2010 World Cup Draw: Live Blog And Your Reaction


world_cup_2010_logoFollow the World Cup draw via a live blog beginning at Noon ET/9am PT/5pm GMT today. Whether you’re at work and away from the TV set or you want to join in the discussion online as you watch it on TV, join MLS Talk blogger Adam Serrano as he takes you through the draw and all of the suspense surrounding it.

Adam Serrano will be liveblogging not just the draw itself, but also focusing on ESPN2’s coverage of this massive event.

Again, come back here at Noon ET today to experience the live blog. And be sure to post your feedback, reactions and analysis in the comment section below. Also, for fans of the England national team, our sister site EPL Talkwill be conducting a live blog starring blogger Iain Liddle which will begin at Noon ET and will cover the draw by watching BBC2’s coverage.

Also, be sure to follow MLS Talkon Twitter as Kartik Krishnaiyer who is at ESPN’s studios today to learn more about ESPN’s coverage as well as to interview the commentators and legends.performance of the United States in the Confederations Cup.

12:16PM PST: As the Scott Van Pelt show starts and the conversation returns to College Football. That will be all from me here at MajorLeagueSoccerTalk.com. Remember to check back at MLSTalk later as Kartik gives you the 411 on the ESPN’s World Cup draw festitives from Bristol, Connecticut.  Thanks again for following along with me and if you want to follow more of my musings remember to visit me at www.twitter.com/adamserrano.

Adios Gente!

12:09 PM PST:  Before I leave, I will take part in the madness and give you my nations that I believe will advance from the groups.

Group A: 1. France 2. Mexico

Group B: 1. Nigeria 2. Argentina

Group C: 1. England 2. United States

Group D: 1. Germany 2. Australia

Group E: 1. Netherlands 2. Denmark

Group F: 1. Italy 2. Paraguay

Group G: 1. Brazil 2. Ivory Coast

Group H: 1. Spain 2. Honduras

Yes…maybe a bit with my heart over my head but I’ll have 188 days to analyze this initial reaction.

12:07PM PST: Before we start counting our chickens and pencil the United States into the second round. Remember that the US fell to England 2-0 in Wembley last year (sans Donovan), Algeria defeated African Champion Egypt and Slovenia was able to dispatch Guus Hiddink and Andrei Arshavin’s Russia.

12:06 pM PST: As we prepare to close up shop, here are a few reactions from a few players who look to be playing in the World Cup

Jozy Altidore, US Forward: The group is tough but it could have been worse.

Jonathan Bornstein, US Defender: Looks like we are playing England in the first game of the 2010 World Cup! Let the games begin!

Maurice Edu, US Midfielder: Talking 2 my boy Charlie Davies right now. We got two goals after watching the draw: get fit, get to South Africa!!!! USA 2010!!

Giuseppe Rossi, Italy Forward: not that bad of a draw…there are a few tough groups…its gonna be a great world cup!!!!

11:48 AM PST: Stevie Mac stating that Clint Dempsey is much more highly regarded among European circles than Landon Donovan. Stevie says “If it’s not in Europe, it’s not good enough!” Lalas looks more indignant by the minute. What are your thoughts??

11:45 AM PST: Rob Stone now interviewing Landon Donovan at Nevada Smith’s. Landon is promising a “little smack talk” when he finally talks to David Beckham again. Rob Stone begging Landon to keep “eating his vegetables” so that he can stay healthy.

11:39 AM PST: ESPN2 reporting live from epic US Men’s soccer bar Nevada Smith’s in NYC. US Fan’s impression of Group C: “Revolutionary War Part 2!”

11:33 AM PST: For those thinking of making the trip to South Africa, here is mandatory reading from SI’s Grant Wahl, who complied a complete travel guide to visiting the Rainbow Nation.

11:25AM PST: Looking in at the comments, I can see that Charlize Theron’s “performance” during the draw is a serious point of contention. IMO, I have to say that the draw may have been the most awkward show that I have ever watched. Not so much because of Theron’s banter but the stiffness of the Drawmaster.  I would have liked to see a bit more banter between them.

