MLS Combine: Interview with Seth Sinovic

Photo from Creighton University / Eric Francis

Photo from Creighton University / Eric Francis

By: Sean Grybos, Special to Major League Soccer Talk

Creighton’s Seth Sinovic was an MLS combine invitee not once but twice.  The savvy left back with projectable offensive skills trained for the 2009 MLS Combine but was granted an additional year of eligibility just prior to leaving for the event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sinovic returned to the NCAA ranks and co-captained the Blue Jays this past season.  The Creighton defender scored three goals and ended with four assists in 2009.  He concluded his collegiate career with eight goals scored and 15 assists logged.  Sinovic, just days away from joining the professional ranks, kindly discussed several topics via email before the 2010 MLS Combine.

Q. We spoke prior to the 2009 MLS Combine and then you emailed to say you were granted another year of eligibility.  What emotions were you experiencing at that point, especially after preparing for the combine?

Seth Sinovic: I was excited. Although I knew I had a great opportunity last year with the combine, it was impossible to turn down another year playing college soccer.

Q. Are you satisfied with this season, both from a team and an individual performance?

Seth Sinovic: In some aspects I am. It was a fun year. It was an opportunity to play with my teammates again which I wouldn’t trade for anything. From a team view it was a very disappointing season. We had high expectations, high goals, neither of which we lived up to. Individually it was pretty disappointing as well because my individual goals were the same as my team goals.

Q. What have you done to prepare for 2010 MLS Combine?

Seth Sinovic: I’ve been running everyday, and trying to play as much as possible, which is pretty difficult considering the weather we’ve had in the Midwest recently. I’ve also been lifting quite a bit trying to make sure I’m physically stronger as well.

Q. Do you think the extra year of collegiate play will aide you at the combine and with your professional career?

Seth Sinovic: I think it will. There is so much learning that takes place at the college level, and having been converted from a midfielder/forward to a left back in college, it gave me an opportunity to get another year of experience at that position.

Q. How do you feel you did as a co-captain this season?

Seth Sinovic: As far as leading our team to the goals set at the beginning of the year it was disappointing, but when put in a situation to lead my team, I did what I thought was best and that’s all I can ask of myself.

Q. You scored three times this season, which was your most memorable goal scored?

Seth Sinovic: My goal against Cal-Poly in our second game of the year. We were eighty minutes into our second game of the year and still hadn’t scored yet. It was off a corner, it came to me at the top of the box and I hit it and luckily it went in. It was great because it was the first goal of the year, and our first win of the year.

Sean Grybos has interviewed over 200 professional and collegiate athletes.  Most days, you can find him at Soccer City FC.

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