Can There be a Better Tandem For MLS’ Success Than Beckham and Donovan?

One wonders what the fallout will be from the disconcerting television ratings of MLS Cup, especially considering the LA Galaxy have possibly the greatest tandem of professional soccer players to ever play together on the same U.S. club team, ever.  Speculating, who knows, this potential greatest tandem hyperbole could stick for the next 50 years. 

Add to the dissapointment that when the match went to penalty kicks, the story line was how arguably MLS’ greatest player botched his penalty shot. 

In other words, Beckham and Donovan, were expected to win and to win flashy, which after the 1st goal, looked to be a possibility.  They lost though.  Too bad, because the league needed the Galaxy to win. 

Overall, Beckham and Donovan showed they need help.  They need more superstars, though Ricketts may become one. 

Beckham and Donovan must become a dynasty.  Its imperative for MLS’ success.  They need to win 3 championships in a row and surround themselves with great players whose names also can become part of the American consciousness. 

Had the Galaxy won the 2009 MLS Cup, the doubters to pro Soccer’s ascension towards mainstream would have been silenced at least for this year.  More would have been made about the Galaxy’s dynasty in the works and how great it is for the League’s crossover appeal. 

Obviously, there’s still a great chance for this league to become a bigtime American sports league.  Expansion and interest are both on the rise.  But the aftermath of this Cup shows that more superstars are needed.

In all the world of Soccer, who would have been a better tandem for an MLS team and which team should it be?  Would Ronaldhino and Altidore playing for D.C. United have been a better attraction to sportsfans?

It would seem for MLS, that nothing could have been better than Beckham, the international superstar of futbol who brings all the glitz, Donovan, the American hope who brings all thats pure about Soccer, and the city with the richest reputation (two letters says it all, ‘LA’ and one of the coolest nicknames in all of U.S. professional sports, Galaxy) winning the title. 

The conditions seemed perfect for this to be a breakthrough moment, especially with 46,000 on hand live to watch.

Maybe the world’s television ratings should be included in order to look beyond U.S. households and sportsbars.  They merit major consideration as part of how to gauge the marketing benefits of MLS. 

The world’s tv ratings could be the hidden upside to what seems to be a pretty bad outcome for pro Soccer in the U.S.  Its a new age for all pro sports and what the rest of the world thinks, matters.

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