United States v Mexico Live and Online


CONCACAF World Cup Qualification begins the home stretch tonight as round one of the hexagonal begins and what a clash to start out with. The weather is miserable, but not cold in Columbus and the United States only have Mexico to contend with. Can the United States get off on the right foot? Will this be Sven’s final game in charge? In reality, this game sells itself.

Join us in the MLS Talk Chat as we discuss all things United States v Mexico from Crew Stadium. No registration is required.

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  1. Enrique says:

    Hey Kartik, I think the US was strong and took Mexico out of it’s game except for some mistakes by Bradley, Guch and Bocanegra, defensively that led Mexico to get close. You always say that Mexico man by man are more talented, so they shouldn’t have any problems replacing injuries or suspensions in their team. I think the Mexicans are just not applying what Sven is trying to implement, they are too slow for his system, they struggle with possesion because they can’t keep control of the ball like they’re are used to, they have to advance to quickly for some of the players that cannot transition well. Bob Bradley put up a very strong squad that contained the midfield well, except for a few mental lapses, I liked the game and saw that some of those Mexican players could not ge into a rythm mainly becuase of a stingy defense.

    It’s very sad that every single game that Mexico is loosing, some of it’s players become dirty, that’s the game and the US is going to the D.F. and are going to be strong.

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