USA Vs Brazil: Second Half Was A Tough Pill To Swallow

I am gutted, exhausted, disappointed and further more my pride has been bruised and battered. I honestly thought after the first half ended that there was a slight chance of the boys to put on another solid performence against another top ten side and yell at the top of my lungs that our National Team has finally earned a giant victory in a FIFA competition. But once again Brazil has shown that you can’t count them out. Those men wearing their lemon shirts always finds a way to dig out of a hole and celebrate a title.

But take nothing away from these last three matches by the USA. They finally showed what this team is all about. Yes Brazil did help us out scoring three goals and holding Italy to nil as well as Egypt being out of gas, but if you don’t show up against the Pharaohs then it is three and done with a early plane ride back states side. Great showing against Spain to knock out the top ranked country in the world & a fabulous first half against the five time World Cup champions, but once again you know what’s coming at you at the start of the second half. You didn’t expect them to come inside the first minute of the second half.

Jay DeMerit was tight on Luis Fabiano. He marked him so well that it would take a miracle shot to get passed him and sadly it did. Because Luis Fabiano spun harder and tighter to smack that perfect shot past DeMerit & Tim Howard. We got a lucky break as the officiating crew called Kaka’s attempt a no goal. First replay I thought it was kept out, but the second replay did show that Timmy was deep inside the net and the entire ball did cross the line. But once in a while we needed a break & that was the only one to come across.

Yes Bob Bradley made some substitutions but sadly it came too late after Luis Fabiano put in his second goal of the match and the equalizer. Disaray in our area after the first shot nails the crossbar, but once again someone on Brazil is always paying attention and that’s what Fabiano did. Converts that chance to punish the USA again.

Set pieces, set pieces, set pieces has always been a killer against the USA by their opponents. Brazil converts them in their matches like they do when they train. Elano’s corner in the 84th minute was a high, hard bullet looking for any noggin from his teammates and the Captain of Brazil, Lucio got into perfect position and smacked it home to make every USA fan go from happy, to concern, to sadness & finally disgust.

So after writing all that what does this mean for the future of the US National Team? It meas the future is great. It means that we as a country are creating players. It also means that morale victories are thrown out the window as our boys want international glory outside of CONCACAF now. It’s time for our players that are offensive midfielders & strikers who want to head into Europe whether it’s in England, Italy, Spain, Germany not to knock on the door politly, but to bash it down. We aren’t producing just defensive players, we are producing all types of players.

We we’re disgusted with them at the start of this tournament, but now we are proud of them to make this turnaround so enjoyable & memoriable. This groups next target is the Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, August 12th in Mexico. Time to take the first win on Mexican soil within a month & a half. The American Football Revolution continues.

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