Clark to Frankfurt. Dempsey to Avoid the Knife. Other US News.


For most Europeans, the January transfer window is all tease and no touch.  Very few moves of true import happen in January, and that is especially true in a World Cup year, where players would rather see if the tournament can up their stock.  However, for American soccer stars, the January transfer window, which occurs during the MLS off-season, is their best chance to find a new home.  With several moves simmering away or coming to fruition, this is a good chance to recap the current state of play.

Ricardo Clark Signs With Bundesliga Team Eintracht Frankfurt.  For a tough tackling player like Clark, this is a great move.  The Bundesliga probably suits Clark’s talents more than Premier League and it will give him a greater chance to grow as a player.  Interestingly, Clark has been offered and accepted a contract through the end of the season with an option held by Frankfurt to extend it by three years.  For Clark to accept this contract represents a real leap of faith on his part, and he will need to prove to Frankfurt that he is worth keeping.  You gotta like that type of bottle!

Stuart Holden is not Going to Bolton, So He May be Off to Portugal. Stuart Holden’s trial at Bolton was probably doomed the moment the team fired Gary Megson and hired Owen Coyle as their new manager.  Coyle was always unlikely to start chopping heads and hiring new talent in his first week as manager knowing that his main mission is to inspire a demoralized team.  Given that, it came as little surprise that Bolton did not opt to pick up Holden, who is now seriously looking at playing for Sporting Braga in Portugal.  Let’s hope that Holden does find time on the pitch wherever he goes, because the US could need him this summer if Clint Dempsey is not fully fit.  That being said….

Dempsey to avoid Surgery.  Fulham released a statement today saying that, “Early indications are positive in that no operation is required.  At this stage it is thought that the injury will not prevent him playing prior to the end of the season.”  Although another detail or two would be nice (what is the injury, how long is the rehab?!?!?!), this should take a worry line or two away from Bob Bradley’s forehead.  Hopefully we can see Dempsey out on the pitch continuing his terrific run of form sometime soon.

Is Carlos Bocanegra on the Move?  It seems the rumors are swirling that Bocanegra is moving from Rennes to Saint Etienne.  After having a successful season last year, Bocanegra has found himself on the bench for most of this season under new coach Frederic Antonetti, and a loan to League 1 strugglers Saint Etienne will both help him be ready for South Africa and give him a chance to prove his value in a possible summer transfer.

Has Hull Given up on Jozy Altidore?  Maybe.  By signing Zaki from Egypt and signaling that they may also be making a move for his compatriot Mido, Hull seems to be moving away from Altidore as the solution to their lack of goals.  The signing of Zaki, one of the great head-cases in the sporting world, indicates how desperate Hull coach Phil Brown is to find some goals from any source.  Altidore has talent, and his size and speed are rare weapons, but he is very far from a finished product at this point.  It looks like Jozy will have to either commit himself to developing more on the training pitch or with a different team before he can really get some quality minutes in a major league.

8 Responses to Clark to Frankfurt. Dempsey to Avoid the Knife. Other US News.

  1. Steve says:

    Finally a bit of good news about Clint. Hopefully there will be a full statement tomorrow.

  2. nick says:

    Good news about Dempsey. Jozy has potential and needs to stick with it. GO USA

  3. Julio says:

    Good news on Dempsey

  4. gmonsoon43 says:

    Good news about Dempsey.

    Holden to Braga seems like an unfounded rumor. No source has said anything other than the Mirror and apparently Braga have used their league allotted maximum for January moves.

    The short term contract for Clark is a bold move. It could be very useful though if he doesn’t get playing time. He would be on a free in the summer and could try a different league like the Danish one, or even another Bundesliga team.

  5. Rex says:

    MLS needs to work out a loan deal for Jozy. Jozy will get some scoring confidence and MLS can piggy back off the world cup. Win win for everyone.

  6. Joey Clams says:

    Edu is better than Clark and has a superior temperment. I like Rico but he’s a card waiting to happen in a WC. In a jam – think extra time after all subs have been used, etc. – Mo can play a little center half.

    I’m still not convinced that Jozy should be going to SA.

  7. seamus says:

    Your take on Holden to Bolton is misguided. The only reason he was even on trial at Bolton was because Owen Coyle wanted him, and he was supposed to be on trial at Burnley at the time that Coyle left for Bolton. So Megson being fired had no bearing on the situation at all.

    Coyle thought Holden would be a nice addition to a thin Burnley squad with limited resources. After Holden’s trial, Coyle said that he liked Holden but needed to evaluate whether he was “better than what we already have”.

    Also, as previously mentioned, the Braga gossip is utterly unfounded and in fact Braga cannot make anymore transfers this window.

    A little more research and a little less baseless speculation is needed before you post obvious misinformation. And people always criticize UK rags!

  8. Charles says:

    I think it is a little early for saying it is great news…but better anyways.

    Is Landon taking a nap ? Where is the coverage ?
    I thought of something earlier, if the CBA doesn’t get signed and Landon is a free agent, Everton would be crazy not to sign him right then if they have long term plans for him.

    US soccer fans just need to get Holden signed to Houston, the CBA signed and enjoy the great season.

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