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MLS Superdraft

A good starting point for Superdraft information.

Generation Adidas explained, reported by L.E. Eisenmenger.

Before the expansion draft I was pegging Philadelphia to take defenseman Ike Opara with the first pick in the upcoming SuperDraft. But with their strong back line picks, Jordan Harvey and Shavar Thomas, along with the signing of Danny Califf, I am now leaning towards them taking forward Danny Mwanga. Update: It’s being reported that a deal is in place between the Union and Mwanga.

MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA)

In Defense of MLS Players by the Ginge.

Jason Davis’ overview of the demands.

Back in September, I gave my take on the rosters and financial portion of the.CBA and didn’t address free agency and guaranteed contracts which have been generally reported as the two top issues for the players. Many good writers have extensive posts on these issues, so I’ll just give my ‘from the hip’ viewpoint.
If a player without a guaranteed contract is dropped before July 1, he should be able to sign with any team that wants him without compensation to his former team. If a player is out of contract, he should likewise have the right to sign with any team, his former team retaining no rights whatsoever. Retuning MLS’ers from foreign leagues should also be able to sign with any team. With salary restrictions still in place, this does not change the structure of the league.


The official USL/TOA/NASL solution, for one year at least.

Inside Minnesota Soccer’s articles on the USL/TOA/NASL situation.

Bill Archer’s summary of the USL/NASL solution.

A view of the USL/NASL dispute from the perspective of Portland Timbers community bloggers. The Timbers are scheduled to move up to MLS in 2011.

Financial stability. I think that was the keynote of Sunil Gulati’s address on the ‘formation’ of USSF D-2. The continuous turnover of USL-1 teams lends credence to this opinion. The current solution may be the best thing to have happened, with a possiblity of direct affiliations with MLS clubs a real possibility in the near future.

Good Things that Effect MLS

Development Academy teams are poised to become true feeders to the parent clubs. Now the league needs to loosen up the rules about signing developmental players in the upcoming CBA.

Does MLS Have it Right?

Manchester United is debt ridden by John Leicester of AP.

And now they are looking to raise money to restructure its debt.

Manchester City is reporting huge loss.

Portsmouth is having trouble paying its players. with a great explanation of who owns MLS teams.

Some folks across the pond are wondering the same.

Dumb Things I Expect to Read This Year

  • MLS is ready for promotion/relegation(a holdover from last year).
  • Field Turf is all right for a pro playing surface. If you think the game doesn’t change, you haven’t been watching closely enough.

    Great Pieces About Soccer Coverage

    By J Hutcherson at USSoocer

    By Tom Dunmore at Pitch Invasion.

    Pics from the recent Development Academy Winter Showcase

    Chivas Academy Players

    Chivas Academy Players

    Chivas Academy Coaches and UANL Tigres Scouts

    Chivas Academy Coaches and UANL Tigres Scouts

    Crew Academy Players

    Crew Academy Players

    Crew Academy Players

    Crew Academy Players

    Holland Academy Players

    Holland Youth Players

    Rapids Academy Players

    Rapids Academy Players

    RBNY Academy Players

    RBNY Academy Players

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