MLS Talk Podcast: Joel Maxcy, on MLS Labor Issues


In the second of three podcasts Major League Soccer Talk will be devoting to collective bargaining and labor negotiations, I was joined by Joel Maxcy.

Joel is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia where he also serves as the Sports Management Program’s coordinator. He has a Ph.D. in economics from Washington State University, and his research interests include labor economics, sports law, and antitrust.

We start this podcast by picking-up on the American Needle case but eventually transition into talk of single-entity and its effects on incentives to compete.

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4 Responses to MLS Talk Podcast: Joel Maxcy, on MLS Labor Issues

  1. David Fishwick says:

    If you don’t put these up on the archive page, I’ll never listen. Too long and boring to explain.

    • Richard Farley says:

      Hello David: We are working on it. We are having issues surrounding the transition from Kartik to myself. We will have it resolved soon.

  2. David Fishwick says:

    Got ’em…hope you don’t mind but I’ll post it here:

    • Richard Farley says:

      Don’t mind at all, David. We’re still getting me up-to-speed, but I’m glad you were able to get the content while we work things out.

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