SUMmer of Soccer Big Boys on Display


SUMmer of Soccer Continues

The ‘Summer of Soccer’ which began on June 20, rolls on. After this past weekend, 41 events, including 15 doubleheaders comprising 56 matches have drawn 1,306,902, for an average of 31,876.

Since my last post on the SUMmer of Soccer, the big guns were on display and the attendances reflect that. Here’s how the events fared …

Summer of Soccer Attendances
Opponents Venue Date Event Att
 Real Madrid v DC United  FedEx Field
 Landover, MD
 Sun, Aug 09 Friendly  72,368 
 Barcelona v Chivas de Guadalajara  Candlestick Park
 San Francisco, CA
 Sat, Aug 08 Friendly  61,572 
 Barcelona v Seattle  Qwest Field
 Seattle, WA
 Wed, Aug 05 Friendly  66,848 
 Barcelona v LA Galaxy  Rose Bowl
 Sat, Aug 01 Friendly  93,137 
 Mexico v USA  Giants Stadium
 E Rutherford, NJ
 Sun, Jul 26 Gold Cup  79,156 
 Chelsea v Club America  Cowboys Stadium
 Dallas, TX
 Sun, Jul 26 WFC  57,229 
 Inter Milan v AC Milan  Gillette Stadium
 Foxborough, MA
 Sun, Jul 26 WFC  42,531 
 semi-Mexico v Costa Rica
 semi-USA v Honduras
 Soldier Field
 Chicago, IL
 Thu, Jul 23 Gold Cup  55,173 
 Club America v AC Milan  Georgia Dome
 Atlanta GA
 Wed, Jul 22 WFC  53,600 
 Chelsea v Inter Milan  Rose Bowl
 Los Angeles, CA
 Tue, Jul 21 WFC  81,224 
       total  662,838 
       average  66,284 

More ch-ching for Soccer United Marketing(SUM). This was the first year of the 3 year agreement between Barcelona and SUM. They’ll return next summer, especially given the report that they took home over $8.5 million for their little USA preseason excursion.

Hello! Barca and the Galaxy pack the Rose Bowl. SUM has US marketing agreements with both Barca and Chivas; must have been some payday. Hopefully some of it will make it to the players in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA).

Gold Cup Total Attendance

Gold Cup 2009
 Mexico v USA  Giants Stadium
 E Rutherford, NJ
 Sun, Jul 26  Final  79,156 
 Mexico v Costa Rica
 USA v Honduras
 Soldier Field
 Chicago, IL
 Thu, Jul 23  Semifinal  55,173 
 Guadeloupe v Costa Rica
 Mexico v Haiti
 Cowboys Stadium
 Dallas, TX
 Sun, Jul 19  Quarterfinal  82,252 
 Hondura v Canada
 Panama v USA
 Lincoln Financial Field
 Philadelphia, PA
 Sat, Jul 18  Quarterfinal  31,087 
 Panama vs. Nicaragua
 Mexico vs. Guadeloupe
 U of Phoenix Stadium
 Glendale, AZ
 Sun, Jul 12  Group Play  23,876 
 USA v Haiti
 Honduras v Grenada
 Gillette Stadium
 Foxborough, MA
 Sat, Jul 11  Group Play  24,137 
 Costa Rica v Canada
 El Salvador v Jamaica
 FIU Stadium
 Miami, FL
 Fri, Jul 10  Group Play  17,269 
 Guadeloupe v Nicaragua
 Mexico v Panama
 Reliant Stadium
 Houston, TX
 Thu, Jul 09  Group Play  47,713 
 Haiti v Grenada
 USA v Honduras
 RFK Stadium
 Washington, DC
 Wed, Jul 08  Group Play  26,079 
 Jamaica v Costa Rica
 El Salvador v Canada
 Crew Stadium
 Columbus, OH
 Tue, Jul 07  Group Play  7,059 
 Panama v Guadeloupe
 Nicaragua v Mexico
 Oakland-Alameda Cty Col.
 Oakland, CA
 Sun, Jul 05  Group Play  32,500 
 Honduras v Haiti
 Grenada v USA
 Qwest Field
 Seattle, WA
 Sat, Jul 04  Group Play  15,387 
 Costa Rica v El Salvador
 Canada v Jamaica
 Home Depot Center
 Los Angeles, CA
 Fri, Jul 03  Group Play  27,000 
       total  468,688 
       average  36,053 