11:18AM PST: Bob Ley now speaking to ESPN’s greatest acquisition for their World Cup coverage. English commentator Martin Tyler. Tyler affirming that he DID NOT cover the 1950 Shot heard around the world in Belo Herzionte. In addition, it appears as if ESPN scored another coup with fantastic footage of that fateful day.

11:16AM PST: Efan Ekoku’s analysis of the Nigerian squad, “we have good players but there is no cohesion and we have far from a world class coach”. The Super Eagles have traditionally been African powerhouse, but there has been a lack of organization in the Nigerian FA over the last decade.

11:14 AM: Very touching moment as French head coach Raymond Domenech comes up to Aguirre and presents him with a France jersey as well as a few kind words. “

11:12 AM PST: Schapp speaking to Mexican Head Coach/ Messiah, Javier Aguirre. He seems very proud of the group that El Tri has drawn. I have to say this, I love his accented english. Half John Wayne, Half Cheech Marin. Just Awesome.

10:59 AM PST: Schapp now interviewing a very chic looking Bob Bradley. Bradley states that “We feel that this group gives us a real fair chance to advance to the next round.”

10:50 AM PST: Courtesy of my friend Shawn Francis (THE MLS INSIDER), here is a video of US Star Landon Donovan’s reaction of the drawing against England.

Donovan’s reaction to drawing England

10:45 AM PST: Special Treat for American views of ESPN2 as ESPN gets an interview with Fabio Capello, the manager of the English National Team. Capello praises the American’s performance in the Confederation Cup and states that he believes that Algeria could be the surprise of the group. Also, Capello makes an analogy comparing the Premiership to the NBA. “If you play in England, you’re a good player”

10:43AM PST: The United States will play on June 12 v England in Rustenberg, June 18 v Slovenia in Johannesburg and June 23 v Algeria in Tshwane/Pretoria

10:29AM PST: Overall, this has to be the best draw for CONCACAF ever. Mexico will be in South Africa’s group with a Uruguayan side that squeeked by Costa Rica and an underachieving French side. While Honduras will have every chance to get qualify for the Second Round as they will face off against Switzerland, Spain and Chile. Although the Chileans have proved to be incredibly difficult to play, one has to believe that Honduras may just be  talented enough to qualify.

10:26AM PST, My intital thoughts, You have to believe that the US and England have a fantastic draw. American and British eyes are smiling as the United States and England have to believe that they can advance into the second round. However, there are no smiles in AbIdjan, Ivory Coast right now as the best African nation is drawn with Portugal and Brazil in their group.

10:24 AM: Parties in the streets of London and US as England and USA draw Slovenia. Remember however that this team defeated a very tough Russian side so stay wary.

10:21AM PST: Mexico, Uruguay and South Africa draw France! Crazy Ray looks very happy at this draw.

10:16AM: Algeria drawn into the group with England and USA

10:09AM: USA gets its dream draw with England. Remember Joe Gatejens and the victory over Stanley Matthews. June 12th, the first game of Group C. You have to love the banter between Stevie Mac and Lalas.  Lalas wants to jump into the pitch now.

10:07PST: Mexico drawn in the group with South Africa and will play in the Opening match in the FIFA 2010 World Cup

10:07am PST: CONCACAF/ASIA/OCEANIA pot up next.

1:04pm est/10:05 PST: Here We go.

