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Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Peter, a formerly traditional American sports fan, not to be confused with fanatic, located in the Valley of the Sun, aka the Phoenix metroplex. Oh, I would follow the World Cup and was aware of the MLS Cup. I even watched MLS Cup a couple of times. I knew of the NASL. But it wasn’t until my cable company started to offer what was then called Fox Sports World that I did a 180.

So there I was, with a new sport to get my juices flowing and no clue. Fine by me. I reveled in learning about the clubs and countries, formations and players, and the history of the sport. I marveled at the skills I had not previously appreciated. You see, as Howard Cosell said, I never played the game. And I’m particularly interested in the business aspect of growing MLS.

Strategically challenged, but ….

What have I learned these past 6 years? Well, I still have a problem with strategy, but I think I’ve learned enough to say;

Claudio Reyna, despite his terrific career, could have been so much more if he could have stayed healthy.

Claudio Reyna

Despite having 4 US keepers starting in the EPL in 2008, the lack of equal success of US field players in top competitive leagues speaks to the training our players are receiving at the youth level.

Brian McBride grew on me the more I saw him play.

Damarcus Beasley played timidly in the ’06 World Cup.

The MLS salary cap is ridiculously low.

Promotion/Relegation is decades away in the USA. I love promo/reg! But it won’t happen here for a long while, if ever.

Revenues from broadcast rights will be the major factor in elevating MLS from a league held in disdain by many to a truly competitive(internationally) league.

How confusing is this for you? The International Federation of Football History & Statistics(IFFHS) recently ranked MLS #77 among world domestic leagues. Meanwhile, here’s a counter argument by Greg Lalas of where he places MLS in the top 10.

So there you have it, my first post. I hope you’ll indulge me and have patience as I occasionally express my thoughts on the beautiful game from the standpoint of a regular fan that supports MLS and the US Men’s National Team. No press access, no pro team in the area but I’m loving it all the same and express my deepest appreciation to the Gaffer for giving me this opportunity.

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