Beckham Was The Main Attraction, But Donovan Stole The Show

Beckham makes low-key return to MLS

On Thursday night at Giants Stadium the return of David Beckham to Major League Soccer was the major attraction of the night and to see over 23,000+ coming to get a glance of him. Every single time he would touch the ball, or got ready to send a free kick into the area of Red Bull NY the crowd would boo him pretty hard. After all it was Beckham who wanted to leave LA & the league so England National Team head coach Fabio Capello would use him for World Cup Qualifying. Every time Beckham would have a free kick situation the NY wall did its job blocking every single chance he took.

But while Beckham only lasted up till the 70th minute, it was Landon Donovan who stole the show as his stock continues to rise for his club in Los Angeles and his play for the National Team. After a wonderstrike by Montvale, NJ native Alecko Eskandarian smacked the upper ninety in the 3rd Minute, Donovan did the same thing to Danny Cepero in the 31st Minute. Controlled the ball and somehow looked up he took a big 35 to 40yd blast and Cepero tried to stretch all he could to get a paw on that ball, but couldn’t do it. While Cepero looked great towards the end of last year and became the first keeper to score a goal, he hasn’t been in good position to prevent the goals from going in.

But Donovan wasn’t finished yet as he earned a helper in the 45th minute. He would cross the ball to Eddie Lewis and with a wicked strike with the left foot Cepero got a piece of it, but not enough as it would deflect into the net and another huge hole was dug in the field turf by Red Bull NY. What a fabulous performance tonight by a man who has been called every single name in the book or that made up name that everyone loves to call him. He proved again from the Confederations Cup all the way to this match that he is ready to take on anyone from MLS and everyone from around the world when he plays for the National Team.

During the Press Conference he was sitting next to David Beckham and he gave his opening remarks. “We played very well & it was nice to have a confident team and a confident team to have a world class player joining us.” I asked him a question about his growing confidence. “Confidence for me now is easy, motivation for me now is easy and that will be the standard from now on & it won’t fluctuate from now on.”

So sitting side by side at the table taking questions from the local NY media, the LA media and the world media these two men look to have patched up their differences and are ready to move on. But to be honest while this is the first match back in MLS for David Beckham, we shall see how these two really get along as the days, weeks & months of this current season move on. I know most of you have watched the video of Beckham’s press conference at the W Hotel in Hoboken giving Grant Wahl a real nasty stare, but there are real concerns here. But for the time being there is peace & quiet in the land of the LA Galaxy. They got their first win at Giants Stadium since April 29th, 2000 when Simon Elliott scored the only goal of the match.

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