Group A: South Africa,A2: Mexico, A3: Uruguay, A4: France
Group B: Argentina, B2: Nigeria B3: Korea Republic, B4: Greece
Group C:  England, C2: United States, C3: Algeria, C4: Slovenia
Group D:  Germany, D2: Australia,D3: D4: Ghana, D4: Serbia
Group E: Netherlands, E2: Denmark E3: Japan, E4: Cameroon
Group F: Italy, F2: Paraguay F3: New Zealand F4: Slovakia
Group G: Brazil,
G2: North Korea, G3: Ivory Coast, G4: Portugal
Group H: Spain, H2:Switzerland,  H3: Honduras, H4: Chile

1pm EST/10 AM PST: tO dRAW POTS 1-4 hAILE gEBRSELASSIE, LEGENDARY Ethopian Marathon. South African Rugby Captain, John Smit, To Draw the pots for groups A-H Maakhaya Ntini (who also can’t keep heis hands off of Thereon), SA’s own defender Mathew Booth, and last but certainly not least David Beckham.

12:57PM EST/ 9:57 AM PST: I’ve got to say, the two of them have a good chemistry. This may be better than any Oscars that I have watched in years.

12:52 PM EST/9:52PT: We’re about to begin, FIFA Drawmaster shares a horribly awkward kiss with Charlise Theron. Perhaps the most awkward kiss on world television since Angelina Jolie and her brother.

12:46pm ET/9:46am PST: As we reach a break in the coverage, lets get a dialogue going. Who is everyone supporting in South Africa? Also, who do you hope your country draws in the World Cup??

12:29 pm ET/ 9:29 am PST: As we continue, ESPN2 is breaking down of the players to watch in South Africa. No surprises here: Messi, Torres, Kaka, CR7 among others.

12:24 pm ET/9:24 am PST: Thank you to all following us here at MajorLeagueSoccerTalk.com. For all of those still looking to take fate into their own hands, here is a handy dandy draw generator for Mexico’s Record Newspaper. It is in Spanish but its pretty self explanatory,

12:15 pm ET/9:15 am PST:ESPN2 doing a great job to setting up the history of a country few americans know much about. A beautiful montage about the city of Soweto, site of demonstrations which put in motion, the fall of the Apartheid Government.

12:09 pm ET/ 9:09 AM PST: In the words of the immortal Kanye West, “If you ever wanted to be something, there will always be somebody that shoot down that dream. There’ll always be haters.” The World Cup draw is no different as two journalists were arrested for staging a bomb hoax outside the draw.  Check BBC for complete analysis.

12:04 ET/ 9:04PST: ESPN2 is going all out today in studios with former England Midfielder Steve McManaman, Nigerian forward Efan Ekoku, Ex American defender Alexi Lalas and the most credible reporter in ESPN’s family of networks, the great Bob Ley.

12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PST: Buenos Dias Gente! This is Adam Serrano, The coverage of the draw has began! ESPN 2 is broadcasting live from among other locations, the Cape Town Convention Center for the most important Lottery in the World.

10:42 am ET: Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez joins ESPN team for the 2010 World Cup commentary and analysis.

10:25 am ET: Ruud Gullit named as one of the World Cup commentators for ESPN.

10:15am ET: Official World Cup unveiled: exclusive video.

9:45am ET: Adidas unveils World Cup ball in South Africa.

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25 Responses to 2010 World Cup Draw: Live Blog And Your Reaction

  1. AF92 says:

    It finally happened. Out of 7 articles on the front page of MLS Talk not a single one is about MLS. Please rename this site.

    • The Gaffer says:

      AF92, the MLS season has ended. Sure, we’ll continue to cover MLS during the off-season, but you have to realize that the 2010 World Cup is tied to MLS in terms of the US players who play for their national teams that are competing in the tournament.

      Youth soccer and USL/NASL are also important points that have a big impact on MLS.

      The Gaffer

  2. AF92 says:

    Then how come during MLS season, on many days, the majority of articles are not about MLS as well. Hey I read you guys. I’m just saying you need to be truthful and correctly label what you are. And this is not a site about MLS.

    • The Gaffer says:

      AF92, yes, as the site has morphed, MLS Talk isn’t a perfect name but it’s got a lot of brand equity with the readers and listeners. We’re looking to add more writers to cover MLS for next season.

      The site is about MLS but the bonus is that you can also read about USMNT, women’s soccer, youth soccer, USL, NASL, etc.

