Atlanta’s New Soccer-specific Stadium

Well, “Atlanta”. It’s actually in Kennesaw, on the grounds of Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw is in Cobb County, northwest of Atlanta-proper.

Did you know that everyone in Kennesaw has to own a gun? They don’t enforce that law, but it is on the books. Has been since ’82, I believe. But that’s just being random, on to the story…

Steven Goff broke the news today, although the secret wasn’t exactly well kept by the Atlanta Beat or Kennesaw State.  The stadium will seat about 8,300 and looks a little like Rochester’s stadium. It’s somewhat remarkable in a way, since the stadium is so closely tied to the Atlanta Beat, it means Greater Atlanta now has two professional soccer stadiums, this one and Re/Max Greater Atlanta Stadium in Chamblee, where the Atlanta NASL team will play.

Of course, neither is actually in Atlanta, and Herndon Stadium is just sitting there these days thanks to Morris Brown being so badly managed financially. But beggers can’t be choosers, and at this point we’re still beggers. Soccer stadiums of any kind are better than playing in cramped high school stadiums with narrow athletics tracks around the fields. In truth, Atlanta is setting an example for other metro areas in the US in regards to soccer infrastructure, and being a Charlottean, it’s not easy for me to compliment Atlanta. I’m looking at you, Houston.

Hopefully many more are on the way.

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