US 0-3 Germany World Cup Match: Live Analysis



US National Team starters for today game on ESPN Classic:

Perk, Mayen, Opara, Gale, Davies; Powers, Jeffrey, Mix; Shea, Ownby, Taylor

Kyle Davies of FC Dallas (formely of Southampton) captains the US side.

Listen to our recent interview with Miami FC and US starter defender Gale here.

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I wonder why the U-20s which captured the imagination of the football fans in the US two years ago is going largely un-noticed by some this go round? Could it be in 2009, our fans are further in the clutches of the British press who ignores tournaments like this that the English hardly qualify for than they were in 2007 and 2005.

The US has relieved the initial pressure but Germany is maintaining the possession.

US 0-1 Germany:

Ownby’s foul in the box gives the Germans a PK, which is converted. Ownby was under pressure but did not need to foul on that occasion in the box.

US 0-2 Germany:

The US fails to clear the corner and the midfield doesn’t close down the space at the top of the area leading to a disastrous second goal in three minutes.


If anything, the scoreline flatters the USA. Germany has been on the front foot all evening long, and the US has looked overwhelmed, outclassed and at times disinterested.

That this performance is coming against a German team that suffered from several late withdrawals at the request of Bundesliga clubs is even more humiliating. The US has kept its side fairly intact since the Spring and this team has lots of experience playing together. The best US player has been Tony Taylor, who this week signed with Miami FC, but the lack of service he has received from the midfield has limited his effectiveness.

The US doing a better job controlling the ball in the early stages of the second half with the Germans content to defend. But the US linkup play is till poor and the one real good chance for a goal by Jorge Flores after a nice setup from substitue Bryan Arguez is dealt with by the German keeper.

US 0-3 Germany:

The Germans score on a counter attack. The third goal has been coming for sometime as the US blew a few chances to get back into the match.

Further proof that possession stats lie……the US and Germany are tied 50-50 on possesion according to the FIFA stat just flashed on the telecast. But no statistic exists for good possession.


The US performance was simply not acceptable for a competitive match at this level. A lack of organization and link up play were apparent from the first minute, despite the fact that this team has been together between residency and the national team for years. The 3-0 scoreline looks bad, but the performance was quite possibly worse than the final score would indicate.

The three best players for the US were goalkeeper Brian Perk who was hung out to dry by his fullbacks and bad giveaways almost a dozen times in this game, Gale the center back from Miami FC who snuffed out several German chances and second half sub Bryan Arguez whose insertion at halftime allowed the US to produce a good spell from minutes 45-60.

Otherwise, the US play was poor. Brek Shea showed flashes but not enough to really threaten the Germans. Tony Taylor was left on an island all alone, and Ownby was truly forgettable.

Thomas Rongen must pick up this sides confidence with two tough games remaining in the group versus Cameroon and South Korea. The US has made a habit of knocking off big teams and advancing deep in this tournament. Sadly, 2009 looks like that trend will not continue.

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