Matchday (Almost): Who Should Nowak Start

As our readers and listeners to the American Soccer Show are aware, I have advocated the use of a 4-5-1 formation for the US Olympic side. I see no reason to change the setup now, but perhaps a change or two should be made to the lineup. The change I’d make is to place Benny Feilhaber who played well for Hamburg what seems like many moons ago and is likely more familiar with how to handle himself in a match against top class European competition should get the start in place of Sacha Kljestan, who depending on the Sunday’s results could be returned into the starting XI for the final group game.

Another possibility is to push Kljestan out wide and place Stuart Holden on the left side while sitting Robbie Rogers. I personally feel Rogers had an underrated match on Thursday and do not advocate his benching even though I wasn’t sure he should have even made the eighteen man squad. Rogers did tend to neglect his defensive responsibilities against Japan but his ability to find space and hold the ball against pressure on out wide was very impressive.

Here is my lineup







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4 Responses to Matchday (Almost): Who Should Nowak Start

  1. Joe says:

    Wynne Edu Parkhurst Orozco
    Feilhaber Bradley Holden

  2. DerrickInSF says:

    Sorry but No, No, No!!!

    I know everyone love’s McBride but he’s slow, not mobile enough to stay and run with Adu. He does not match the type of play you need. We gotta stop. How about we play our quick, fast, mobile people. Let’s change our mindset. Let’s stop being scared Americans and attack. It’s bad enough that Comcast has a horrible HD overcompressed image but if i get up again to watch these guys play defensive i may have to sleep through the rest of these games.

    Bradley should sit because Edu is better (and so is Pablo Mastroeni).Holden’s ok but Klejstan is better even though he had a bad game. And make no mistake. Our plan would be to unleash these guys. Not to play this weak, SOFT, typical American soccer where we sit back and hang on. I’d put some swagger in these boys.

    Oh and the mantra of this team would be to play the simple pass, play it on the ground, and play two touch football. No aimless long ball.

    Soccer is the only sport played in America where our guys don’t attack. I don’t get it.

  3. DerrickInSF says:

    I disagree with moving Fielhaber wide. Feilhaber’s not a winger. Bradley ruined him during Copa America by moving him wide right. He played in the center of the pitch for the Gold Cup then Bradley moves him wide and that was the downfall of Benny. He’s not that versatile yet and he’s not fast enough on the dribble to be that useful wide. His poor play started at Copa America.

  4. Kiwi Yank says:


    Wynne Orozco
    Edu Parkhurst
    Kljestan Adu Rogers
    Altidore McBride

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