News from Group C: Algeria and Slovenia



Rangers defender, Madjid Bougherra claims that Algeria can beat England because the North African nation plays with “heart.” (ESPN Soccernet/Dec 14th)

Bougherra has also been named the player of the year in Algeria.

According to the Daily Mail, Zinedene Zidane is set to lend his expertise to Algeria’s World Cup cause.

In this piece, Zidane takes a shot at the United States saying “Behind there will be England, and it can make it against the United States.”

Interpret that anyway you like, but I think Zizzou is saying Algeria needs to survive the game against England and can finish the group beating the United States. Algeria’s lack of big international experience makes the situation difficult, but the United States has not exactly been awe inspiring in the group stage of recent World Cups, either.

It is worth noting that no North African nation has qualified for the second round of the World Cup since 1986 (corrected). Algeria was the close in 1982 to qualifying when they fell victim to an infamous draw between Germany and Austria. It is also worth noting the United States has lost the final group game in the last six World Cups the nation has qualified for. So, something must give in the Algeria-US matchup. (Then again Slovenia could finish second in the group and keep both streaks alive)

Blackpool’s Hameur Bouazza feels that Algeria can shock the world in the Cup of African Nations.

Avram Grant’s quick turnaround of Pompey is jeopardized the Cup of African Nations, particularly the Algerian contingent.

Algeria’s qualification splits loyalties in France.

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As discussed on Monday’s EPL Talk Podcast with Slovenian Journalist Robert Poderos, the Slovene players are still angry at Wayne Rooney.

According to the Telegraph, Fabio Capello is fully aware of Slovenia’s quality and capabilities.

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16 Responses to News from Group C: Algeria and Slovenia

  1. Eric Altshule says:

    I think these posts are terrific and I look forward to seeing them as a weekly feature. I consider myself someone who follows soccer pretty closely, but the truth is that I know almost nothing about Slovenia and even less about Algeria.

  2. Charles says:

    Great posts, please keep them up.

    How many minutes to kickoff ?
    I was posting on another site ( sorry ), and discussion of greatest goals in USMNT history started….go watch US vs Columbia on Youtube….Balboaaaaaaaa.ohhhhhhh so close.

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Charles, Balboa would have gone down in world soccer history if that ball had gone in the net instead of whizzing just past the post. Close indeed!

    The Gaffer

  4. Canada says:

    did you forget about Senegal in 2002??? I think what you ment to say is no African team has ever made it to the finale, but mind you MANY have made it to the 2nd round

    • Senegal is a sub Saharan African country.

      I said no NORTH African country has made it to the second round. Big difference. The North African countries are predominantly Arab and the sub Saharan countries predominantly black.

  5. Seybold says:

    Kudos on these posts, truly excellent.

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  7. BERBER BOY says:

    1986 Morocco [NORTH AFRICA] became the first country in Africa to make it the second round
    1990 Cameroon almost made it to the semi-finals (Remember Roger Milla?)

    So what is this debate that no African countries made it to the second round.
    2010 I see Cote d’Ivoire doing what Ghana did in U20 world cup.

  8. Skander Déchèche says:

    Great post… keep it up..
    But I really don’t agree on saying that North Africa is Arab! yes north african nations are mostly members in the Arab League for very well known reasons just like they are members in the African Union and the Mediterranean Union and so on.. We have strong relations with Arabs but North Africa is not simply Arab, we are Moors, Berbers or Amazigh. Thanks a lot..

    • You are correct, but I was trying to make a simple analogy without being complicated for audiences who don’t get the clear distinction between Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa.

      I do stand corrected on Morocco in 1986. Since 1990 however, North African nations have performed poorly in the group stage of the World Cup.

  9. Charles says:

    When someone pulls out Moors, Berbers and Amazigh on an American soccer blog site, chances are they are the authority for the group 😉

    That is what makes soccer the perfect sport for what makes the US so great.

    They both are GREAT melting pots

    • BERBER BOY says:

      The US is a melting pot. You are absolutely right. Americans are different but find ways to live in harmony. You can take all Americans and paint them all green, they would still look different.
      However, we the Berbers, do not want to melt. We are still struggling for our identity dangerously threatened by the arabo-bathtist-islamist.
      Well, got to come back to soccer.
      We are looking forward to good soccer, fairplay, and may the winner be happy!!!!

  10. Tsukigo says:

    north african soccer is too much different from sub saharaian ,algerian soccer looks more like south american with speed and dribbles.

  11. MBT shoes says:

    However, we the Berbers, do not want to melt. We are still struggling for our identity dangerously threatened by the arabo-bathtist-islamist.
    Well, got to come back to soccer.

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