Brian Ching to Miss Four to Six Weeks

Houston Dynamo and U.S. national team striker Brian Ching will miss four to six weeks with a hamstring strain, according to reports.

The early end of that prognosis has him back on the field for a few days before national team coach Bob Bradley names a pool for the team’s final World Cup camp in mid-May.

The other end has him still hobbled when Bradley picks the 23 guys to board the plane with him for the trip to South Africa.

I thought he was a good bet to make the squad a few weeks ago, but now I’m not so sure.

Can Bradley afford to take Ching, who was never pacey to begin with, to the World Cup with him not being in top game shape? Of course, Ching’s main attributes as a national team player – intelligence and a willingness and ability to hold and then distribute the ball – are not really linked to his left leg.

With Herculez Gomez setting the world on fire with Puebla in Mexico – eight goals in 10 appearances – it will be tough to justify taking a less-than-100 percent Ching over a player in such a fine vein of form.

So, who’s the right choice here?

Is it Ching, Gomez or door number three?

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6 Responses to Brian Ching to Miss Four to Six Weeks

  1. Charles says:

    I don’t know that I have the answer for who makes it, but it would be pretty hard for Ching to make it.
    But, look at all the US guys scrambling to get back from injuries. Shame. I think it is going to be tough for the US to win with a bunch of guys that have been sitting 2-6 months before getting back to action for 3-4 weeks prior to June.

  2. Bob Bradley says:

    I agree with charles. It’s a shame that we are still even considering guys like Ching when they won’t be playing before the world cup.

  3. Charles says:

    Two comments ? That is all. This is an Ex-Sounder here.

    Let me get it going. I think Charlie Davies total screwed us ( the US fans ). IF you look at the projected line-up right now, he is the biggest question mark. Can he make it back? Outside of Gooch, who most think will be fine, he is the player we need the most.

    And why is he out ? Because he was out late and got in a car with a drunk….

    Dont get me wrong, I feel for him, I have done stuff that stupid too, but he did screw the soccer fans here.

  4. Is the Adu window opening?

  5. Berlin says:

    Ching will be fine. He’s a warrior and Bradley will cap him for the cup.

  6. CleartheBall says:

    We’ve already seen what Ching can do. Let’s give Herculez a shot. Unless everyone comes back from their injuries in form, we’re going to need a wild card to help get us through. I think Herculez gives us a better chance than Ching or door #3. Btw soccerreform, Adu isn’t even close right now. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even be in the 46 if we had 2 full teams.

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