JP Dellacamera Demoted From TV to Radio Coverage of World Cup

In a blow to the growth of US-born commentators in this country, ESPN revealed today the names of the four lead announcers for its TV coverage of the 2010 World Cup. All four of them are British born.

The lead commentators are Martin Tyler (England), Derek Rae (Scotland), Ian Darke (England) and Adrian Healey (England). While Rae and Healey have commentated on games in the United States for years, both retain a very strong British accent as do Tyler and Harke who are veterans of the game in their homeland.

In all, ESPN will employ four teams to cover all 64 tournament games live from South Africa between June 11 and July 11, 2010.

ESPN also announced today that JP Dellacamera and Tommy Smyth will be handling the radio commentary of the World Cup for ESPN Radio, which means that the number one commentator for US games during the last few years – JP Dellacamera – will not be televising the games for television.

Even though Tyler and Darke are two of the best commentators in the world, and Rae and Healey are institutions in the United States, I’m extremely dismayed that ESPN has decided not to name an American among the four lead commentators. JP Dellacamera has put in a lot of hard work over the years to provide professional coverage of games involving the United States team, and I cannot believe he has been overlooked.

Soccer fans are very subjective when it comes to soccer commentators. People will either love them or hate them depending on a whole host of reasons. But even if ESPN didn’t want to put Dellacamera as a lead commentator to commentate on US games, why not choose someone else such as American Phil Schoen who has a considerable amount of experience?

I think it’s ridiculous that the lead TV commentator for games involving the United States will not be American. Yes, I’m sure ESPN will balance that by having a co-commentator who is American, but it’s not enough. In this particular instance, ESPN is trying too hard to deliver a world-class production. It needs to balance this with a US commentator that Americans can relate to.

This is a poor decision by ESPN.

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65 Responses to JP Dellacamera Demoted From TV to Radio Coverage of World Cup

  1. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    It’s very disgusting to know that J.P. Dellacamera won’t be on TV for these matches including the USA games on TV. He busts his rear end to be a top notch commentator for the game and they still won’t give him the title as lead announcer.

    I also blame ESPN for listening to Euro Snobs. I don’t have a problem with Rae or Healey doing the games either. They give our league and our players the time and respect. But if we can’t grow the game with American players & American announcers, it makes no sense to even bother with it. I just don’t understand what it will take to have J.P. become the lead announcer for the best football tournament in the world here in the states.

    Travisty in my eyes.

  2. RW says:

    U took the words right out my mouth! PHIL SCHOEN. I’m not a fan of JP by any stretch but Phil would do a great job!

  3. Jason says:

    I applaud ESPN for having Tyler, Darke, Rae, and Healy calling the World Cup games. I want to watch the game in the best possible picture and with the best possible announcers and commentators. After the absolute disaster of O’Brien in 2006 (which didn’t promote US soccer in any way), ESPN went out and got the best English language soccer announcer in Martin Tyler. I don’t care if ESPN has announcers with an English, Irish, NY, Southern, or Canadian accents, as long as they are the best.

    • kevin_amold says:

      I completely agree Jason. And Dellacamera and Harkes are simply GREAT together. They have been announcing together for at least a few years, I like their chemistry. I like their knowledge of the American team.

      Announcers can’t know a lot about every team, but you should take advantage of when you can. I will still love Martin Tyler in every other game that I watch (and I will watch as many as possible), but I really wanted Dellacamera and Harkes in on American games.

      This is the first misstep by ESPN in their coverage, in my opinion.

    • kevin_amold says:

      I guess my point is that JP and Harkes are the best for the USA games.

  4. Robert says:

    here we go…. ESPN Marking Out to Europe

  5. Daniel says:

    Thank God for this. I would be all for an American if there was one good enough, but simply there is not. JP is made for radio because he spells out every single second of the match, and its annoying. America is, if nothing else, a meritocracy, and we shouldn’t be concerned with what kind of accent our commentators have as long as they are good. Plus this country is full of Americans of all different accents – what does American accent mean, anyway? Plus, Do we care what nationality a player for our supported club is? Of course not. Pining away for “American” or American style commentators strikes me as the kind of protectionism and xenophobia of last century and has no place in today’s global society.

