FIFA Confederations Cup: Full Coverage


At Major League Soccer Talk we pride ourselves on the having the most comprehensive coverage of the US Men’s National Teams. For over two years we’ve covered the National Team more closely than just about any other website around. Below are the links to our extensive written and audio coverage of Wednesday’s “Miracle on Grass,” and Sunday’s heartbreaking championship loss to Brazil. Please check back in this space for the latest updates.


Kartik Krishnaiyer: US Depth Chart, 23 Decisions for Bradley

Daniel Feuerstein: Clint Dempsey Has Returned to Form

Daniel Feuerstein: Second Half Was Hard To Swallow

US 2-3 Brazil: Postgame Podcast

US 2-3 Brazil: Heartbreak


Kartik Krishnaiyer: Not Simply a Game

Brian Zygo: A toast to the US Soccer Fan

Mitch Howard: Interleague Baseball and Michael Jackson: How it Relates to the Final

Kartik Krishnaiyer: Three Keys for the US against Brazil

Daniel Feuerstein: US-Brazil, looking at the past and getting ready for the final


MLS Talk Podcast #93: Cultural and Historic Significance of the Spain win

Kartik Krishnaiyer: The Role of Bloggers in the USMNT Run

Kartik Krishnaiyer: Previous US Best Major Tournaments

Daniel Feuerstein: Still in Dremaland, the US Shocks Spain

Randy Capps: Can The US Ride the Wave?

Kartik Krishnaiyer: Jay DeMerit and Charlie Davies, Profiles in Player Development

Philip Oliver: Changing Attitudes

Kartik Krishnaiyer: Where Does the Spain Game Rank All Time

Postmatch Podcast with Yahoo! Sports Martin Rogers, and Bruce McGuire from DuNord Futbol


Spain 0-2 USA, One for the Ages


Kartik Krishnaiyer: Why the US Has a chance


Daniel Feuerstein: Heart & Passion Finally Came Back to Advance into the Semis

Kartik Krishnaiyer Bradley’s Changes Pay Off + Post Egypt Podcast with FOX Sports Jamie Trecker & ESPN 710’s Dave Denholm


Kartik Krishnaiyer: US 0-3 Brazil: Bradley makes Negative History

Brazil-US Postgame podcast with GOL TV’s Phil Schoen and Martin Rogers of Yahoo! Sports

Daniel Feuerstein: Confederations Cup dreams are dead for the US


Kartik Krishnaiyer: Bob Bradley’s Inexplicable Tactics

Brian Zygo: Defending Guiseppe Rossi

Postgame Podcast with FOX Sports Jamie Trecker, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald and Forza Futbol’s Hannah Lee.

Kartik Krishnaiyer: USA 1-3 Italy, Some Positives but the Same Old Story


Kartik Krishnaiyer: Last Call for the Lost Generation?


Randy Capps: Confederations Cup Overview

Podcast Preview of the US Team: Kartik Krishnaiyer with Bruce McGuire of DuNord and Beau Dure of the USA Today.

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