FC Dallas Unveil Denilson

FC Dallas today unveiled Denilson, a world cup winner and runner up with Brazil as its newest signing. The Hoops latin flavored attack is even more impressive with Denilson joining Juan Toja, Pablo Richetti and Arturo Alvarez in the midfield, and Carlos Ruiz in the attack. To make room on the roster for Denilson, FC Dallas will have to part with one of their four senior international players. Adrian Serioux and Marcelo Saragosa are the most likely candidates, but neither is a player Steve Morrow particularly wants to let go of. That puts FCD in then unenviable position of losing a player who has contributed to the solid play of the team to this point.

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4 Responses to FC Dallas Unveil Denilson

  1. Anonymous says:

    MLS should stop capping the number of international players, especially with regards to the DP slots.

  2. Zizou06 says:

    I totally agree. If they continue to get more and more quality signings like this and others, then the cap needs to be eliminated.

    I guess this is the question…is the MLS here to be a top notch league, or to develop US players?

    Capping internationals doesn’t help the MLS one bit. And, on top of that, the US players in the MLS will benefit from more international players.

  3. USA2010 says:

    MLS should continue to limit senior internationals to ensure the growth of American players.

    FC Dallas is surely losing a good player by getting a great one but the player cut will be on another league team spreading the wealth.

    MLS survival is all about parity.

  4. Sams Army says:

    We must cap foreign signings to prevent what has happened to England to happen to us: They have only 60 or 65 players playing regular first division soccer anywhere because most of the spots in their league are taken by foreigners. Now regarding Denilson, FC Dallas I am sure will not tear the team apart the way Lalas and Yallop did to “compliment” their big signing, will they?

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