SUM-mer of Soccer Kicks Off

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photo by altRego

photo by altRego

SuperLiga 2009 – Matchday 3
Group A
Game Score Pts  
Chicago 1 6 Chicago – MLSNet
Tigres UANL 2 6 Tigres UANL – Wikipedia
San Luis 1 4 San Luis – Wikipedia
Chivas USA 1 1 Chivas USA – MLSNet
Group B
New England 1 7 Revolution Soccer
Atlas 0 2 Atlas – The Offside
Kansas City 1 2 Kansas City – Hillcrest Road
Santos Laguna 3 4 Santos Laguna – Wikipedia

Chicago and Tigres advance from Group A. New England and Santos Laguna advance from Group B. The semifinals are scheduled for July 15.

Summer of Soccer

In case you are just peeking out of your cave, this is the Summer of Soccer. The National team has the Confederations Cup, the Gold Cup and World Cup qualifying. The Mexican national team is playing friendlies in the States. Chivas, Club America, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Chelsea are among the international clubs playing friendlies in the US. Then you have SuperLiga(like it or not), the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League.

Expect some changes in SuperLiga for next year. At least that’s what I’d do. First off, June 11-July 11 is World Cup time. Of course, that hasn’t stopped SUM in the past.

Maybe this will mean something: through the group phase in the inaugural year of ’07, 5 of the 12 matches drew over 15,000; in ’08, 3 of the 12 drew over 15,000; in ’09 none of the matches drew over 15,000. Naturally though, if sponsorships and TV revenue are enough to turn a profit this year, maybe nothing will change.

SuperLiga Attendance after Group Phase
  Total Game Dates Average
2007  195,816   12   16,318 
2008  161,167   12   13,431 
2009  86,948   10   8,695 
2 Doubleheaders in 2009 meant
  2 fewer separate game dates

Summer of Soccer Attendances
Opponents Venue Date Event Att
 Guatemala v Mexico  San Diego, CA  Sun, 6/28  Friendly  30,624 
 New England v Atlas  Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA  Sun, 6/28  SuperLiga  7,411 
 Kansas City v Santos Laguna  Community America Park, Kansas City, MO  Sun, 6/28  SuperLiga  10,385 
 Chicago Fire v Tigres UANL  Toyota Park, Bridgeville, IL  Sat, 6/27  SuperLiga  9,157 
 Chivas USA v San Luis  Home Depot Center, LA, CA  Sat, 6/27  SuperLiga  11,083 
 Mexico v Venezuela  Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA  Wed, 6/24  Friendly  51,115 
 New England v Kansas City  Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA  Wed, 6/24  SuperLiga  5,378 
 Santos Laguna v Atlas  Wed, 6/24  SuperLiga
 Chicago v Chivas USA  Toyota Park, Bridgeville, IL  Tue, 6/23  SuperLiga  9,126 
 San Luis v Tigres UANL  Tue, 6/23  SuperLiga
 New England v Santos Laguna  Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA  Sun, 6/21  SuperLiga  9,512 
 Kansas City v Atlas  Herman Stadium(SLU),St. Louis, MO  Sun, 6/21  SuperLiga  5,278 
 Chivas USA v Tigres UANL  Home Depot Center, LA, CA  Sat, 6/20  SuperLiga  11,197 
 Chicago Fire v San Luis  Toyota Park, Bridgeville, IL  Sat, 6/20  SuperLiga  8,421 
       total  168,687 
       average  14,057 

Notice anything? SUM controls all of these events. Ch-ching!

How Might This Impact MLS Soccer

As they say in the PR business, ‘any news is good news’. Exposure to MLS via international club friendlies can only help. Maybe that bench player on a visiting club likes what he sees and adds MLS as a possible destination. Am I dreaming? Maybe, but here is a brief list of players that left major Euro leagues to play in lesser situations:

Kewell, Baros, and Nihat are now in the Turkish league, while Gilberto, Derbyshire and Cisse are in the Greek league. Can we not compete with those leagues or is the lure of UEFA Champions League action too strong to overcome?