      The Gaffer

  3. Macca still looks great! hasn’t aged a day.
    I can’t/can believe how packed Nevada’s is. awesome.

  4. why wouldn’t they show us Zuma’s speech? It’s probably wildly entertaining

  5. The Gaffer says:

    Adam, in answer to your question about who do I support, I support England and the United States. I’m hoping that both teams draw each other in the first round!

    The Gaffer

  6. beastmode says:


  7. Mr Tang Wu says:

    I’m cheering for the Americans not to have another disappointing season. One can hope….

  8. this is all incredibly awkward. It’s really a thankless job for Charlize Theron

  9. slovenia. hmmm, feel like the U.S. always does poorly against eastern europe.

  10. The Gaffer says:

    Group of Death has to be: Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal and North Korea. Phew!

    The Gaffer

  11. The Gaffer says:

    What does everyone think of USA’s group? And the groups for the other nations? Post your feedback and opinions now.

    The Gaffer

  12. Jay says:

    Anyone else think Charlize Theron made a big fool of herself? It was difficult for me to watch…

  13. Emerald City SC says:

    i did. but shes hot so its excusable. but i can guaratnee this, wheter win win or lose to the english, they will be either big fat gloaty winners putting us down as a nation that doenst know how to play football or sore losers trying to find every excuse in the book for losing. my prediction USA 2-0.

  14. Charles says:

    I think US is undefeated against those teams in World Cup play !!!

    I think it was a good draw for a team that easily could have been in the toughest group. Probably odds on favorites to be actually.
    We have to win the group….or face Germany.

  15. Charles says:

    I do agree I would like more MLS on MLSTalk, but come on…today to bring this up ? are you kidding…it has to be a joke.

  16. Tom says:

    I thought Charlize did fine. She had a few funny comments, and sort made light of how riduculous the situation really is- after all we’re all going crazy over ping pong balls.

    Good draw for the US and England (my teams). I think England will get out of this group, I’m not sure what I think of the US chances. It will be fun. Can’t wait.

  17. kevin_amold says:

    ESPN (Ravi Ubha) has England and Slovenia going through. Fair enough, but he picks the European team to go through in pretty much every group, so I think he might be blinded by Europhilia. He may end up being right though, Slovenia are hardly slouches. Same for Algeria. There are really no easy teams at the World Cup, with few exceptions. But the draw could have been so much tougher.

    I am, however, tired of hearing about how good Slovenia based on the face that “They beat Russia!” Well, they lost to Russia too, but managed to lose in a more beneficial manner than Russia lost to them. So let’s ease up on that point. Also, they came through the group with San Marino, Northern Ireland, and Poland. None have been lighting the world on fire, no disrespect to them. The shocking form of the Czechs opened the door for Slovakia and Slovenia who wisely took advantage.

  18. Mikey says:

    “Looking in at the comments, I can see that Charlize Theron’s ‘performance’ during the draw is a serious point of contention.”

    Theron’s attempts at banter during the draw were awkward. The drawmaster (I missed his name) would comment on some matchups, referring to past group pairings/matches between the teams, and her attempts to comment on this didn’t really work…”How old do you think I am?” in response to mention of the 1960 England-US game, or “Any more helpful tips?”

    Overall, though, it’s on the level of eating crackers in bed…

  19. Sports says:

    American sports fans, many that follow sites such as http://www.dozensports.com, will be happy to see the USA vs England at next year’s World Cup in South Africa. But, will superstar David Beckham play for England?

    I’m not so sure, he seems to be more of a 1980s fashion model than a football player nowadays. Even if Beckham does play what good will it do? He will only play 5 minutes. Is he that good?

    Another question is can Maradona last the tournament without being banned? And how on earth did New Zealand qualify in the first place?

  20. Darren Blair says:

    Thanks for the post! Great information.

  21. wettbewerbe says:

    Most of the factor for the World Champion 2010 are saying Spain will win the title. But usually it isn’t the big favourite that will win the tournament, so I think Brasil will make the race.

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