    • kevin_amold says:

      Xenophobia? Has no place in society? Please. Dial down the rhetoric a little bit.

      Would England tolerate an American commentator for England matches? I sincerely doubt it, and I am perfectly okay with that.

      • Charles says:

        There is no way England would have an American announcer.
        Thanks ESPN for telling us Americans don’t understand soccer.
        Just what you want to tell a fan base that barely watches your telecasts.

        Ps. the Sounders did the same thing. The took a local hero, with dubious knowledge of soccer, but one of the best announcers in the history of sports. Youngest in the NBA, highly sought after, has his voice on a video game, and replaced him.

        Any guess what his accent was ? I will give you one guess and if you get it wrong, you are a moron.

        • SSReporters says:

          Kevin Calabro was terrible. You don’t just hire someone because they are an icon despite having little knowledge of the sport. That’s two steps short of retarded.

          This goal kick/corner kick confusion thing with him drove me up the wall. The Galaxy have a team and they didn’t just go and hire Vin Scully.

          • SSReporters says:

            To clarify, he’s fantastic on basketball and football but he was like a step above O’Brien in his knowledge of the players and the rules…

          • Seybold says:

            Calabro was a good announcer for the Sounders to have. He’d done an excellent job for the Seattle Sonics before they went to OK, and likely helped bring in not-soccer fans–it was good local continuity.

            As an soccer announcer, however, he just wasn’t very good. Not only that, his priority was to work NBA games, so it’s not as if he called every game last year anyway.

        • jake says:

          No, actually the Sounders wanted to keep Calabro but they wanted someone to commit to the Sounders full time. Since Calabro had prior engagements he was not able to give the Sounders 100%. He even admits that he was in a steep learning curve and needed to be better. Arlo White subbed for Calabro last year which is when the Sounders began a business relationship with Arlo. He is a great talent and I am happy he will be calling the games. Although I would not have minded if Seattle would have hired an american that has as much talent and passion for the game.

  6. ELAC says:

    JP should take notes, too. I think ESPN is factoring ratings as well.
    Dellacamera is good, but he ain’t no Martin Tyler.

    ESPN should get James Richardson and Barry Glendenning to do the WC preview also.


  7. Gazza says:

    JP and Calabro (Sounders broadaster) are both terrible. Martin Tyler is the best in the world.
    Finally ESPN is starting to take soccer in the US seriously.
    It’s about time.

    • Phenoum says:

      Agreed! JP is the one commentator who makes me hit the mute button on the rare occasion i watch an MLS game. He’s trash IMO, makes the audience feel stupid by over-explaining everything – and talks his pants off. Just STHU and let me watch the game man! Too much talking from all American commentators – they think it’s an open forum to discuss soccer, but no, it’s a game and unlike american sports with breaks and timeouts every 3 minutes – soccer must be commentated by talking less, not more… Heck – i remember JP referencing his little kids in their U7 leagues – no place for that!

  8. CoconutMonkey says:

    Bring in Shaka! I love that guy!

  9. David says:

    So if Derek Rae announced the game with an American accent, that would be better? This is the dumbest “debate” I’ve seen yet.

    ESPN has done a fabulous job with their EPL and La Liga coverage- great HD feed, excellent camera angles and game audio, and top notch announcers.

    I like the Fox Soccer guys, too bad they have to do their thing in a horrible 1970s studio- I’m half expecting Ron Burgundy to walk in at any minute.

  10. andy says:

    Daniel summed it up for me. “JP is made for radio because he spells out every single second of the match, and its annoying.” All the American announcers I’ve heard on ESPN are like this, in addition to being repetetive, prone to hyperbole, and superficial. I usually prefer to turn off the volume and listen to music. The only argument here seems to be a blind patriotic one.

