Donovan Shines, Brazilians Sputter as Galaxy Beat Revs on Opening Day


There is a world-wide assumption that, when it comes to a ball, Americans can only throw and catch while Brazilians can do the samba with the ball at their feet and never miss a step.  Every time a Brazilian joins a MLS team, the fans greet those players like time-travelers from the future, eager to see what new wonders these visitors have to display.

So when word spread that Bruce Arena had signed three (!!!) Brazilians from legendary club São Paulo (that’s where Kaka started!!!) on loan this year, two of whom had the requisite one-word names (Leonardo and Juninho!!!) many Galaxy fans were all a-flutter in anticipation.  When Eddie Lewis went out injured in the 26th minute of the Galaxy’s opening game against the New England Revolution and was replaced on the wing by Alex Cazumba, he joined a line-up that had Leonardo in the back and Juninho in the midfield.  For the next hour, the Galaxy were sporting all three of their Brazilians on the field.

However, the one player on the pitch who was the most fleet of foot and deft of touch did not learn his football in the slums of Rio.  His apprenticeship came playing for Redlands East Valley High School.  Landon Donovan was far and away the best player on the pitch, and his running with the ball and crossing to players in the box completely unbalanced the Revs.  Those that were worried that his success with Everton would rob him of his fire back in the quieter, more sedate MLS were mistaken.  Perhaps Donovan realized how good he actually is during his stay in Merseyside, and he wanted to put that new knowledge on display for everyone else. 

Before many customers had found their seats, Donovan’s skills generated the first goal.  In the fifth minute, Donovan took a freekick from a spot parallel to the top of the box near the side line and sent in a curling, speedy ball that evaded the defense and aimed right on Edson Buddle’s forehead.  The ball had so much pace that once Buddle directed it towards goal, Rev keeper Preston Burpo could not raise his arm before it bulged the back netting. 

Without the injured Shalrie Joseph to boss the midfield and try to maintain possession for the Revolution, Burpo knew there was more of that to come.  Leonardo headed just over from a Donovan corner.  A Donovan cross to Buddle at the top of the box was perfect and sent just wide by the Galaxy striker.  Another Donovan cross to Mike McGee was sent so high over the bar by McGee that it nearly knocked the Hubble telescope off its orbit.  Omar Gonzalez had his header off a Donovan cross well saved by Burpo.  Finally, in the most comical play of the night, with a few minutes to play, Donovan got possession of the ball just over the midway line and streaked past his defender to move clear on goal.  Running down the other side of the field was Cazumba.  Donovan stopped in the box and crossed the perfect ball for Cazumba to tap into an empty net…..but suddenly Cazumba was nowhere to be found.  He had inexplicably slowed down and by the time Cazumba retrieved the ball, the opportunity was gone.  After his early assist on the Buddle goal, Donovan could have had four or five more, but it turned out that one was enough to secure the victory for the Galaxy.

That play by Cazumba typified the night for all three Brazilians.  Cazumba seemed to mis-timing his runs and passes all night.  Juninho showed some good moments but tangled his feet with the ball in promising positions three or four times and completely missed passing to a streaking Donovan in on goal in the 51st minute.  And, during the only good spell by the Revs in the first 12 minutes for the second half, Leonardo was soundly beaten three times.  Leonardo was turned at the goal line by Zack Schilawski, and mistimed his headers twice to gift Kehli Dube two golden chances which Dube completely flubbed.  The Galaxy were fortunate to survive that barrage and keep their shutout.

You never want to read too much into a player’s performance in just their first game.   The conventional wisdom is that all three players have impressed Arena in training, and it will always take time to adjust to a new league and new teammates.  However, there are stories floating around the Galaxy camp that the Brazilians are a little bit of a team apart in the locker room.   None of them speak english and it has been a struggle for the rest of the team to reach a complete soccer understanding with them.  For the Galaxy, that rapport needs to come soon because the first Superclassico of the year against Chivas USA is this Thursday. 

While Arena may need to spend some time this week getting the Brazilians to look more like, well, players from Brazil, new Chivas coach Martín Vásquez will have a much greater problem – how to keep Donovan from slicing his team open.

6 Responses to Donovan Shines, Brazilians Sputter as Galaxy Beat Revs on Opening Day

  1. Brazilian Fan says:

    Well, don’t expect too much from those guys for at least, 4 or 5 games. Yeah, in theory, we Brazilians have the skills but to be honest we don’t have the speed and tatical dicipline that many Americans and Canadians have.

    I played high school soccer in US and can tell you that for sure.

    I saw Cazumba play for Figueirense (one of the teams here in my city) 2 seasons ago and he looked okay. He still young and has a lot to learn. The fact is that the good brazilian players (and I am not talking players in the caliber of Kaka, Luis Fabiano, etc) look to play in Europe, not in US. There is a bunch of players (for example Marquinhos, who played for my team – Avai – for the past seasons and now is in Santos) who would have a great impact in any MLS team. And not because they are brazilian, but because most of them have the soccer mind that many players dont have. Donovan has it and show it in the field yesterday.


  2. sergio lima says:

    Yeah, Sao Paulo would send you good players. Yeah, good luck with that. NEVER. Whatever is good they are keeping there and they are having issues bringing good quality from their schools lately. But, I watched the Red Bull game and the Sao Paulo game this weekend and only if you watch both games you will understand why the Brazilian players make the game something you want to watch. The quickness of thinking, the unpredictability of the pass, the impossibility of the shot transformed in goal and the connection with the crowd. TOO MANY differences. Do you want to watch Brazilian soccer, get it on Dish network or Directv through the Brazilian channels PSC and Globo. PSC, by the way, is pure 100% Brazilian soccer every day 24h.

  3. Adam says:


    It’s been one game dude. Seriously. All 3 are in their early 20s and just played in their FIRST career MLS game. Its a different game then they played down in Brazil.

    Gonna take a while for them to find form.

    And I do agree with Sergio… its not like we’re gonna get sent the star players.

  4. Lucio says:

    What a smug title.

    Are you seriously bragging that the best US player is better than three no-name Brazilian players?

  5. Charles says:

    Get out and watch Donovan. He plays here and he is one of the best in the world, if you still don’t believe that you are a moron.

  6. G says:

    “Donovan stopped in the box and crossed the perfect ball for Cazumba to tap into an empty net…..but suddenly Cazumba was nowhere to be found. He had inexplicably slowed down and by the time Cazumba retrieved the ball, the opportunity was gone.”

    So my question is why didn’t Donovan not just take that shot? It was only him and the goal keeper and I’m sure with his skills he could have gotten around the goal keeper.

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