MLS Schedule Flunks Out Again


It’s time for the annual MLS flunks out again blog for MLS not taking action during MLB’s all-star break.  Instead of garnering potential sports media headlines for games on Wednesday, the best day of the break to play games, the headlines went to the Tour de Lance, the NHL’s Winter Classic and the comings and goings of the sports blotter.

It was a lazy day in the sports world.  Only drivel came out of Wednesday; Brett Favre’s status, Tiger Woods buzz at the British Open and free-agent signings in the NBA.  No real team sports action took place.

Why hasn’t MLS made this day its day to dominate?

Wednesday, the day after baseball’s mid-season classic, should be a showcase of action for MLS to give to sports fans in the U.S.  Show ’em the product, baby!  Give ’em the best ya got!  Forget the doubleheader.  Let’s see a television tripleheader getting started on the East coast at 8p.m., then let’s go to Salt Lake for an 8p.m. Mountain time rendezvous and let’s end it with a West coast match time promptly beginning at 9p.m.

What is so difficult about this?  Where is the planning?, the organization?

Instead, what does the sports fan get?  The mid-season baseball awards.

The USL took advantage with a game featuring Rochester and Montreal, two respectable teams.  Of course, as luck had it, if any sportsfan would have tuned in to check out the game, they would have seen no scoring.

Ahh, but,with a tripleheader, at least one of those games will be memorable.  At least one of those games will feature scoring and intrigue.  The percentages are in their favor.  Surely, one game would leave us breathless and reel in more sportsfans to the U.S. brand of soccer.  Surely, the Soccer Gods would be watching on MLS’ annual Super Wednesday Soccer Summer Special and bless the day and breathe life into this U.S. brand, and in so, guaranteeing next year’s SWSSS to be even better.

Unfortunately, we are left only to speculate on ‘what if”.

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