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20 Responses to Poll: Is Landon Donovan’s Proposed Move to Everton Good For MLS?

  1. Charles says:

    77% of the people ( currently )

    How can the best player in MLS moving to Europe be good for MLS ?

    • Lars says:

      It can be good in the sense that it demonstrates that MLS has more or less ‘developed’ the best American player in the world and he’s playing in the best league in the world. On top of that, he’s coming back to play in MLS. I do not see what the objection is to Landycakes going to demonstrate MLS is no lightweight league. It sends a strong message to Eurosnobs and players alike. MLS can be a way to get to Europe and succeed, which is good for the game in North America overall.

  2. dan says:

    i just wish we could keep our players over here

  3. RPW says:

    Umm…. It’s not rocket science. When our best MLS player leaves the MLS, that’s not a good thing. But it looks like it would be a loan, so that means Donovan would still be on the Galaxy so maybe he’ll pull a Beckham and come back half way into the season.

  4. Charles says:

    17 minutes and not one explaination…maybe that explains it all.

    Landon should work on his head and getting some rest.
    There had to be a reason he played like he didn’t care in the MLSCup.

    Whatever it was ( lack of heart in my opinion ) it won’t be solved playing for a team that will win very little ever, much less in 3 months.

    • Matthew N says:

      Maybe we weren’t watching the same match… without Donovan on the pitch (with his “lack of heart”) LA wouldn’t have even made that a game…

    • Lars says:

      Maybe you can learn to be patient rather than retarded. Oh wait, you’re a Flounders fan (i refuse to call you a supporter, a supporter doesn’t need corporate organizing to support a team).

      Can’t expect much out of people who love the Flounders.

  5. Lee says:

    Shouldn’t the question be “Is Landon Donovan’s Proposed Loan to Everton Good For MLS?”

    Big difference between a loan and a move.

  6. Joey Clams says:

    That’s MLS’ problem. Landon has to care about satisfying his own ambition and making himself happy. He’s paid his dues here.

  7. Al says:

    OF COURSE it’s a good thing. The USMNT advancing in the WC will generate more fans. Let’s face it, this country LOVES a winning team. Advancing means more asses in MLS seats. Landon going to the EPL means he improves as a player, which means he improves the chances of the USMNT advancing. This is all connected guys. He will be facing defenders that we’ll face in the WC. Not to mention, IT’S A LOAN. He’ll be back and will bring with him a stronger set of skills. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  8. Peter says:

    Donovan is only coming for a short loan spell. He will get plenty of playing time as Evertons extensive injury list in all departments is not going to clear until well in to next year. He will be playing against defenders who he will meet again in the World Cup. This experience should stand him in good stead against England in South Africa. I don’t see any down side for the MLS in this move, it might improve the leauges profile if he performs. If he settles quickly then Everton will also benefit but he will need to do better than he did in his previous European sojourn.

    • short passes says:

      agree 200%

    • Lars says:

      It’s all about building league credibility too. Point is perfectly valid. If Americans are making the jump from MLS to Europe, it is going to be encouraging them to stay at home when they’re younger, rather than making the jump immediately.

  9. Rex says:

    Is it good for MLS, no way! Is it good for MLS fans? Yes, if he does well. MLS fans are always looking for validation that their league is better than the credit it is given. Is it good for US soccer (specifically wc 2010), i would say not sure. Before the confed cup i would say the USA would benifit but i think Donovan showed he is ready to play the big boys. I think the confidence of scoring goals in MLS is just as good as playing against the higher competition overseas at this stage in his career.

    Same goes for Altidore. I think he could really benifit from playing a season in MLS leading up to the world cup. Confidence in scoring goals can do wonders for a man up front.

  10. short passes says:

    Definitely a good thing for everybody PROVIDED that he succeeds which isn’t necessarily and automatic. Assuming he does well, (1) he will be a stronger player mentally (it had to bother him that he didn’t make it last time, even though it was his own choice to come back), (2) he can earn some credibility for MLS, (3) he learns more about the England team, (4) MLS makes a few bucks ( not mentioned but I assume it does), and (5) he comes back.
    If he doesn’t succeed, he and MLS still make some money and we all learn how far MLS still has to go.d

  11. Lucky Luciano says:

    I am not at all sure this is a good idea for Landon or Bob Bradley. I could n’t care less if it is good for MLS.

    Donovan has a reputation as being a soft player and the defenders in England will go out to test his toughness. He can expect a bruising few weeks and I suspect he will spend a fair amount of time in the treatment room.

    I don’t know where he will play if he goes to Everton – up top? I can’t see him floating around on the wing like he does for Galaxy and the U.S – the EPL is too fast and competitive for that kind of luxury position.

    The Mexican league sounded a more sensible option to be honest.

  12. Mike says:

    It’s a great move for Donovan, but the timing of it sucks for the USMNT. Blame MLS for not being on the same calendar as the rest of the world (yeah, yeah, I know, another argument for another day), but he’s coming off a full MLS and WC qualifying schedule. Get a proper offseason. Finally the U.S. gets a favorable WC draw, and our best player wants to add 20 domestic games and who knows how many Europa League games to his legs. He’s America’s best right now, like it or not. I want our best at 100% for South Africa.



  14. Tom says:

    It’s not good for the MLS but the MLS will survive. It is good for Donovan, and it will probably be good for the national team. Unlike the previous poster though, I don’t think National Team results help the MLS particularily, although their results do help soccer in this country, and eventually that helps the MLS a bit.

  15. Charles says:

    Does anyone else notice the idiots always post in caps ?

    Not the idiots that tick everyone off by bad-mouthing Donovan’s heart.
    Or the idiots that disagree with me…The USA Gona Get Whooped idiots.

    Lars, I have never personally attacked you, you shouldn’t attack me.
    I just didn’t see it from Landon in the final game, which I did attend, very dissapointing from the most talented US player probably ever. SLC just out hustled.

    ps. I don’t like the term supporters anyway, to Limey sounding.
    Sounders will be close to 40k attendance ( 100% sell outs ) next year with their “corporate organized” FANS. 😉

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