CONCACAF Gold Cup Matchday Two: MLS/USL Impact (UPDATED)


Matchday two is in the books from the CONCACAF Gold Cup Champions League. While the region is always improving, the three nations that have clinched passage to the knock out stages already were all semifinalists in 2007: Canada, Guadeloupe and the United States.

Mexico’s continued unsporting play took a radical and disturbing turn on Thursday night with Javier Aguirre’s bizarre behavior in trying to trip Ricardo Phillips of Panama. Following this incident, the pro Mexican crowd at Estadio Reliant showed their frustration with El Tri’s current form by throwing objects at the Panamanian bench are and continued this behavior throughout stoppage time and after the game.

In this round of games current MLS stars Santino Quaranta and Brian Ching scored goals for the United States and new Toronto FC signing Ali Gerba (formerly of the Miami Fusion and Montreal Impact) (MLS/USL goal scorers)scored Canada’s lone goal in a 1-0 win over El Salvador. The goal was Gerba’s second of the tournament and sixth in his Gold Cup career.

Current USL players, Fabrice Noel and James Marcelin both from the Puerto Rico Islanders scored the two Haiti goals in a 2-0 win over Grenada.

I’ll be at the matches tonight in Miami which will decide the fate of all four teams in Group A. I’ll have a full report on MLS Talk tomorrow.

Gold Cup Groups  (Teams in bold have clinched passage to the knock out stages)

A: Canada 6 El Salvador 3  Costa Rica 3  Jamaica 0

TODAY (MIAMI):  Canada-Costa Rica, Jamaica-El Salvador

B:  USA 6 Haiti 3 Honduras 3 Grenada 0

TOMORROW (FOXBOROUGH):  USA-Haiti, Honduras-Grenada

C:  Guadeloupe 6 Mexico 4  Panama 1 Nicaragua 0

SUNDAY (PHOENIX):  Panama-Nicargaua, Mexico-Guadeloupe

  • MLS Talk and 1560 the Game’s Brian Zygo reports that Guadeloupe is likely to rest several regulars on Sunday versus Mexico giving El Tri a decent shot of getting all 3 points and winning the group. Guadeloupe’s team is largely European based and this being the European closed season a day off would help many of their players.
  • Tonight here in Miami, I am told to expect a mixed Canadian squad. We could see some players like Charles Gbeke that we have yet to see in this tournament.
  • I am also told their is strong likelyhood Jamaica will be playing a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3 tonight and will be pushing forward to score goals early and often. Omar Cummings of the Rapids and Nicholas Addlery of the Puerto Rico Islanders are sure to feature prominently in Jamacia’s desperation.
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18 Responses to CONCACAF Gold Cup Matchday Two: MLS/USL Impact (UPDATED)

  1. Berlin says:

    Mexico is out of control. It’s almost painful (almost), like watching a once great opponent go out like Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Madness.

  2. adam says:

    Did the Panamanian players get out of there alive yesterday? Did you see the hurt Panama player pelted when he was being taken off on a stretcher?

  3. Larry says:

    Why did the Panamanian guy even get sent off? Aguirre tried to kick him maliciously in his private parts for god’s sake!

  4. Joe in Indianapolis says:

    I think you mean the Gold Cup, not the Champion’s League.

  5. soccer goals says:

    That was a hillarious scene.

  6. eplnfl says:

    I can not state strongly enough the need for serious action to be taken against both teams involved in the intentional dangerous and wrongful behavior shown last night. Both Panama and Mexico are to blame for on the field behavior that in my mind had a intent to harm. As far as the Mexican coach he should in my opinion never coach again. Both teams should be disqualified from the current Gold Cup and players found to have committed wrongful acts should be barred for a minimum of 5 games.

    This type of behavior committed in an American stadium with a large television audience in more then one country must be punished severely. The growth of soccer in the US is harmed by the behavior shown last night.

  7. Footyfan says:

    Aguirre did not aim to kick the player. The ball was already out of bounds, the play was dead. Aguirre thought the ball was gonna bounce towards him, that’s why he put his foot out. Do you clowns actually think that a man of Aguirre’s age and stature would actually try to kick anyone? C’mon, people. That was not his intention at all.

    And Kartik, I’d be careful what you say about Mexicans. Your people are the ones with mass poverty, overcrowded trains and famine. Look at your own ethnicity before you look at anyone else’s.

    Hey eplfan, you’re an idiot. The usmnt does far worse on the football pitch. They get red-carded every game, always with the studs-up tackles and dirty tactics. Plus, your other team, Italy, is known worldwide for being the dirtiest players in the game. You embarrassed yourself with your post.

  8. eplnfl says:

    footyfan, I can state the obvious about you but I’ll spar us all. If Aguirre was so blameless why was he gone from the match?

  9. Footyfan says:

    You’ll spar? So you’ll wear a head protector and mouthpiece too? English isn’t your strong point, is it?

    He was gone because of the almost-contact, even though it was unintentional, he still shouldn’t put himself in a position wear he’s close to touching a player.

    He should have been paying attention to the players, and not just the ball. It was a momentary space-out, it happens to us all. He should be admonished by it, but no more than a 1 game suspension. He had no malice towards Phillips. Use some common sense.

  10. Jammer says:

    What did Kartik say about anyone’s ethnicity? You’re the provacative one. From the video it is obvious that Aguirre was not going for the ball. He was two feet high, two feet short, late, the ball was rolling in a straight line so you can’t say he misjudged it, and he wasn’t even looking at the ball until after the kick.

  11. Footyfan says:

    Jammer, you are wrong. Watch the replay again. A man who has accomplished as much as Aguirre has, knows better than to kick a player during a match.

    If you want to see dirty tactics, look at the usmnt.

  12. Fernando says:

    Footyfan is obviously a disgruntled Mexican fanatic. You will go to any length to excuse Javier Aguirre’s actions. Aguirre got sent off for the “almost-contact”? Since when do people get sent off the field for almost fouling? You ask Jammer to watch the replay, but yet you haven’t either. Aguirre’s foot bounced off of Phillips abdomen, and Aguirre acknowledged this. And if it was unintentional then Aguirre would have immediately apologized. And when I say immediately, I mean: Faster than a heartbeat. An immediate apology is a natural reaction in that situation.

    You’re so insecure. Just accept the facts. Be an adult and learn to accept your mistakes. You seriously go as far as insulting Kartik. Isn’t there mass poverty in Mexico also? Isn’t that the reason why there are so many Mexicans in the US?

    Assuming you’re Mexican.

  13. eplnfl says:

    Footyfan: Happy to spar with you anytime.

  14. Bolacuadrada says:

    How can you make any excuses for that. You do not look good trying to defend a stupid action like that.

  15. The few El Tri fans I spoke to at the Miami games last night were embarrassed by their fellow fans and by Aguirre. One even told me Mexico should withdraw from the tournament and let the 9th place team advance.

  16. Caddy says:


  17. Mexico, 2009 Gold Cup Champions says:

    Caddy is the man

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