York Red Bulls: Game Report

  1. Charles says:

    Broken record Charles here.

    They are just not that good. All the Power Rankings that had that as one of the best teams….They were wrong. Salt Lake, even with injuries is a better team than NY.

    Backe should be under fire. This IS a playoff quality team and right now they are on the outside looking in sitting in 11th.

    • Robert says:

      outside looking in at 11th! HAHAHAHAHAHHA 11th place and still in playoff contention HAHAHAHAHHA!

      • Charles says:

        After 4 games, Tiajuana is in 13th….and already eliminated.
        Have fun watching the season. I won’t spoil it for your, but hint, they don’t win it.

        • Robert says:

          TIJUANA not TIAJUANA, has only played 3 games and they beat Santos which many were chalking up as a loss. Shows how much you know about Mexico. OH yah that’s right you don’t give a damn about anything outside of MLS soccer.

  2. Clampdown says:

    Backe won’t change. At first I found his honesty refreshing. Now I think he’s just plain arrogant. Six wins with only 10 matches remaining. That’s pretty pathetic.

    He and Soler are responsible for the lack of depth. Set aside the DeRo-Dax swap. Why was da Luz let go?

    SLC was missing three key players and they had no problem controlling that match. Better coach, better constructed team.

  3. Manuel says:

    I can understand friendlies on domestic soil but overseas friendlies in the middle of the season is just ridiculus! If they want to compete in Europe and win European trophies then perhaps they should join a European league. There focus is overseas and obviously not on the domestic game. Backe has done a crappy job in getting his players ready for certain games and taking certain tournaments seriously especially the ones that count. At least RBNY supporters can take pride in knowning that their club can beat a pre-season Arsenal and PSG clubs in meaning less friendlies.

  4. Charles says:

    How about DeRo ?

    Scores two goals against DC while on Toronto.
    DC gets him and he scores 3 on Toronto.

    • SSReporters says:

      That and the Sounders game should be on here already.

      I cannot believe we blew that game. Andy Iro has to go. That is the worst CB we’ve ever had and we’ve had a lot of them over the years. I’ve never seen a player singlehandedly provide golden opportunities to an opposition so often.

      Our offense is improving just in time for complete defensive collapse.

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