MLS Gives a Friday Deadline on Beckham Deal


The LA Galaxy and AC Milan have until Friday to work out an agreement to see where David Beckham will play for after the March transfer date. With the start of the MLS season coming quickly it will be nice to have this finally come to an end so it won’t distract the Galaxy as they get set for their season, a season they will want to improve on and make the playoffs this year. Beckham’s contract allows him to leave the Galaxy after the ’09 season, and anyone reading his quotes over the last month know his heart is in Italy so if the Italian giants can offer a deal in excess of $10 million then the league should accept that and carry on or they will get zero when he does ultimately walk after the ’09 season. I for one applaud commissioner Don Garber in wanting to get this resolved as quickly as possible, it’s about time Major League Soccer sets the deadline and it let’s other clubs around the league that they won’t be played like a fiddle.

So what are your thoughts, will AC Milan up their offer and keep Beckham? Will they let him go back to the LA Galaxy and wait until the 2009 season when Beckham can walk out on his MLS deal and re-sign him then?

Jason Pedersen writes for JustSoccerJerseys

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