MLS Schedule Flunks Out Again


It’s time for the annual MLS flunks out again blog for MLS not taking action during MLB’s all-star break.  Instead of garnering potential sports media headlines for games on Wednesday, the best day of the break to play games, the headlines went to the Tour de Lance, the NHL’s Winter Classic and the comings and goings of the sports blotter.

It was a lazy day in the sports world.  Only drivel came out of Wednesday; Brett Favre’s status, Tiger Woods buzz at the British Open and free-agent signings in the NBA.  No real team sports action took place.

Why hasn’t MLS made this day its day to dominate?

Wednesday, the day after baseball’s mid-season classic, should be a showcase of action for MLS to give to sports fans in the U.S.  Show ’em the product, baby!  Give ’em the best ya got!  Forget the doubleheader.  Let’s see a television tripleheader getting started on the East coast at 8p.m., then let’s go to Salt Lake for an 8p.m. Mountain time rendezvous and let’s end it with a West coast match time promptly beginning at 9p.m.

What is so difficult about this?  Where is the planning?, the organization?

Instead, what does the sports fan get?  The mid-season baseball awards.

The USL took advantage with a game featuring Rochester and Montreal, two respectable teams.  Of course, as luck had it, if any sportsfan would have tuned in to check out the game, they would have seen no scoring.

Ahh, but,with a tripleheader, at least one of those games will be memorable.  At least one of those games will feature scoring and intrigue.  The percentages are in their favor.  Surely, one game would leave us breathless and reel in more sportsfans to the U.S. brand of soccer.  Surely, the Soccer Gods would be watching on MLS’ annual Super Wednesday Soccer Summer Special and bless the day and breathe life into this U.S. brand, and in so, guaranteeing next year’s SWSSS to be even better.

Unfortunately, we are left only to speculate on ‘what if”.

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14 Responses to MLS Schedule Flunks Out Again

  1. Lamb says:

    Could not agree more. It is such a simple concept, creating a schedule. But yet MLS can’t get on board with International dates nor attempt to seize opportunities with the general sports fan.

  2. Jesse says:

    Good point Mitch. Maybe it has to do with SuperLiga (which is a joke)

  3. Jason Gatties says:

    Dunno, I watched SuperLiga last night. Couple MLS teams involved. Fire won by the way.

  4. Laughing says:

    The word is drivel, genius, not dribble. Maybe if you actually learn the English language, you will be able to make a cogent point.

  5. adam says:

    Great piece Mitch. It’s difficult to even pat attention to MLS at this time when the US just finished the Confed Cup, we have Gold Cup all over the country which has taken lost of players from MLS and now we have foreign teams about to tour. Truthfully, even though I want to follow and support MLS I just cannot at this time.

  6. Earl says:

    Grant Wahl, no MLS basher does call it a “bizarre practice” in his book when referring to MLS playing right through international breaks. I think that sums it up.

  7. Jon says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Adam. Enjoy your high quality USL ball with the epic matchups waged at high school stadia.

  8. adam says:

    Jon, Did I say anything about USL? USL has the same problem playing right through breaks which has arguably cost the Islanders four points because unlike most USL teams they’ve lost several guys

    Why are MLS people always taking shots at USL? The truth is that both leagues schedule poorly and are simply not compelling enough to pay attention to when you have meaningful internationals on American soil which include OUR national team. If Colombia or England were touring it would be different.

    Look, I have some knowledge ie sources of what goes on and have been told MLS in fact wants to piggyback on the surge in interest created by the national team and continues to schedule to that purpose. But to me it is downright offensive that the Galaxy-Red Bull game would be moved to Thursday to accommodate AC Milan while the league won’t even move a Superliga or league game by 3 or 4 hours to give the US Nats a clear window. That’s offensive and problematic and smacks of arrogance and insularity.

    MLS is ranked as the 77th best league in the world by the IFFHS. You can argue with the formula all you want but this is a league that needs to improve its product. USL if they were scored would probably be ranked 120th.

    Why MLS fan always have to bring up USL is ludicrous. USL is a second division in a nation that has a hard time supporting one soccer league. It’s run on the cheap and the fact that it is ven compared to MLS from time to time and poaches some mid level pl;yers away from MLS should be more of a wake up call to MLs than anything else.

    Oh and to Kartik who has suddenly decided to appease the MLS loving masses, USL is NOT a semi professional league any more than MLS is. How about all those MLS guys making 12k-19k? Are they full pros in a way USL guys aren’t.

  9. Ian says:

    USL has failed also. Puerto Rico has looked downright impotent without their two best strikers and key attacking midfielder. The problem is because USL schedules in bunches they’ve been hit badly. Now that Haiti has advanced the Islanders are really up sh#$s creek if you know what I mean.

  10. Adam Edg says:

    I took exception to USL being called semi-pro as well. USL-1 & USL-2 are fully professional. Although I have heard that some TEAMS in USL-2 are closer to being semi-pro. The only level of men’s USL that is not professional is the PDL. The PDL has full amateur teams with NCAA-eligible players and some teams with low paid players under the PDL-Pro program. PDL-Pro is more or less a sem-pro setup.
    If anything, I think we should have a semi-pro league between the PDL and pro leagues. Whether it is a new USL-3 or USL-2 switched to semi-pro, it might work better than our current system. Keep MLS and USL-1 as the 1st & 2nd tiers of professional footy with USL-2 as the 3rd as semi-pro and PDL/NPSL as the 4th amateur select. It works. France only has two levels of pro football – Ligue 1 & 2. Under that is semi-pro and amateur.

  11. Yeah apologies for that semipro characterization. I was talking about USL as a whole and recall I said several teams are fully professional which would mean the USL-1 teams. Even some PDL teams have a few professionals. MLS fans assume when a former MLSer is in USL-1 they have “slipped” to a lower league and while USL-1 is in fact on the whole a lower level of football than MLS, certain individuals sign in USL because they are either given more $$$ or incentives such as a cars and rent free apartments. This happens more often than you may think. I know several players currently in USL-1 that fit this category.

    On the scheduling, as I wrote last week or the week before both leagues have miles to go- I proposed MLS play thru the Confed Cup but block out any window where the US could potentially play for four hours before and after. I said the MLS should break for the Gold Cup considering the number of players from the league involved in the tournament, and that USL should allow teams with multiple calls up (like the Islanders) to petition to re-schedule games during the tournament.

  12. CTRobot says:

    Good point, Mitch. The irony is that MLS use to (and maybe still does, occasionally) play Wedneday games. Ahhh, a triple-header…that would have been fun.

    And yes, we all know it’s not just as simple as, “Here’s your schedule – you’re playing Wednesday.” But I have to think, with enough planning, it’s doable.

  13. Football tactician says:

    A slow day? Are you stupid? The Liberators Cup Final was last nite! What the hell is the matter with you? The biggest club football match in our entire hemisphere! It was an amazing game too. How the hell can you call the day of the Liberators Cup Final a slow day? You are definitely not a football fan.

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