MLS Table As It Now Stands 10/18 Update

One week to go, and this is where we stand:

current table

As the table stands now, this would be the playoff matchup –


Los Angeles vs Seattle

Houston vs Chivas


Columbus vs  Colorado

Chicago vs Toronto

Remember, the first tie-breaker is head to head competition, not goal difference.  The Galaxy have a superior record against both Chivas and Houston, so if they win their game Saturday against San Jose, and Chivas does not pick up four points from their remaining two games, the Galaxy will have won the west.  This will represent an amazing turn-around under Bruce Arena, who was able to completely reshape the roster and turn chicken droppings into chicken salad in one year.

Seattle is in, and could still theoretically win the west.  Even though they are fourth in the west, it is still possible for Seattle to win it, though it would take drawing an inside flush to accomplish it.  However, Sigi Schmidt has proved his class this year by taking a brand new team into the playoffs, and considering how much tougher the west is than the east, it is a fantastic accomplishment.

Does anyone from the east want to go to the playoffs?  As we head into the last game of the season, only Columbus has played themselves into the playoffs, and everyone else seems to be limping and staggering towards the finish line.  As it stands now, even Chicago can get aced out if they lose to Chivas on Thursday and a couple of other shoes drop.

If Chicago and Toronto win this week, they are in.  If not, anything can happen.  The Revs, which has squandered several opportunities to make themselves safe, are now in the position where their fate is no longer in their hands.  By their Sunday game at Columbus, they will know whether that game still has meaning.  Toronto, DC United, Colorado and Dallas are all playing Saturday night, and none of them are playing each other, so they will all have an eye on the scoreboard of other games to understand their fate.

All will be revealed a week from now!

12 Responses to MLS Table As It Now Stands 10/18 Update

  1. dan says:

    don’t count out dallas just yet.

  2. eplnfl says:

    I just really think that the playoffs this year will be a great one. The teams in the West are playing great but do not sell the East short, they teams are old and wise and are saving themselves especially those who just came off international games.

  3. Tom says:

    I, too, am really looing forward to the final weekend and the playoffs this year. I hope my Rapids can finally revive in Salt Lake, they’ve been sinking like a lead balloon.

    However, I hope we get a single table with play-offs next year. Columbus, the team with the best record, will get a better team than the 4rth best record Chicago Fire. Plus, I’m going to need glasses after constantly collasping the two conference tables in my head. Thanks for the table above.

  4. TGos says:

    How will the league decided the a possible three way tie between Chivas USA, Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy? The problem arises from the fact that Chivas and Seattle played an extra game against each other.
    The unbalanced schedule comes back to bite the league in the butt!

  5. EastLAChiva says:

    With all due respect, f*** the Galaxy.

  6. todd says:

    I hope its Seattle-Houston, Galaxy-Chivas when it gets settled. Those first round match-ups would be f’in awesome.

    • Rex says:

      That would be awesome matchups. All 4 games in the west would be big sellouts.
      Think if TFC play the Crew and the Reds invade Columbus?

  7. Charles says:

    Amen Todd, those matchups would be incredible.
    Over and above the nail-bitter of games this year, the Houston-Seattle connection goes back a long way, including the head coach, as they have a lot of ex-Sounders on that team.

    The MLS is unbelievably exciting. Close to a four way tie for first in the West. Are you kidding me ?!?
    To all the Euro-lovers, you sure the regular season doesn’t matter when there is a playoff ? Tell that to Chicago, Toronto, DC, Dallas, etc.
    Maybe the top team ( Seattle ) has already clinched, but they are fighting to have home field advantage, right down to the 90th min in the final game.

    Go Sounders.

  8. daniel says:

    i love the playoffs

  9. Fan says:

    That pixelated graphic makes me want to cry

  10. LI Matt says:

    The Dynamo-Galaxy draw leaves Chivas as the only team that can catch Columbus for the Supporters’ Shield. If they lose to the Fire on Thursday, it’s all over. A draw would leave Chivas needing to make up a six-goal difference on the final weekend (the head-to-head is even, 3-3 agg).

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