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Luke Wileman reports – Turf Removal Starts At BMO Field – New coach, new grass, different result for TFC in 2010? Late note: The CFL Argos are once again talking about playing at BMO. Uh Oh.

    My take: Unfortunately, TFC does not own BMO Field, but wouldn’t it be terrible if they finally got grass only to have it marked up and chewed to bits by the Argos?

How did you feel about MLS Cup being played on turf?

    My take: I thought it adversely effected the play. MLS Cup should ALWAYS be played on grass. What do you think?

Best of luck to Ben Olsen. The next assistant coach for DCU?

Coaches needed … for Chicago, Chivas USA, RBNY.

    My take: Richie William for RBNY, for the others??? Rumors of Steve Sampson returning to MLS. Dennis Hamlett is available. Hey Walter Zenga was just fired in Italy.

In my private mock expansion draft, had 4 of the Philly Union’s 10 picks, Thomas, Harvey, Salinas and Jacobsen.

EPL club Tottenham’s former CEO Paul Barber has joined future MLS club, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Former MetroStar youth player Vicenzo Bernardo is reported to be joing MLS after declining a contract extension with Serie A club Napoli(and a loan to a Serie C club).

    My take: Given MLS’s history of manipulating player placement, does anyone think he goes anywhere else but RBNY? OK, maybe Philly.

Have you read Jimmy Conrad’s take on the future of MLS?

    My take: Would take several posts. Go read the article

The Philadelphia Union’s expansion draft picks had roughly the same base salaries as the Sounders’ first ten, just over $600,000. Three of them, Jaqua, Evans and Riley played signficant minutes. Three never saw the field; Khano Smith, Jarrod Smith and Jeff Parke.

The mess surrounding USL-1 and the newly minted, but not yet approved NASL…

    My take: Pure fantasy, but bear with me. Two 2nd tier leagues, one east of the Mississippi, one west, similar to AAA baseball. No interleague play. The two points winners and the two playoff winners(if they have playoffs) get US Open bids. The last 4(or 6) 2nd tier bids are earned via play-in matches between the next 4(or 6) highest point earners in each league.

The MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA): Would free agency mean the end of single entity?

    My take: I don’t see why. It would just be a tweak, albeit a major one, in options for out of contract players.

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