Congestion for some

US Open
Jun 30 – Jul 1 Jul 7 Jul 21 or Jul 22 Sep 2
3rd Round Qtr Finals Semifinals Final
Revs, DCU, Fire, Chivas
 Crew, KC, Houston, Seattle

CONCACAF Champions League
Jul 28 – Jul 30 Aug 4 – Aug 6
Prelim First Leg Prelim Second Leg

11 Responses to SUM-mer of Soccer Kicks Off

  1. Lee (not the other one) says:

    Those 7,000 people who went to the game in New England while the US were playing a championship game in a FIFA event aren’t true soccer fans of the game in this country. Maybe they were England fans who couldn’t bear to see the US in a major tournament final 43 years after England’s last appearance.

  2. El Tri says:

    superliga is a waste of time and discussion of it is a waste of space on this blog.
    those mexico games were good draws though. aguirre is not doing the job and has picked a joke team for the gold cup. we will get killed in the gold cup and azteca vs the yanks.

  3. Peter C says:


    game time in NE was 4:30pm, US/Brasil was at 2:30pm, so maybe they drove to the game very very very fast.

    El Tri:
    I post the SuperLiga scores(without comment) because MLS teams are involved.
    Any other reference(from me) to SuperLiga is because Soccer United Marketing(SUM) generates revenue from the event, which in theory gets distributed(in part) to the teams in the annual payout by SUM. It’s all part of the MLS financial picture. It appears that in ’09, 4-6 teams will make money, so the extra money SUM generates helps the rest of the teams until they reach profitability on their own.

  4. Iyanna says:


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  5. Jesse says:

    Hey Lee,

    The 7 thousand that were at that game were watching the US game in the parking lot, or at the bars around the stadium. Get a clue before you spout off stupidity.

  6. Lee (not the other one) says:

    Jess- do you really think it is appropriate to schedule games that overlap with the USMNT? Brazil’s league plays through breaks also but they moved all their games to 7:30pm to give the national team and open window. Do you realize that at a time we are trying to make an impression among sports pundits with good TV ratings that the audience is being cannibalized because less TVs are on the national team game because of competiting superliga and mls games.

    It is a very very big deal.

  7. eplnfl says:

    A lot of the schedule issues make no sense I know and are rightfully pointed out here. My idea here is to remind everyone we are present at the beginning for soccer as a major factor in American sports. While it’s not the first time these various matches took place it is the first time anyone cared!

    Too me the site of a late night MLS game on Sunday after a USMNT day game both on ESPN(2) is a wonderful thing. A mid-week Superliga game, or uS Open Cup game or USL game makes the soccer fan in me feel appreciated for a change.

    We will need to coordinate events more in the future. ie: try to schedule MLS teams that aren’t hit much by international call ups for a doubleheader game. American’s are used to back to back games. During NCAA football and BB season the coverage starts in the morning and ends live past midnight in the midwest. Soccer can be appreciated the same way by the American public.

    Let us all come up with an American solution to are scheduling issues and not do just what the Eurosnobs want us to do. The American Season can be as great as we want it.

  8. Cali Comet says:

    I agree with Lee- MLS should have the decent courtesy if they play thru breaks to reschedule the games. But their scheduling is never flexible as TFC found out the hard way last year.

  9. Peter C says:

    Lee et al:
    Absolutely at the minimum, MLS should adjust start times when the MNT plays, but they are getting better, if ever so slightly to be irrelevant to the larger issue.

    yes, I too enjoyed the Sunday nite MLS after the MNT match. Jes wunnerful.

    Cali Comet:
    Indeed TFC were savaged last year, but wouldn’t you say it’s a fair bit better this year? That is until you run against the reduced roster(28 to 24) and the usual injuries.
    But they’re not hit nearly as hard by international callups as they have been in the past. DeRo and Guevara chose to stay with the club rather than play in the Gold Cup.

    Now as to the reduced roster… wasn’t the elimination of the reserve league(seen as too costly for value returned), where did the money go this year? I will be posting on this issue later this summer as we continue our discussion of MLS and SUM and the financial health and quality of play in the league.(which comes first?)

  10. soccer goals says:

    Superliga has been boring in 2009.

  11. Lars says:

    And since inception.

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