Landon Donovan Puts One in the Net as Everton Cruises

Landon Donovan gets to put a check mark next to “Score a Goal” on his loan to-do list as he neatly put one in the net and almost had a second in Everton’s comfortable 2-0 win over Sunderland.

After Tim Cahill put Everton up 1-0 in the 7th minute, Donovan doubled the lead with a slick move in the 19th minute.  Cahill flicked the ball to Donovan at the top of the box who chested it down to his left to give himself the space to slot it past Craig Gordon.  The crowd started chanting USA-USA-USA as Donovan celebrated his first goal in Toffee blue.

In the second half, Donovan came within a hair of getting another.  After  rounding Gordon, Landon Donovan’s goalbound shot was cleared off the line by George McCartney.  When Donovan was subbed out in the 75th minute, the crowd at Goodison applauded his effort.  After the game, Everton coach David Moyes had this to day about Donovan:

“The games he’s started have been Arsenal and Man City, who are two of the better teams in the country really, and I thought he played really well in those games.  He’s got a great goal-scoring record in America if you look at it. He’s got a great record for his national team. He hadn’t really had chances in those games, but tonight he got the first one and was a bit unlucky not to get a second one. So if he can add us a goal or two that would be great.”

All in all, a great day at the office for Donovan, who seems to be adapting to the Premiership very quickly.

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  1. The Gaffer says:

    Interesting to see Donovan patting the Everton team crest after scoring the goal. Looks like Donovan has taken well to the Toffees and vice versa. Congratulations to him on scoring his first Premier League goal and making a mark.

    The Gaffer

  2. CA says:

    A skillful goal. Anyone have a link to the clip of his *almost second goal?

  3. zhe fulano says:

    Brings a great sense of pride to see Landon Donovan capably represent US soccer, assist, score and continue to show folks that is perfectly up to EPL level.

  4. Justin says:

    well taken – it’s becoming obvious that he belongs in the EPL

  5. ddtigers says:

    Great job LD, he is really enjoying his football. Great for him and the NT, I hope MLS will not stand in his way for a pernmenant move.

  6. ddtigers says:

    And who said he couldn’t hack it in the prem? He is just like any other player you need the right situation to really show your stuff. In Germany for him at that time it just didn’t work out. The great Sócrates said he couldn’t settle in Italy and came running back to Brazil. Some moves just don’t work no matter who you are or your skill level.

  7. christian madarro says:

    So know Donavan is a good player right? Give me a break ,everyone who has seen him play knows that hes a great player and perhaps the greatest American of all time. I didnt need him to go to the Premier League to prove that…Know come back to MLS when your lone is done and continue to make MLS grow. Funny part is that people disrespect MLS b/c of its level of play but it seems that European clubs are feasting on MLS talent. How bad can the league be? Support MLS and stop being Eurosnobs!!

    • Charles says:

      I hate the ” I hope Landon stays in Europe ” comments, because you know most of them are killing soccer in the US by not supporting it.
      Maybe there are some that don’t live in MLS cities, but many would rather think themselves superior because they follow the good European soccer that is above the US comprehension.

      Holden is free to develop now that he is in Europe. Thank God, one more second in MLS might have killed him as a player.

      News flash sending out players to Europe and getting beat internationally has been going on for 16 years now, how many more years we going to give it before we start to support out own league….we can’t do much worse.

  8. christian madarro says:

    Sorry i used know instead of now…i know how people jump all over grammer on these things…typos people typos

  9. Brandon says:

    Christian, thanks for correcting your grammar (not grammer) mistakes. We all make them. I hope Donovan (not Donavan) stays in England after his loan (not lone) is over.
    Which is worse: Eurosnobs or Grammarsnobs?

  10. Tom says:

    Uh. Guys. The MLS is in offseason. I do support my MLS club. I’d rather see the Galaxy play in Colorado with Donovon than without, but I think it is better for Donovon, and, thus, the national team, if he stayed.

    • Charles says:

      Fair enough, go Rapids, no one accused you personally.

      But you do admit MLS is really not where it should be, held back because of “the league isn’t in the top 50” crowd and “unwatchable” crowd ?

      Soccer is drawing 15k per game the same as in 1994 when it started, but soccers popularity in my opinion is WAY higher.

  11. Tyson says:

    Mls is progressing nicely. Nothing of any worth happens over night. Bravo Donovan and come back to the mls where you are needed most. I think its great for American footballers to get international experience but they should come share what they have learned and help mls on its wonderful climb to becoming a great league!

  12. eplnfl says:

    All I can is what a joy to see it from so many different perspectives. All American soccer fans should take pride.

    Let him stay to the end of the EPL season in my opinion.

  13. christian madarro says:

    Brandon its hard for me to notice my “grammar” mistakes when im trying to do my job at the same time. Work the graveyard shift and my job is the only access i have to a computer. So i have to be clever and sneak a couple of thoughts down without getting caught….u dig?….ur attention to detail is very impressive to say the least…keep up the good work!!

  14. christian madarro says:

    Im sure i would be more alert if i posted a comment at 1230pm compared to 430 am which is when i usually leave comments.

  15. Dussarong says:

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