MLS First Kick – Hope springs eternal

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mls_ballHope springs eternal. It’s a cry heard from sports fans at the beginning of every season and it’s no different for MLS fans.
As a neutral, my hope is that we have a great competitive season and from all accounts, I think that will be the case.
Trying to predict the final outcome is also a tradition and in that vein, I’ve gathered 9 power rankings and 9 conference prognostications from the web and present some information for you to decipher.

The sources were: Ives(of course), MLS Offside, the Fullback Files, WV Hooligan
, ESPN Soccernet, Bunky County, Noah Davis of SI, Randall Hall of Sports Tickets Online, Martin Rogers of Yahoo Sports, Buzz Carrick of 3rd Degree, Kyle McCarthy of and Kyle McCarthy of, Greg Seltzer of Soccer365(West) and Greg Seltzer of Soccer365(East), Kartik(West) and Kartik(East), Bleacher Report(Conferences) and Bleacher Report(Power Rankings) and and Climbing the Ladder.

Make what you want of these. I pulled these tidbits from the data.

From the 10 full table power rankings:

  • 9 of 10 rankings have Columbus either 1 or 2.
  • 8 of the 10 have Chicago either 1 or 2.
  • The other two have Chivas and Houston in the top 2.
  • 4 of the 9 rank LA at the bottom.
  • Everyone has Columbus, Chicago, Houston, Real Salt Lake in the top 8 (playoff position).

From the 9 conference ranking predictions:

  • All 9 rankings have Columbus and Chicago either 1 or 2 in the East.
  • 8 of 9 have Houston and RSL finishing 1 or 2 in the West. Climbing the Ladder pairs Houston and FC Dallas(the highest anyone has FCD).
  • Kartik gives the highest ranking to newcomer Seattle(3rd in West).

LA is the only team that no one picks to make the playoffs.
Chivas has the widest range of predicted finish, from a 2 by Noah Davis of SI to a 15 from the Fullback Files.
Only the Fullback Files pick San Jose to make the playoffs.

For me, my head is spinning from trying to absorb the wealth of information preceding this season and I come away with a few thoughts.

I like Chicago to win it all. That is if Blanco and McBride can coax another season from their ‘senior’ bodies.

Chivas could make some noise if they stay healthy and can adjust to the anticipated loss of Klejstan to Europe this summer.  Same for Dallas and Cooper.

Am looking forward to seeing the new faces in the league, including Montero in Seattle, Cam Weaver in San Jose, Hirsig in KC, Ferreira in Dallas, Celades in New Jersey(yeah, I said it) and Vitti in Toronto, just to name a few.

Let the games begin.

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