US World Cup 2018-2022 Bid Video

The United States committee who are working on trying to bring either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup back to the United States have released a promotional video (see above).

The team worked in conjunction with ESPN to create a fake Sportscenter episode which highlights several of the reasons why the committee feels the United States should win the bid instead of the other countries.

Take a look at the video and click the comments link below to share your opinion about it.

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16 Responses to US World Cup 2018-2022 Bid Video

  1. Charles says:

    Where else in the world can you have kids sign off speaking 10 languages and it is a small fraction of the languages spoken in the country ? Maybe London….

    Anyone that attended games in 1994 know, the US will have:
    Currently ready to host
    The highest attendance
    The best run, most organized event
    Fans of every country living locally
    and showing up from the rest of the globe

    IF it isn’t voted to be held in the US, it is because of the PATHETIC support for the US teams. The US soccer fans are awesome, but to the fans that watch EPL over your local team…if we have to fly to London to watch the WCup, you are the reason.

    • man99utd says:


      I actually agreed with you up to the point of slagging off EPL supporters. I don’t want to get into an MLS v EPL row, but let’s face it, if the WC bid is based on support for MLS and EPL combined the WC will never be held in the US again. 1994 was great and it launched MLS and was good for football in America. But for all those millions of youth footballers in America there has been no net effect on the American mind-set. I would love to see the WC in America in 2022, but it will be because of the infrasrtucture and size of America, not becuase America is mad about football. ESPN is in it for the money, and that’s fine, but some of the people in their clip above usually roll their eyes when the subject of football (soccer) is raised.

      • Mayer says:

        I agree with you about most SportsCenter anchors rolling their eyes, but I think they specifically put Josh Elliott and Hannah Storm in the video because they approach soccer news with the most enthusiasm and professionalism of all the anchors. I think Elliott is actually a legit soccer fan, or at least makes himself out to be one.

  2. short passes says:

    C’mon children we need to get past the EPL vs MLS issue. MLS is the hometown game and we need to support it. However, the EPL isn’t really English anymore since the best teams consist primarily of the best foreign legionaires —- and that’s the reason we should follow it. Right now with few exceptions, MLS teams don’t really display the examples that US kids should be following. Didier Drogba versus Brian Ching or Kenny Cooper or Conor Casey— no contest. Just compare this to the existence of minor league baseball teams alongside the Major Leagues. You support the local team even though you know that the players are not at the highest level. However, kids still need to see and aspire to emulate the best.

    That said, the real reason we should want to get the World Cup is that it would a massive party. This time we should be able to provide the atmosphere outside the stadiums as well as inside!! Go USA

  3. Charles says:

    man99utd, I gave you a thumbs up for a good post.
    BUT the US deserves it for the reasons I listed and does not deserve it for the reason I listed.

    The US will get the bid in 2022, they will not keep it away from Europe for two in a row, so England gets the bid in 2018.

  4. Bryan says:

    Having the World Cup in the US would be a big win for soccer/football within the United States, but it would take a proper follow up with a solid infrastructure and some solid existing fan bases to get any of that interest to stick. I don’t think it’s really to that point yet.

    I’m not sure what I think would be better, to sit one or two bids out and get the proper ground work laid out first, or to try to jump start the game with hosting it again. Either way is irrelevant to me, I’ll be there either way 🙂

  5. Joey Clams says:

    Talk about pollyannish. I want Hannah, though. Badly.

  6. kginkc says:

    FIFA’s decisions are not always along the expected path when it comes to awarding bids. England is strong for 2018 and Australia is strong for 2022 for different reasons. England’s bid will bring back the Cup to Eurpoe after two cycles away. Australia will be awarded the Cup for help in growing the sport and structure much like what happened in USA 1994. FIFA loves to ‘conquer’ new territory. USA could continue to bid for the Women’s Cup. The U-## Cups will go to cheaper venues to help build youth systems. How cool would it be if the U-23 or U-20 Cup came to Carolina-Virginia-Maryland area?

  7. Kasey says:

    Funnily enough, we have similar arguments down here in Australia about the local product vs EPL. I Love the Hyundai A-League(Adelaide United FC!! Go UUU Reds!!!) and am dismayed sometimes at the people that will profess to support football, but refuse to go to HAL games”because its crap” and it nowhere near as good as Serie A, EPL, take your pick. I think the greatest quote about why we should support local Football by getting out to HAL games came from a Sydney(spit!)FC fan:
    “Would you rather have actual sex with your nice but somewhat average looking girlfriend or Jerk off to pictures of Hot European women in magazines?” Me I’d rather experience the real thing everytime, and babydoll, if you’re reading this, you know I know that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world!

  8. Kasey says:

    PS: nice idea with the Sports center episode, came across rather well I thought, your major selling point appears to be the sheer amount of tickets you could sell…always a good tact with the mandarins at FIFA, they like the $$$
    Our(Australia’s) main selling point appears to be proximity to Asia and its emerging poer/influence on the globe , plus the chance for FIFA to plant its flag in one of the last of the unconquered territorie left on the planet, we need all the help we can get especially in light of the blatant fearmongering from our local bully boy the AFL (Australian Rules Football)If there’s one thing I hope that FIFA like more than $$$$ it’s putting down the upstarts like the AFL who think they’re bigger than the world game!

  9. Panda says:

    Great presentation but I think it’s something FIFA already knows. We’re the only country in the world that could host this event and make that much money. I’d love for the World Cup to be here but this is one of the times where FIFA will turn down a buttload of money for what’s good for the game.

    • sylc says:

      you hold fifa to too high a standard. the boatload of money (and with england and australia’s bids having trouble) guarantees we will get 2022 at least.

  10. andrew says:

    FIFA only listens to one thing… money. I hate to say it, but there is more money to be made with a World Cup in Asia. 2 billion Asians can’t be wrong.

  11. drew says:

    It looks like Australia’s bid would be good, except that the bid relies on cricket pitches(?) and Australian Rules Football stadiums(?). I don’t understand the “The game can’t leave Europe for too many cycles in a row” nonsense. It seems to me like Europe will go wild about the World Cup regardless of where it is, and as a lot of Europeans get paid time off to travel in July and August, a trip to the USA or Australia would probably be just their thing. From my perspective, the MLS is just starting to turn the corner in a few cities. Seattle Sounders games are big news, especially after the loss of the NBA franchise. If the MLS can find 10 more cities in the US and Canada, it will be a viable player for advertisements and broadcast rights. Just think what soccer in the US would be like with the MLS with 28 or so North American teams and the World Cup in the country. It would be a real force.

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