Columbus Supporters Respond

Here is a response from Allen Skaggs, A Crew supporter to my post the other day:

Your accusations against the Crew supporters is so far from the truth that I dare you to find out for real what’s going on in the Nordecke.

I would love to speak with you about the Toronto FC situation.  I am the guy who organized the bus trip for 50 of the fans (first time accomplished).  I have first-hand account of what happened and if you question my objectivity, even the Toronto Sun reported a fairly objective and mostly truthful accounting of the events.

And, I can put you in touch with the parents of the children in my group.  I can put you in touch with the older gentlemen on my bus.  You can speak with the young couples on the bus.  But, to take the time to actually research something before you make accusations would have taken time and got in the way of the truth.

As for the West Ham incident – THEY came into the Nordecke and THEY started problems.  Anyone has a right to protect themselves and those around them.

The racial slur was by a single person, not the entire supporters group.  To generalize a group as racist because of one idiot’s statements is simply ignorant.

The throwing of streamers has stopped in Columbus per the MLS rule.  But, for some reason it has NOT stopped in Toronto.  Is this possibly because they are the “golden” team – meaning they put more fans in the stadium on a regular basis than other teams?

You accuse the Crew fans of throwing bottles and coins onto the pitch…?  To what are you referring?  Are you just making this crap up now?

Mark McCullers and Sigi Schmidt not only tolerate the supporters but they embrace us and even subsidized some of the costs to the Toronto game to make sure WE were there when the Crew won the Trillium Cup.  We celebrated for hours with them later in the hotel.

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5 Responses to Columbus Supporters Respond

  1. nope says:

    What I hear are a lot of excuses. They're racists and wannabee hoolies I have been there.

    Why do problems only seem to involve columbus at home or away to Toronto……..

  2. Nick says:

    ^ You're probably the guy from facebook who threatens 12 year old kids. If you're not Chris Harris, you better disassociate yourself from him quick before he gives all off Toronto a bad name. Oops… too late you cup/streamer/metal/piss throwing canucks! MLS doesn't need the hat up north.

  3. Allen says:

    Nick – What the H*&^ are you talking about? Your comments are random and oddly confusing. I don't know who Chris Harris is and I'm not on Facebook (at least I can't get into my account anymore). I'm a Crew fan and I was replying to Kartik's article against the Crew supporters… I was in Toronto when the “Canucks” were throwing beer and metal pieces of the stadium at Robbie Rogers. It didn't matter, we still won the Trillium Cup.

    Nope – There is not one excuse in my post. These are explanations, there's a difference. But, I wouldn't expect someone who is ANONYMOUS to understand that difference. There are problems at many other MSL games other than those that the Crew are at. But, thanks for trying…

  4. kkfla737 says:

    Nick, what and who are you talking about?

    I think you comments at the very least deserve an explanation.

  5. Nick says:

    I was referring to the guy who called all crew fans racist. I was also a little intoxicated at the time of posting. My analogies.

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