US U-20 Star Signs with Miami FC


Gale Agbossoumonde will not be going overseas just yet. Two days after USL-1 rival Puerto Rico Islanders advanced in the Champions League, Miami FC has upgraded its squad just before making the trip to face the Islanders.

Miami FC today signed the US U-20 team Central Defender who should fill in a key role as a defender for Thomas Rongen’s side in the upcoming U-20 World Cup. 17 year old Gale, played a major role in the qualifying tournament this spring, even though the final was aborted thanks to the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak.

Miami FC is in desperate need of bolstering its squad and this signing should certainly help, although the club will lose Gale to the U-20 World Cup for about a month. The  Blues currently sit in the final USL-1 playoff spot but is being chased by the Montreal Impact, a team with more experienced players and a much better historical track record of success in this league.

Here is the current USL-1 Table:

Carolina        39


Charleston    38

Portland        36

Puerto Rico   35

Rochester     29

Vancouver    26

Miami           25

Montreal       23

Minnesota    15

Austin           14

Cleveland     13

Austin was deducted two points for fielding a suspended player

Agbossoumonde, who moved from Benin to Syracuse with his family in 2000 is considered a top prospect for the US program. Here is an outstanding story on the youngster from

Gale scored the loan goal in the US’ U-18  1-0 win against Finland in Lisbon on May 27th.

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15 Responses to US U-20 Star Signs with Miami FC

  1. Uncle Ed says:

    According to the USL site, Daniel Villegas of Miami FC-Kendall also signed… No one from Miami FC is returning my calls… they love you Kartik!

  2. Brad says:

    the winner of usl-1 should get a concacaf champions league spot.

  3. Mark says:

    You are missing a significant aspect of this transaction. According to the Miami Herald Article: “The central defender is expected to appear briefly this summer with Miami FC, possibly as early as Saturday’s match in Puerto Rico, before moving elsewhere within the organization — with a stop likely at the Traffic Football Academy in Porto Feliz, Brazil.”
    Gale, who trained with the New England Revolution in June ( and, is bypassing the MLS and using USL, Miami FC, and Traffic Sports as his launching pad to richer leagues.
    Additional questions:
    1. Why did he not connect with MLS?
    2. Is this the first occurance of a player choosing USL over MLS to find a path to richer leagues?

  4. Wow, Mark good catch…..going to find out more about the move after this season which truthfully does not shock me.

    As far as picking USL over MLS, I think it has happened before but probably with not this high profile on case. I’ll research and find out more.

  5. Mark- I’m told this is the first USYNT pool player guy in sometime who was sought by MLS who signed with a USL club instead. Some guys ditch MLS after being project addidas guys because USL offers them more money, but your point was very well taken. I’m told this is the first, and it’s seen as a big one. Whether it is the start of a trend or simply a one off we don’t know yet, although one aspect of the point about USL changes I referenced in an article the other day involved the league taking a more active role in signing and developing USYNT youth prospects before moving them on to Europe or Latin America.

  6. Cali Comet says:

    It’s bad enough when our big prospects waste away in MLS and even less acceptable to be in USL especially since Gele is from what I have been told one of our best prospects.

    But if Miami FC is really sending him away to Brazil, it’s a brilliant move. I’d love to see more our kids immersed in Latin and European soccer for a year or two as teens. If USL’s clubs follow this path regularly, I think they could be a real optin for signing fture players rather than them going right to Europe. MLS in any case is not an option nor is playing USL for more than a few months. You can pick up a lot of bad habits in both leagues.

  7. Jack(from Vegas) says:

    it appears MLS will be getting their wish as they continue to focus on foreign players

  8. Mark says:

    Which article was that? I missed it and would like to read it.

    How much do you think Miami FC a.k.a. Traffic Sports are paying him? Any guesses? A Generation Adidas contract can be worth well over $100k/year, however I don’t get the sense Miami FC players – or USL-1 players for that matter – make anywhere close to that much.

  9. Jimbo says:

    I am tired of your Miami biased. Nobody gives a shit about miami…outside miami. if you want people to value your opinion outside miami . I suggest broadening your topics…..

  10. soccer goals says:

    It will be interesting if a trend starts here for the youth players. They can earn money playing and developing while making the transition to Europe much easier.

  11. Rex says:

    Hopefully he will learn some balls skills (he may have them, i dont know). I know nothing about the player, but I am tired of seeing American defenders getting by their entire youth careers on athleticism and have no touch on the ball. The move to Brazil should be huge for him. They should force him to play midfield until he’s 20 then he can move back to defender…

  12. eplnfl says:

    Would American youth players who figure to move on quickly to a major overseas league rather stop off in MlS due to potential contract restrictions with MLS? In short does MLS have a bigger asking price once a player signs with them that can slow movement down.

  13. Lou- you hit it on the head- I think he’s stopping in USL for a few months and MLS tends to over value their players and of course takes the 10% of the fee the player would get. As a M<iami FC supporter I am not under any impression that this "3 1/2" contract will be fulfilled. I think 1/2 year is more like it.

  14. OPI says:

    Good for Gale, and good for Miami FC. But am I the only one bothered that USL is now signing guys that should go to MLS?

    This is due to the failure of both MLS and the USSF. The USSF hasn’t not made the leagues work together with a policy that favors reckless MLS expansion into USL markets while the MLS is more concerned about signing journeymen foreign players or desperate Americans who have failed in Europe than developing the young American players.

    USL is stepping up- but truthfully it is not their responsibility. PDL should be working with MLS, but of course MLS is in some other soccer universe, promoting itself as a big league with all these friendlies, and talk of being a world player when they cannot even pay American players a decent wage and now are being outbid for the services of perhaps the hottest young American prospect, the guy who dominated the U-20 qualifying, by a second division team that almost went out of business earlier this year.

    The “soccer don” is a fraud.

  15. CHARLES OLDY says:


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