Tactically, the US Need DaMarcus Beasley

Can he keep his play up?

The last time many of us saw DaMarcus Beasley, his miss on a corner launched a Brazilian counter-attack that led to the eventual trouncing of the US in the group phase of the Confederations Cup.  It was the culmination of a number of mediocre and lackluster performances from him in the national team shirt, which was the only shirt he was wearing due to his lack of play at his club Rangers in Scotland.

Fast forward to this December which sees Beasley inserted back in to the starting line up and producing. In five games he’s given Rangers 2 goals and 4 assists, which has many of us US supporters wondering if this play is sustained thru the season, does he merit a call up for next summers World Cup in South Africa.

In my opinion yes. For the simple fact that he solves some of the tactical problems Bob Bradley has due to the loss of Charlie Davies.

We are all wondering if Jeff Cunningham or Robbie Findley can be a suitable replacement for Davies, in reality the perfect replacement for him would be Landon Donovan.  In the current setup moving Donovan up top would leave a hole on the left side of midfield, a hole that Beasley can and has filled in the past.  He has pace to match Donovan and he has a fine tuned understanding of Donovan and Clint Dempsey’s play. It is also gives us a true left footed midfielder, one who can ease the burden of set pieces off Donovan.  Beasley is also easily the most experienced American player who has played in Europe. With a resume that includes  playing in the PSV/Ajax derby, in a Champions League semi-final, the Manchester City/ Manchester United derby, and in 2 World Cups.

With the US getting their most favorable draw ever in a World Cup and desperately needing to get rid of the bad taste of the 2006 World Cup out of everyone ‘s mouth, this summer Bob Bradley has to send an all hands on deck call to all players who can help them progress out of their group. Now this is all contingent on Beasley maintaining his current level of play, if that is done, then not only does Bob Bradley have an extra tactical option, but we all have a greater sense of hope as we head to South Africa.

3 Responses to Tactically, the US Need DaMarcus Beasley

  1. Berlin says:

    Bring him on! The issue with Beas has always been on field performance. He’s got the ability. If he keeps his form then by all means.

  2. Seybold says:

    If he keeps playing well, I agree. Beasley on the left gives the USA a much better natural balance. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have at least one winger with enough speed to terrify defenders.

    Either Donovan or Dempsey needs to go in the middle without Davies. My inclination would be to put Dempsey there, since he scores so often in that position. However, if Beasley is on the left, his chemistry with Donovan would be a real strength, and perhaps reason enough to put Donovan in the middle.

    This reminds me of Aston Villa in England starting to play Stewart Downing on the left midfield spot. Even though he’s not as good as Ashley Young (who moved to the right), having a left-footed player there made a clear difference.

    In the absence of Davides, Beasley can do the same, provided he’s the 2002 version, not the 2006 version.

  3. Jed Clampet says:

    Please, never bring Beasley back. The only good outings he has on the international level are when the US is playing a far inferior opponent. Yes, he is fast…indead he has good foot skills, but it ends there. He has scored goals, against teams that can run with him and won’t get physical. In my opinion , he fears and avoids contact and will not fight for the ball. He always pulls up and stays clear if he has a choice. I’d rather see us get a young, new guy, that has heart and toughness. If you look at all of the USA’s international team sports, if we are good, it is because that team has toughness, is not intimidated, and has heart. Brazil, Italy, England,…etc… all have there own style, each team then picks players that will work in there system. We need more guys like Dempsey,Demerit, Howard, Gooch( can’t spell his name) even Bradley…Guys that will scrap and play physical to the last whistle. Look people Americans typically physically mature a little later, just because Adu or Altidore were dominate children, it doesn’t mean they will continue to dominate after they peaked at 15 or 16 years of age. If not for Nike’s influence , were would Adu be??? All I’m saying is Beasley has had ample time, lets find our diamonds in the rough. Lets play futbol with the American drive, heart, and attitude. Not by folding under pressure. Guess who better have a good world cup or I’ll say the same things about him???

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