  11. David the Yank says:

    Sorry, Gaffer. Completely disagree on this one. Americans who don’t watch soccer regularly are in for an extraordinary treat. I routinely have watched World Cup games in Spanish the last couple of decades, first because I had to (save for Charlie Jones calling the final for NBC!) and later because *all* of the American announcers make games into absolute snoozefests. JP simply does not understand the game the way Martin Tyler does. Tyler has played it at a high level, coached it, managed, and called many of the biggest games over the last few decades. Like Vin Scully in baseball, he knows how to simplify. Some of his best calls are simply “LamPAAAARD!” and then the crowd roars. In a boring game, he has done his homework and brings out interesting things to say, all while making the game the focus, not “what do the americans need to do right now to get back in the game?” or ridiculous bush-league questions JP asks Harkes. JP constantly says things like “into the box” when a ball is floated into the penalty area. I can see that, JP. You won’t hear Tyler or Rae make statements like (these are all from last night’s game in Amsterdam) “passes the ball out to the right to Beasley, back into the middle for Donovan”, “Sneijder, he’s the #10 jersey for the Netherlands [54 minutes into the match]” etc. So boring. So dumbed down.

    There will now be a level of tension and importance the likes of which Americans have not seen at this great tournament. The best news of the World Cup so far!

    This is FINALLY a world class lineup and tremendous credit to ESPN for giving us the best they could find!

    • Kevin_Amold says:

      Hey, DAvid. I am totally with you on Tyler. He truly is a treat. But I like what Harkes and Dellacamera do. They FOLLOW these guys that we call up, some of them just kids. They might not have quite as much on-air talent as Tyler, or whoever else, but I love how they do their business during American games.

      Kind of a metaphor for how our national team functions, isn’t it?

    • sucka99 says:

      Best Reply. JP overtalks and oversells his call. He is not a pleasure to listen to. I’m highly skeptical about ESPN’s end game in bringing in Tyler and Darke and dropping JP, but I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here.

      Besides – do we complain when Irish, Scottish, or Australian accents sully our tennis or golf broadcasts? No – and when we have a world class announcer like Chris Fowler doing the pxp (who JP is not) then this will be a “travesty” but right now it’s a positive!

    • Bill B says:

      You really nailed it “INTO THE BOX”. You knocked it “OVER THE LINE”. You put it “oveR THE gOOOAL”. Every one of my brothers and friends suffer through 90 minutes of the worst commentary every time the USA plays and we have been begging for ESPN to make this move. I thank the soccer gods and will do so again for every one of the 65 matches from South Africa. No JP! NO JP! NO JP!
      HIp Hip Hooray!

  12. Still can’t agree, and you’re not really making an argument for US commentators; you’re just saying “it’s ridiculous” that there won’t be any. Why? The best available person for the job should always be used. Who is “best” is subjective, but you’re not even making the argument that JP is better than Tyler/Darke/etc, or even that you personally prefer him to any of those mentioned. My interpretation is that you’re saying JP should get the job because he’s done it for a long time, and that’s a weak argument.

    In the interest of full disclosure, Martin Tyler is my favorite commentator, but, while I don’t care for JP’s commentary style, I have nothing against him. If he’d worked hard and was generally accepted as the best, or just high quality, or even just high profile, fine. He is none of those, and he shouldn’t be included in the commentary team for perhaps the most important World Cup in US television history (with regard to the recebt and upcoming shifts in TV rights) just because “he’s American” or “he’s done it for so long.” Quality is quality, and it trumps any other factor.

