Donovan Asks Galaxy To Extend Everton Loan

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According to multiple reports, Landon Donovan is asking his MLS employers, the L.A. Galaxy, to extend his loan stay at Everton.

“I have told Galaxy what I want; they know what’s going on and I speak to my manager there often,” Donovan told the Telegraph. “Both clubs know how I feel, which is that I would like to stay, though I can’t end the season here, I’d have to go back April 15 at the latest.

“If that can be worked out, great. If not, then the Galaxy are my team and I’m very grateful for the chance I had here. It would be bittersweet either way.”

Of course, you might have seen Bruce Arena’s comment on the matter:

“We’re not interested,” he said of a possible extension to the loan. “Landon will be back here March 15. We’re being consistent with everything we’ve said all along.”

Now, a work stoppage would change things, but it looks like Donovan’s weekend game with the Toffees could be his last – for a while.

And while I hate that he can’t stay a little longer, if I were Bruce Arena, I’d have the same attitude.

On with the show

While the league and players union meet in Washington D.C. to hammer out their respective collective bargaining issues, there is a meaningful game tonight.

The Columbus crew hosts Toluca in a CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal tonight at 8 p.m. (FSC).

A quick check of the posted odds tells us that Toluca are favored, and when you consider that the Mexican side is in-season, it’s not tough to see why.

In addition, the Crew will be without Frankie Hedjuk and Guillermo Barros Schelotto through suspension and Chad Marshall is out of action with a hamstring injury.

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19 Responses to Donovan Asks Galaxy To Extend Everton Loan

  1. man99utd says:

    Would love to see Donovan stay as it is his wish, but as you say its hard to blame Arena for not wanting him to. However, it could end up in a permanent lose come the off season if a big club offers loads of cash. It would be hard for LA to turn down. It would be a huge loss for LA but they would be able to afford someone of equal talent. I love Beckham but right now Donovan is clearly a better player, which is why Everton, et al would like to have his services. Bearing in mind the previous article, I realise MLS can’t sale all its top players. But if other leagues start looking to MLS for talent and are willing to pay it can only be a good thing. More money for development and please MLS chuck the NCAA as a free development programme. Its the young kids in America that love soccer most and if we can pick them up whilst young we can compete on the world stage. Once they age a bit their interest turn to American football, basketball, etc…

  2. Charles says:

    Thank God that is over.

    I hope that the Columbus fans come out today. The attendance, at a place that has such a talented team, has been pathetic. The Mexican teams that win the CCL are very good teams inspite of the lack of press that the US media, even soccer media give them.

  3. man99utd says:


    What would you attribute the lack of attendance for Columbus? Ticket price, etc… The nearest MLS team to me is over a 1000 miles away.

    • Charles says:

      I don’t know, but you know there are soccer fans there.
      They have drawn fans for many soccer events and the ticket prices don’t seem out of line. $25-$45.

      I get the feeling you disagree with me the attendance is pathetic at times ? I think that is oppotunity of a lifetime for a soccer fan to go an watch that game, same with the MLS playoffs last year.

      It isn’t a personal insult to a guy living in Florida. Don’t take it personally. I am reading ahead here and you ARE taking it personally. Trust me I won’t be attending either….a lot further away than you.

      • man99utd says:

        Charles, no disagreement. Columbus should have more fans out for sure. But not having a team close by I haven’t kept with the ticket prices. If we had a local team I would bring the lads for sure. Another question. His is MLS placing teams in markets? Seattle was a brilliant choice, but not sure about other cities. Cheers

  4. H_M says:

    man99utd obviously does not live in the usa if the nearest mls team is a 1,000 miles away. with 16 soon to 18 teams it no more than a few hundred miles to an mls city.

    i agree on the mexican league. good teams and a good league. as for donovan, good riddance. i am tired of all our top players going to england. let some of them stay here and give the eurosnobs fits. these eurosnobs will never accept any american player unless he is in europe. well every american player in europe is less capable than the best players we have in mls.

    • SSReporters says:

      Yes, how dare our American players be good enough to go play in better, elite leagues instead of MLS?

    • man99utd says:

      Is there a MLS team near Florida? If so, I apologise for my mistake, but it would probably still be too far to drive for home games.

      • The Gaffer says:

        Nearest MLS team to Florida is DC United, which is approximately 1,000 miles away from South Florida.

        The Gaffer

      • SSReporters says:

        So move your sorry life closer so you can support MLS! If you don’t support MLS then you hate America!


        • Charles says:

          My final ruling, you don’t need to move.

          But if you don’t support MLS you hate America.

          • SSReporters says:

            Reasonable, logical statement.

            I’m already in Sounders country and root for TFC….d’oh! I am a TFC supporter so I guess I’m a Canuck-snob.

          • Charles says:

            That is pretty funny, someone gave me a thumbs down on that post.

            Maybe ticket prices/money are a factor.
            I, posting on soccer web sites for a job currently, should be the first to understand that. Someone in the next thread posted he has season tickets, but couldn’t afford to go to the extra game.
            Seattle has same unemployment as the rest of the country, but there is still huge Microsoft money left over in many people’s pockets.

  5. scott mck says:


    Seriously? Please look at the make up of our National Team roster, as well as the performance of any MLSers called up for occasional National duty (Gold Cup?), and please rethink your last sentence.

    BTW, I am not a euro-snob. I am realistic, however.

  6. free bet says:

    If he keeps it up maybe a big club will hire him…

  7. MickeyT says:

    Attendance at the Columbus/Toluca match won’t be great but then none of the matches i watched last year that were played In Mexico weren’t well attended either. One would think that In what is considered a footie hot bed like Mexico these matches would be teaming with people. The fact that even the Mexicans don’t flock to CL matches says more about the lack of weight and importance CL carries there. So until soccer in general and CL in particular rises to the level of importance it enjoys in Europe we aren’t going to see big crowds for these competitions here or south of the border.

  8. Tom says:

    I think these games sort of sneek up on people. I have a magnet with the regular season rapids schedule, but the US open cup and (OK this purely hypothetical in the Rapids case) CCL games are harder to keep track of, and not understood as well by the local media.

  9. TA says:

    Why is it than when people start talking attendance in the league the always bring up columbus when there are quite a few more teams in the league that are way worse off than them(dallas,kc,Colorado,San Jose,NE). while attendance at crew games definitly needs to improve I think others neglect to realize that there are only a few teams that do well with attendance.

    What what you guys do to bring Att numbers up in Columbus? I personally feel that they need a new FO.

    • The Gaffer says:

      TA, there’s no conspiracy theory. Columbus played last night which just so happened to be the night I was writing this article. If Kansas City was playing last night and they had a poor attendance, I would have mentioned them instead of the Crew.

      The Gaffer

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