Hooliginism Hits MLS

No question mark this time. The line has been crossed in Columbus according to You Tube footage. I am following the US team in London the next several days and may not have time to give this serious story the attention it deserves so please check out the latest from some other sources who are staying on top of the situation.

MLS Rumors

Steve Goff’s Soccer Insider: Washington Post

Frank DelAppa: Boston Globe

I would like to commend each of the above writers and publications for bringing this story to light and discussing the seriousness of the problem developing and realizing how a multiplication of these sorts of incidents could spell doom for MLS and Soccer in the US.

I should have more from London on the US team later today.

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5 Responses to Hooliginism Hits MLS

  1. Phillip says:

    There is a statement on the MLS website from Garber…

    “We are investigating reports of incidents from the May 24 match between the Columbus Crew and New England Revolution and will take appropriate action based on our findings.”

  2. Brian says:

    That language was disgusting, and if the person who used that language is a member of a SG, I hope he is banished. I’m all for freedom of speech, but I have no problem condeming hate and stupidity – and that speaker falls into those categories. Hey buddy, how are you going to feel if a WWII vet sees that video and hears your ignorance?

  3. Brian says:

    Isn’t this racism, not hooliganism? Now if the entire section of Crew supporters were chanting it in unison, you might have something. But they weren’t. Just some drunk redneck showing his true colors.

  4. JustinR says:

    So the entire section has to chant racist statement, No, that was racist and shouldn’t be allowed. Columbus crew should be put on notice, and if anything continues, then we must take disciplinary action on the crew. Punish the team.

  5. bgnewf says:


    Again, please be a little more circumspect with your use of language. As a previous poster stated, racism and hooliganism are different things. This was racism plain and simple and the club needs to get that sort of fan out of their stasium forever.

    And speaking as a TFC supporter I wonder how long it will take Comumbus to blame us for this and also for the flare they threw at the corner kick new England had? Seems to be their MO, blame TFC for all the world’s ills. Pretty lame.

    FInally i think that before something really stupid happens we should ban streamers. The point has been made, nuff said.

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