  13. HeyBub1 says:

    I think JP Dellacamera is a nice guy but he can’t hold a candle to ANY of the British announcers.
    Harkes is there b/c he’s a good looking guy but adds NOTHING to a telecast. Lalas is there b/c he used to have funky hair.
    They should keep those two in the studio w/ Bob Ley for pre-game, halftime and post-game analyis so I can ignore them.
    For the “color” commentators they already have Robbie Mustoe, Shaka Islop and Efan Okoku on the payroll. . . . now if they get Gary O’Reilly I’d REALLY be excited!

  14. pepe says:

    Not sorry JP is gone. I just want to know if these guys can say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLl!

  15. sergio lima says:

    It was not surprise to me. That is the way American media treats the game. They still believe this is a British sport. And they sure think the Brits are on another level. But, let me ask. When was the last time the English national team, that one where they can’t play any foreigner won anything? They are just not good enough. And they never been. They are not even respected worldwide. Nobody takes their team serious. ASK AROUND, DON’T BELIEVE IN ME. I have been in eight world cups and everybody always like the Brits but never thought, even for a second that they could win. The only thing they can do is put the ball in the box and pray for somebody to score. Year after year that is their game and the Americans, for some inexplicable reason, love that. Everywhere you go inside the country you find a English man coaching soccer, most of the time doing a bad job, but, he is from England, he must know what he is doing… Americans need to create their own identity. Let’s bring coaches from Africa, from Holland, from South America. let’s learn the different coaching systems and then find ourselves what is our way to teach, coach and play. And if the TV is American, let’s please get Americans commentators. I don’t care if they are good or not, let’s take the accent out of the soccer. If you are going to call soccer, you can’t be from England, there the name is football. Here we play American soccer, not British. The sport here is lacking its own personality. Let’s be Americans, let’s be arrogant a little. That’s nothing wrong with that. RED, WHITE and BLUE. JP should be our man or somebody else from USA.

    • Gazza says:

      What does the performance of the English National Team have to do with the quality of Martin Tyler’s work?

      And when JP is good enough he’ll get better matches – right now he is crap.

      • Rich says:

        What does the performance of the English National Team have to do with the quality of Martin Tyler’s work?
        EVERYTHING! He really SUCKS just like the England!
        England is really Dead LAST on the Planet! It Is!
        Only the English think otherwise. LOL!!!

    • David says:

      Sergio: I agree with much of what you say; I think our national team would greatly benefit from a coach with an Italian or German background. However, I’m not sure what this has to do with game announcers? I think it’s pretty obvious that the reason why ESPN has hired British announcers is that they are the top English speaking announcers available for hire.

    • Phenoum says:

      blind patriotism is blind. JP has no place calling world cup matches

    • Rich says:

      I AGREE a 1000%.
      There is some hope!

  16. Joey Clams says:

    I think that Schoen and JP have great voices. They’re both seem like good guys. But they talk too much and belabor the obvious.

    I agree that it’s unfortunate. But I can accept that ESPN feels that JP doesn’t measure up for the World Cup.

    And if you can nail down Martin Tyler, why wouldn’t you go with him? I like Healey because he’s understated. Rae is a bit dramatic and wordy for me. Darke worked for ESPN during WC 94. It’s not a bad team. In fact, it’s a good team.

  17. Randy Capps says:

    Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way, but I think Dellacamera anchoring the radio coverage is a good thing.

    He’ll get to call U.S. matches to the nationwide audience of ESPN Radio, while giving TV viewers the chance to listen to Martin Tyler, who is the best in the world by some margin. It’s not like he’s going to be sitting at home watching the matches.

    OK, so he got passed over for the TV gig. Broadcasting the games on ESPN’s vast radio empire isn’t a bad consolation prize.

    I don’t care about the accent. I just want folks that know the game. I think Dellacamera is a quality announcer, he just isn’t as good as the other guys ESPN has brought in. I don’t think it’s Euro-snobbery or anti-Americanism.

    It’s Darwinism, plain and simple.

    Now, if we can get a press release announcing that Harkes isn’t going to be on TV for the World Cup, then I’ll be excited.