World Football Challenge

World Football Challenge
 Chelsea v Club America  Cowboys Stadium
 Dallas, TX
 Sun, Jul 26 WFC  57,229 
 Inter Milan v AC Milan  Gillette Stadium
 Foxborough, MA
 Sun, Jul 26 WFC  42,531 
 Chelsea v AC Milan  M&T Bank Stadium
 Baltimore, MD
 Fri, Jul 24 WFC  71,203 
 Club America v AC Milan  Georgia Dome
 Atlanta GA
 Wed, Jul 22 WFC  53,600 
 Chelsea v Inter Milan  Rose Bowl
 Tue, Jul 21 WFC  81,224 
 Club America v Inter Milan  Stanford Stadium
 Palo Alto, CA
 Sun, Jul 19 WFC  31,026 
       total  336,813 
       average  56,136 

SuperLiga Final Totals

SuperLiga Totals
  Total Game Dates Average
2007  247,251   15   16,483 
2008  195,380   15   13,025 
2009  114,163   12   9,514 
3 Doubleheaders in 2009 meant
  3 fewer separate game dates

Congestion Eases Significantly, But Not for All

Although they would have preferred winning, Chicago must be glad that SuperLiga is over. They are poised for a strong finish, having recovered from a 4 game losing skein with 3 wins and 2 draws before dropping a decision at Houston.

Don Garber has already stated that the SuperLiga will be back in 2010, a World Cup year. It’s a sure indication that live attendance and wide distribution of English language coverage in the US are irrelevant. It demonstrates where the real money comes from; sponsorships and Spanish language TV. SuperLiga in August or September next year?

US Open
Sep 2
DCU vs Seattle

Both teams played on July 25th. DCU had a CONCACAF Champions league game on July 28, an MLS game on August 1, a CONCACAF Champions league game on August 4, Real Madrid on August 9, back to league play on the 15th, and having advanced in the CONCACAF Champions League, a group phase CCL game on August 18, back to league play on August 22 and then game 2 of the group phase of the CCL on August 25 and back to MLS on August 29. DCU’s schedule remains busy after the Open final with league matches on Sept 5, 8 and 12. That will make 14 matches in 50 days, and average of one match every 3.6 days for seven weeks.

DCU has earned only 16 of 39 points and with a weaker Eastern Conference are in the thick of a playoff race. As noted, DCU advanced in the CONCACAF Champions League with its preliminary win and will play on August 18 and 25, certainly making them the club most susceptible to stumbling in either MLS, the CCL or both.

Seattle will play DC United in its bid to win its first trophy as an MLS club. Seattle played an exhibition v Barcelona on August 5, and an MLS match on August 8, with league games on the 15th, 20th, 23rd and 29th leading up to the Open final.

CONCACAF Champions League
Aug 18-20 Aug 25 – Aug 27
Group Game 1 Group Game 2
DCU, Houston, Columbus

I’ve documented DCU’s schedule above. Houston and Columbus have it easier as they won’t have the Open to worry about nor did they need to qualify for the group stages.

Houston will have the tougher go. By the time they play there 2nd group phase CCL match against Arabe Unido in Panama, they will have played 6 matches in 21 days.

Columbus, whose 2nd group match will be away to Cruz Azul of Mexico, will have played 4 matches in 19 days, having the week of August 23rd off from league play.

Random Stats

86.58% of MLS games have been played on the weekend(Sat-Sun), leaving 13.42% of games played on weekdays. These numbers jibe with MLS’s attitude that weekday games lose too much revenue for clubs. In an earlier post, I think I disproved that theory with the caveat that creative marketing is the key to maintaining decent gate receipts for weekday matches.

No team is averging 2 goals per game, for or against. DC United top the offensive chart with 1.70 goals for but are 13th in defense, allowing 1.60.

Of the 6 fifteen minute segments in a match, minutes 76-90 have seen the most goals scored. The end of the first half, minutes 30-45 is second highest in this category.

Chivas USA’s fall from top of the table to 8th can’t be blamed on their defense. They are allowing the 2nd fewest goals per game, 0.88, but their offense is 13th, scoring 1.12.

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