MLS Talk Podcast #118: Simon Kuper


After a three week hiatus, Kartik Krishnaiyer returns to host the show with some excerpts from our EPL Talk interview with critically acclaimed and best selling author, Simon Kuper. Brian Zygo also catches up with Rico Clark to get his thoughts on scoring for the US in front of his father and World Cup qualification.

Among the topics discussed with Kuper are:

  • The use of statistics in European Football
  • What European football can learn from American sports
  • Why American sports are not very popular globally
  • British Imperialism versus American Imperialism as it relates to growing sports
  • The use of the term “soccer” versus “football”

The full length interview with Kuper is availible at our sister site EPL Talk.

I want to thank Daniel Feuerstein for sitting in for me last week, and bring us some compelling and interesting content on Giants Stadium and Red Bull Arena. I would also like to announce that this particular show is an attempt to get back to our roots. Content with news makers and in depth interviews. In recent years, a proliferation of websites and shows about Football in the US have appeared. While we’ve enjoyed bringing you shows on current events, those will now be limited to in and around USMNT matches, MLS Cup, and perhaps other big news like this unfolding USL/TOA situation. Many websites and programs do an excellent job of broadcasting on current topics weekly. Two of them, the Football Pub, and Match Fit USA I will recommend here to those want a weekly fix on current events.

We will still be broadcasting weekly or bi-weekly, but will return our focus to interviews and perhaps in depth analysis on a single current topic, rather than presenting a complete weekly look at the world of football in the US. As stated above, the USMNT matches will continue to be analyzed in detail and you can continue to expect the best guests, such as Jamie Trecker and others to break things down on the show.

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