Coaching Rumors Bizzare and Unrealistic

Steven Cohen of World Soccer Daily seems convinced that Steve McClaren is going to be next manager of the Los Angeles Galaxy. Why would McClaren who has the England job, albeit tenuously and managed Middlesbrough be interested in a second tier Major League Soccer job, a job that was ditched by Frank Yallop in order to take over an expansion team? I can point blank without any sources on the matter dismiss the talk of McClaren, Fabio Capello or any of the other sexy international names associated with the Galaxy job. At the same time I believe Red Bull New York who dismissed Bruce Arena on Monday, (the club was formerly know as the Metrostars) will not only end up with an accomplished international manager, but they could end up with someone whose name will blow your socks off.

These two jobs aren’t comparable: The Galaxy face a multi year rebuilding effort and have taken on the persona of a traveling circus since David Beckham’s arrival. The Galaxy have traded or in some cases given away the supporting talent that could have made Beckham successful in MLS. The Galaxy’s best bet is to hire an accomplished assistant in MLS, a discarded Mexican League manager or let Alexi Lalas (if he has his coaching license) try his hand at the job. Again, the Galaxy are being viewed a joke across the globe, and David Beckham’s continued curious behavior has many wondering if his legacy as a footballer and a man are being compromised by his strange and seemingly selfish behavior (thus very un-Beckham like) since moving to Los Angeles.

The Red Bulls on the other hand have a much more attractive situation. A new stadium and training facility opening next year with a marque striker in Juan Pablo Angel, and potentially an open DP slot with the option of dumping Claudio Reyna or engaging in a renegotiation with him into a non-DP type salary. With young starlets Jozy Altidore and Dane Richards as well as several other solid professionals, a new coach could make a run at an MLS Cup title next year with this squad. Besides, New York is the most cosmopolitan and international city in the US, and the second most cosmopolitan city in MLS behind Toronto.

New York has a history of attracting top international managers. Carlos Quieroz and Carlos Alberto Parriera both managed the Metrostars in the its early years and later Bora Milutinovic and Bob Bradley managed the club. Ironically the most successful New York manager has been the unheralded Octavio Zambrano.

But New York is an attractive job. Let me speculate about some possibilities:

Lothar Matthaeus:

The former Metrostars libero is now coaching the Red Bulls sister club in Austria. He loves New York and would fit the job like a glove.

Carlos Quieroz:

The former Metrostars manager is now Alex Ferguson’s right hand man at Manchester United. With Fergie’s implication that he’d like to manage a few more years, Queiroz may look to bail out and this would be a perfect opportunity

Roberto Donadoni:

The former Metrorstars player could be in trouble as Italy manager if the Azzuri lose to Scotland and do not qualify for Euro 2008.

Raymond Domenech:

France’s World Cup finalist coach is in serious jeopardy of losing his job and Red Bull management may have a n easy big name target if he losses his job which is likely to happen even if France qualify for Euro 2008 through the back door.

Fabio Capello:

He’s reported to have attracted previous interest from MLS and of course he was caught by the British press meeting with Sunil Gulati in London about consulting for the USSF.

Ricardo LaVolpe:

Former Mexico and Boca Juniors manager is tactically savvy and would probably relish the opportunity. Now managing Velez Sarsfield and is a bit of a long shot, but who knows?

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7 Responses to Coaching Rumors Bizzare and Unrealistic

  1. HERNANDEZ says:


    You must be joking!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Donadoni won’t be availible anytime soon.

  3. football detective says:

    I have to disagree with you KK about McClaren. If England don’t make it to Euro2008 and he’s fired, I know a good reason he’d take the LA job – $$$$$.

    Likewise, Hiddink if it’s Russia that fails to go through.

    As far as RBNY, don’t forget their Salzburg connection – maybe someone from Austria?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sky is reporting Rudd Guillit has already agreed to terms with LA. Amazing considering his deal with Harchester United on Dream Team fell through.

  5. eplnfl says:

    I firmly believe that the MLS as part of it’s overall upgrade will seek to have “big name” managers in NY and LA.

    The coaching selections will have to have name recognition beyond European coaching circles. That is the casual American soccer fan would need to know the name as a former great player or well known manager. Fill in the blamks from there.

  6. Kartik says:

    The casual American soccer fan probably hasn’t heard of managers beyond Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. Ruud Guillit was very well known in the late 1990s and of course as a player, well he was at one time arguably the best in the world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Obviously you were wrong about the Galaxy. Gullit is about as sexy a name around, unless you got a Mourinho or someone like him.

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