    • Rich says:

      Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way?
      Thank you I agree, you are looking at this the very wrong way.
      I am glad we agree for once.

  18. ruffneckc says:

    US commentators are a joke! Talking about the pitch like “real estate” and calling penalties “PKs” and just other silly terms. OK, that may be a tad overboard BUT they have no insight into the players or leagues that they play in and generally are very poor in their analysis of the action. Anyone can to play by plays and even that they do poorly.

    I remember one American commentator at the 2006 WC spouting something about Ronaldo for Brazil; about how fat he was and lazy and perhaps needed some cake, or something like that.

    Well done EPSN get rid of the lot!

  19. Brian says:

    The simple fact of the matter is that Dellacamera is crap compared to all of the English names above.

    People are going to be watching the games because they want to hear what is going on, not listen to Dellacamera and Harkes drool over Landon Donovan or talk about “soccer” every five seconds.

    Tyler, you can bet on it, will be doing USA v. England. He is the premier voice in a global sport, and you will thoroughly be able to enjoy the match because he won’t be blabbering on endlessly all match.

    • kevin_amold says:

      That may all be true. But I don’t want USA’s ESPN coverage of the game to be dominated by stories about Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Rooney, John Terry, Heskey, Lennon, SWP, Crouch, Barry, Rio, Glen Johnson, Michael Owen (as he sits at home), etc, etc. You get the point.

      I trust that Tyler will be professional, but I like American Coverage of American games to focus more on the American side. As you can see, I know plenty about the English team already, most of it gleaned from ESPN’s coverage.

      And enough already with the “soccer” jabs. It’s a tired argument.

      • David the Yank says:

        Don’t worry; Tyler is incredibly professional. *IF* England advance to the quarters/semis, *THEN* you should and will get tons of stories about the above. I am sure ESPN’s coverage will have ‘stories’ at the half and especially in their pre-game build-up, but Tyler will make sure that the 90 minutes on June 12 will be about THE GAME!!!

  20. Tom says:

    I bet Dellacamara will be good on radio because on that format you can’t have dead air. For TV, he is too wordy, and he never shuts up. I agree their should be some American accents though. Are these commentators only for the US, or does ESPN own the English broadcast rights in other countries?

  21. Rex says:

    I dont care what accent they have, I want commentators that actually know about the players and the teams. Specifically the americans and mexicans.

    IMHO Glenn Davis is the best American color man. He knows more about the North American soccer than anyone out there.

  22. Rex says:

    Harkes is bad. He adds nothing. All he says is, “He’s done well there..” “He’s got to be better..” “Well played…”

  23. Joey Clams says:

    Could you imagine if ESPN went with Christopher “Two hits of Purple Pyramid” Sullivan?

    That would have set the game back a half century.

  24. kw says:

    The quote that sums up this entire article for me…

    “In this particular instance, ESPN is trying too hard to deliver a world-class production.”

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    • The Gaffer says:

      KW, ridiculous in what way?

      The Gaffer

      • Bill B says:

        Ridiculous in that you make delivering a world class production sound bad. It is good and getting rid of the weak JP and adding top notch commentators makes it world class (finally) which is a GOOD THING.

  25. Brian says:

    @ Kevin:

    “I trust that Tyler will be professional, but I like American Coverage of American games to focus more on the American side. As you can see, I know plenty about the English team already, most of it gleaned from ESPN’s coverage.”

    -Guess what? ABC/ESPN isn’t just broadcasting this for the United States – it’s for the ENTIRE WORLD! Putting international commentators on isn’t going to cause international storylines to rise at the expense of our own. In fact, having Dellacamera and Harkes on would only cause MORE useless blabber to go on during the match, since they never know when to shut up, unlike the four Brits we will have calling matches. THEY know how to let a match flow, they know that the stories derive from the play itself, not how often you can namedrop a player.

