To Be Free Next Season?


Adweek has a very interesting article about network and league sites that are getting into online streaming. In it, MLS gets a mention and rightfully so. Since day one of the league, they have always had an online media presence in some way or form. From being the first to stream games, to their partnership with YouTube (something the Premier League would probably never do in our lifetimes), Major League Soccer was always ahead of the curve.

While I have a subsciption to the service, there is a possibility that next season everyone will be able to enjoy the service free of charge. Now there is no mention of how this would be treated internationally, but at least for those in the United States it will go back to the days when they first started streaming games…at no cost. Now there will be advertising, but if you can get something for free I’ll take it.

Nothing is finalized as of yet, but the fact it’s being discussed is a positive move. Disney (ABC, ESPN) and FSC games won’t be eligible for the free streaming on as the networks own the online rights as well.

With the days of all the various video streaming sites, this is a great way to get people looking at your site instead of others.

Thanks to MLS-Rumors for the story.

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