A Stadium for the Dynamo

Rendering of Dynamo Stadium

Rendering of Dynamo Stadium

Lots of news coming out about the soccer specific stadium for the Houston Dynamo, and it seems to be good news. The projected cost of the stadium is $80 million, and the Dynamo will fund $60 million of that price tag. Looks like the financing of that private funding has been achieved thanks to BBVA/Compass.





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6 Responses to A Stadium for the Dynamo

  1. The Gaffer says:

    Sorry Brian but that looks like the most unimaginative and boring stadium design I’ve ever seen in my life. Who did they hire to do the mock-up? High school students?

    Let’s hope the finished stadium will look much more appealing.

    The Gaffer

  2. Brian Zygo says:

    That is a bare bones rendering. I’m interested in seeing a more detailed mock up.

  3. Cavan says:

    Bare-bones is better than none at all. Just ask us D.C. United fans.

    Bare-bones has been serving the Crew and Toronto quite well so far. As long as the fans show up, who cares what it looks like empty?

  4. Joey Clams says:

    I think that it looks fine.

  5. I look forward to seeing a more detailed design for the future.

  6. Lars says:

    I agree with Joey on this one.

    Besides, at least its built for the purpose of Soccer. It could be plain as you want to make it, as long as it seats 20,000 and is designed for the game, if you ask me. Financial solvency, intimacy of the game and developing north american talent is key to making MLS successful. The third is impossible without the first two.

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