MLS, Players Union Reach Deal On New Collective Bargaining Agreement

It’s game on for Major League Soccer in 2010.

In a teleconference at around 1 p.m., MLS and its players’ union announced the agreement on a new five-year collective bargaining agreement.

Details haven’t really been released yet, but it appears that the players won some concessions in reagrds to guaranteed contracts and player movement, but there still won’t be free agency or a change to the single-entity structure.

Check back soon for more details.

UPDATE (2:08 p.m.)

According to the Associated Press article…

Union head Bob Foose said a majority of players will receive guaranteed contracts for the first time and there will be increased player rights within the league when contracts expire.

“From our perspective, these negotiations were always about players’ rights,” Foose said.

And there’s this…

Management was opposed to free agency within MLS, which has negotiated all contracts on behalf of its teams since play began in 1996. MLS said players always had the option of signing with clubs overseas.

“Players will have greater rights at the expiration of their agreements but they will not be free agents within the league,” Garber said.

Instead, there will be a re-entry draft for players whose contracts end or options are declined.

“We think we have made some real improvements in players’ ability to move,” Foose said

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