    “And enough already with the “soccer” jabs. It’s a tired argument. ”

    It’s a relevant arguent when you have two idiots in the booth who don’t realize that quiet doesn’t always need to be filled by the sound of their voice.

  26. H_M says:

    No offense, but Martin Tyler is a bore and I have observed on Champions League he knows very little about the teams playing against English teams.

    Darke? He did previous World Cups for ESPN in the US, so his addition is no surprise. He just never called the US games. I assume the US games will be called by Healy or Rae.

    If they must go English, where is John Championship? He knows more about the world game, but the best is still Motty. Now that is a true professional that would unite Americans fans because of his wit and hard edged opinions. Richard Keyes is also very good. I prefer him to Tyler. Put Ray Stubbs in the studio. He will be much better than Bob Ley or Mike Tirico.

    I think ESPN did the right thing going all British for the broadcasts but have picked the wrong ones.

  27. Brian says:

    The problem is that Glenn Davis is the only American play-by-play announcer who is pretty good. JP is tolerable. And nearly all the rest of them are bad. We’ve spent the last two World Cups whining about how terrible the main play-by-play guy was and they were both American. But now we “need” another bad American to call the Cup again?

  28. T W says:

    Wow what a joke,

    Dellacamera and Harkes are garbage, they dont know anything about the opposing team, or our own team for that matter, they were an embarrassment at the Confederations Cup.

    ESPN did what the Majority of soccer fans in this country wanted, Euro Snobs or not, I want to listen to guys that know what they are talking about not Americans just to have Americans there. It shouldnt matter regardless.

    Martin Tyler calls games for Aussie tv and I dont hear people complaining down under that he is British. Get over it Gaffer

    • Rich says:

      Dear Moron or should I say real DUM-ASS:
      First if you don’t like anything American, then back you go to your moldy old England or down under or where ever.
      As for Martin Tyler calls games for Aussie tv and I dont hear people complaining down under that he is British. Dah that has to the nost stupid comment ever? Being that the Aussie and the British are the same Racist thugs, but you must also be a dumass Aussie else how would know that Martin Tyler also craps for Aussies. No one Cares!

  29. ezark says:

    The blogs and message boards across the country are littered with anguish that the US had horrible commentators. I used to turn the TV down or watch the broadcast in español when JP would announce. He’ll be perfect for radio since he chooses to describe what everyone can plainly see. I’ll be happy with anyone who knows the game and has the skills to enhance my viewing experience.

  30. Gordon says:

    JP Dellacamera is the worst PBP guy I have ever heard. I agree a US based commentator should have been included, perhaps a s a color comentator?

    • Phenoum says:

      actually JP loves the sound of his voice and over-talks all the time – which is why he’ll be good for radio with his constant blabber. Glad to not have to mute any games this WC.

  31. Rich says:

    Yet again, in the USA . in a USA Game, we all had to put up with very crude British accent and all their Propaganda and non-stop brainwashing, even thou the brits had nothing at all do with anything in this game, we are forced to hear the following crap in everygame: Liverpool, Stoke, Liverpool, Chelsea, United, blag blag blag, how arrogant of the British morons to keep trying to brainwash the whole US soccer fans with crap., Its all very sick!

    We must Boycott ESPN like they are Boycotting American commentators!
    What a SHAME that the very biased and Crude British/Australian 100% run FUX Network, The FUX Soccer Channel, and all Soccer on ESPN (English Soccer Propaganda Network).

    ESPN has laid-off all their American commentator for the World Cup in June 2010 in South Africa and REPLACED them ALL with the very Crude SCABS from the UK.
    I guess we will have to watch all the games on univision.
    (Its high Time to BOYCOTT ESPN).

    Think about it, USA will be playing in the World Cup and all the media JOB Opportunities have been given to the dead last in football, the British.

    With all the Daily British Brainwashing Crap (BBC) and all their daily British Propaganda on SKY, FUX Soccer, Yahoo and ESPN: SO just how long ago did England win anything, well over 44 years ago in 1966, but even in 1966, it was a very disputed world cup, lots of cheating with refs for England and even in the Final, England got a goal which NEVER cross the goal line.

