Rough Weekend For Americans in Europe

European Football swung back into action this weekend with the start of (English) Premier League season as well as that of the Bundesliga. With the exception of an outstanding performances by a trio of American Goalkeepers in England and a solid performance by Jonathan Spector for West Ham the weekend was a virtual washout for American players. Heath Pearce, the self proclaimed best American left back was completely outclassed in his first Bundesliga appearence as Hansa Rostock was routed 3-0 by Bayern Munich. Josh Wolff’s finishing touch completely eluded him despite repeated chances as 1860 Munich smashed FC Augsburg 6-2. Wolff’s misses did lead to two other 1860 goals however. Carlos Bocanegra of Fulham committed a foul to give Arsenal a penalty to even the match, before the Gunners eventually won 2-1. Brian McBride’s debut as captain was shaky, as he didn’t seem to do much in the attack nor organize his side particularly well. Perhaps one of the problems was the half time substitution when Clint Dempsey who clearly lacks the skill or technical ability to play in the Premierhsip entered the match. Dempsey’s blistering pace though did help create some chances for Fulham after falling behind 2-1 late in the match. Frank Simek got a yellow card for shoving an official in Sheffield Wednesday’s embarrasing 4-1 loss to Ipswich Town. Jay DeMerit played below average in Watford’s 2-1 victory over Wolves. Bobby Convey wasn’t in the match squad for Reading tonight against Man United, even though Marcus Hannehman stole the show in saving a draw for Reading. Hopefully next week will yield better performances for the Yank contingent of field players in Europe.

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