Jose Francisco Torres Speaks


From today’s training session here in scorching hot South Florida:

“My career is in Mexico, my team is in Mexico,
I have been there since I was 16 years old and now I am on the other
side with the US national team. I think it is going to be a great
game, playing against Mexico in Mexico. We are going down there to try
and beat Mexico.”

“I get it a lot (boos), with my club team I get it a lot.
I guess it is part of soccer, people will say things, boo you, I am
used to it – I don’t think it will hurt me or anything. I am prepared
for anything.”

On playing for the USA:
“People say I am a traitor that I am a racist, because I am
with the US team, but it is part of soccer everything, words won’t
hurt you, won’t kill you. I just try to work hard everyday and do my
best, give everything I’ve got to earn myself a spot on the Us
national team. I am ready and prepared for this game, to live it.”

“At first I never knew, I had the
chance to play in the Olympic games but my team didn’t release me – I
never knew I would make it to the national team – I thought my chance
was over and I think Bob when he sees talent he keeps his attention on
you. I am doing good things with my team and trying to do good things
here with Bob, I am happy and I don’t regret the decision I made – I
am good with the national team.”

“It was a good experience in South Africa – I wanted
to play but I was there with the team. It was a good experience to see
Italy, Brazil and Spain and beat Spain that is one of the great teams
in the world, I think we did a great job and now I think we will do a
good job in Mexico.

Torres prefers playing on the left side of midfield.
“I like to get on the ball and attack.”

On Azteca:

“Its part of the show, probably won’t
hear each other because the stadium is so loud. I can block it off,
its not going to bother me at all, if I get to play, I’ll probably get
booed – but its part of the game”


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17 Responses to Jose Francisco Torres Speaks

  1. Lars says:

    Looks like he’s a true sportsman. I like it.

  2. Dunch says:

    A tough decision this kid had to make- it will be emotional for him no doubt- hope he comes through it okay.

  3. Rob says:

    One of my favorite US players. I think that Jose has a great touch on the ball and has excellent vision as well. I really think he and Bradley (the player) could form a great duo if they were given the chance. He is just a very smooth player if you ask me.

    Here’s to hoping we see him and he has a good one.

  4. Rex says:

    Man, I would love to lure this kid over to MLS. I think Torres along with Stuart Holden would be great as the new faces of MLS and American soccer.
    (yes i know it wont happen and he’s probably better off in Mexico)

  5. TheseColorsDoNotRun says:

    Torres can ball.

    He can bring something very special to the table — composure with the ball and the ability to play smart football, maintaining possession.

    We have very few players with these qualities. Donovan, Dempsey? Excellent players, but naturally suited to roles either as supporting strikers or wide midfielders. Bradley? A great worker, with a rare and valuable sense of when and how to trail the play going forwards.

    But in terms of passing through the midfield, currently Torres and Benny are the best we’ve got.

    Here’s hoping Bob gives Torres a proper shot to make his mark.

  6. ajr says:

    screwed if he did or didnt… but glad he’s a chicano like me

  7. Mexico, 2009 Gold Cup Champions says:

    He’s gonna get booed a ton. There’s no way a kid his age will handle the hatred. It will be more towards him than Landon.

    Bradley would be stupid to play him. JFT may have the talent, but he won’t have the fortitude to not succumb to the crowd.

    I understand why he made his decision, but he will pay for it. Mexico is a vicious beast who does not forgive.

  8. Joey Clams says:

    No, he’s not screwed one way or the other. And Mexican-Americans from Texas don’t normally call themselves Chicanos.

    If we sometimes find rhetoric from Mexico irrational and dripping with malice, consider that Torres says that people consider him racist merely for suiting up for the country of his birth.

  9. gmonsoon43 says:

    I find the racist comment comical, to think that fans would consider him racist for suiting up for a team, the US, that is more racially diverse than Mexico.

  10. Joey Clams says:

    Walking out to your mailbox or admiring the cardinals in the backyard is a racist act in the United States.

  11. Adam Edg says:

    I thought the racist comment was funny as well. Would it not be more racist for JFT to play for Mexico in this case? I mean, he would be abandoning the country of his birth and its multi-ethnic players for a squad made up of primarily one race…
    And from my experience, the fans at the Azteca are some of the most racist in the world. Ask black players from the US, Panama, Jamaica, or any of the other nations in our part of the world with a significant black population how they are treated in Mexico. Mexican fans are not too hip on white guys either…
    Personally I think our diversity of race is one of the things that makes our national team amazing. No other nation is as diverse. France is probably the closest. But when you add in our diversity of talent, experience, ability, and training combined with American fortitude, we have got to be one of the most unique national teams on the planet. Once we figure out how to properly put these pieces together on a consistent basis, we will dominate the sport.

  12. soccer goals says:

    I hope that he continue to receive callups.

  13. Rex says:

    Besides Ching, Holden and Clark (Dynamo vs PUMAS but not Azteca), Torres is the only player to have played in Mexico City in the past 2 years I believe. So maybe he’s more prepared to handle the atmopshere rather than less prepared…

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