    Here is the list of Championships ENGLAND has NEVER EVER, let me repeat,

    European Nations Championships.
    FIFA Confederations Cup.
    FIFA U-20 World Cup,
    FIFA U-19 World Cup,
    FIFA U-17 World Cup,
    Olympics Football,
    FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.
    Futsal World Cup.

    I could go on, but you get the point.
    WOW all the daily propaganda and nothing to show for it for over 44 years.

    PS: Again the only time England has ever played the USA in the world Cup. USA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just so no one forgets, In the World Cup, USA has a 100% winning record against England. YES 100%.
    Can’t get better then that. And even if England get lucky against the US, the record will still be 1-1. LOL!
    I rest my Case.

  32. Jack Kaye says:

    I like Dellacamera. A bit dissappointed he will not be doing the video portion of the broadcast. I thought he added alot to the 2006 edition and I partially credit him with capturing my interest in the game four years later in 2010. As an American I don’t profess to have an expert opinion on these matters, but the fact still remains that the 2006 World Cup broadcast piqued my interest in the sport and JP Dellacamera was an integral part of the presentation.

  33. MikeK says:

    Thanks for this post; I’ve been wondering how a talent and a pro like Dellacamera could be relegated (!) to the radio. I find that his work with the Thrashers is so good, it doesn’t matter that the Thrashers are so horrible. Similarly, his understanding and calling of soccer matches are outstanding.

  34. Schadenfreudian says:

    As for someone who’s been covering soccer for as long as he has…and still knows precious little about the game, the tactics, and player reactions…ESPN made the right decision. He’s a lightweight who thinks that covering a game like covering a radio ad is enough to carry him. Sorry…it’s very competitive for soccer announcers, and if you don’t really love the game enough to become an authority in the game, you belong relegated to the 3rd division of announcers. Worse is Rob Stone, designated announcer-asskisser of D.C. Disunited.

  35. Chris says:

    In a selfish way, I’m glad that Mr. Dellacamera is calling the radio broadcasts of the US matches alongside Tommy Smyth. They have really made the last two US matches extremely enjoyable to the point that I don’t feel so bad having to drive into work during the 2nd halves of the early matches. Now when I have the option, I try and listen to their broadcasts while watching the televised version because they make the games so enjoyable. Thank you Mr. Dellacamera and Mr. Smyth, you are both professionals of the highest caliber and I feel very lucky to have you on the radio.

  36. Rob says:

    JP is horrible, and if you heard his ridiculous screeching after Donovan’s goal, I don’t know how you could disagree.

    Newsflash, JP: this isn’t about YOU and your vocal chords. Shrieking at the top of your lungs ads nothing and I think god he’s not doing the TV broadcasts.

    Ian Darke’s call was excited yet understated, allowing the images to speak for themselves. American broadcasters could learn a lesson about shutting the hell up once in a while, nobody is tuning in to hear your stupid voice.

    That includes Harkes and his inane commentary. Everything is says sounds like a question, as if he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

  37. Tony says:

    JP kills me every time that there’s a play coming into the box on either side on ESPN radio.
    He gets way to excited during the play and makes all of us at my job listening think that someone made a goal by raising his voice right before the the attempt is made and wait until seconds later to calm down and let us know that it wasn’t a goal. Severely annoying.
    He should just let Tommy Smyth have the mic during the exciting parts of the game.

  38. Tony says:

    JP gets way to excited during the plays near the goal and makes all of us at my job listening think that someone made a goal by raising his voice right before the the attempt is made and waits until seconds later to calm down and let us know that it wasn’t a goal. Severely annoying!!!
    He should just let Tommy Smyth have the mic during the exciting parts of the game.

  39. Adrian says:

    He is for sure too excited and quite annoying sometimes

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