Colorado Bounces Kansas City From U.S. Open Cup

If a MLS team loses in the U.S. Open Cup, and no one is there to see it, did it actually happen?

The answer is yes, which is unfortunate if you happen to support the Kansas City Wizards.

According the the Kansas City Star, only 1,226 people showed up at UMKC to watch the home team fall out of the U.S. Open Cup, 2-1 against Colorado.

Teal Bunbury opened the scoring for the Wizards in the fourth minute, but the Wizards were undone by two goals from Wells Thompson in the 24th and 80th minutes.

Sunil Chhetri, the first player from India in MLS, did make his debut for the Wizards last night. He didn’t take a shot and picked up a yellow card in 45 minutes of action.

Real Salt Lake plays at San Jose in another cup game tonight.

Beasley wants to stay with Rangers

I heard a DaMarcus Beasley-to-New York rumor, but it seems he’s more interested in securing his future in Glasgow.

He told the American Chronicle, “I mean it when I say I love playing for this club. I have got a bond here now and it would be hard for me to leave. This is my third year here and I’ve got a lot of friendships inside the club and also with the fans. It feels like home for me now here in Glasgow.

“That’s a tough thing for me to say being from Fort Wayne, Indiana but it’s honestly how I feel.”

The winger is out of contract at the end of the season.

Davies pushing for early-May return

U.S. international Charlie Davies is hoping to complete a remarkable recovery from a October 2009 car crash.

In that accident, he suffered a lacerated bladder, two broken bones in his right leg, a fractured elbow and numerous facial injuries.

But Davies, who plays for French side Sochaux, is training and could be back early next month. 

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19 Responses to Colorado Bounces Kansas City From U.S. Open Cup

  1. Adam Edg says:

    An early Davies return would be huge. I pray that he is healthy and fit soon. If he manages to be to top form by the WC it will be an absolute miracle.
    I also hope Beasely stays with the Rangers, even though I depsise them. NY would be a major step backward at this point.

  2. ;immy says:

    UMKC stadium has 1000 seats. As you can see we filled the stadium and beyond. What else do you want us to do stand on the pitch?

  3. Tom says:

    When’s the Rapids next open cup game?

  4. Jimmy says:

    UMKC stadium seats 1000 people. As you can see the suporters went beyond selling it out. What do you want us to do, stand on the pitch?

  5. Charles says:

    They still do that with the Sounders last season in USL. They only drew 3,000 fans, now they have 36,000 fans….They were all sell-outs at a small stadium.

  6. LOL says:

    Is Karthik secretly writing these posts?

    More anti-MLS propaganda when “only 1,000” was actually a sell-out of the place. But don’t worry, as MLS gets more popular this site will hopefully be forgotten and you can focus on your true demographics, ignorant American football fans who think the game revolves around England.

  7. bookmakers says:

    Attendance needs to badly improve here, I thought it was getting better…

  8. eplnfl says:

    Does MLS care about the cup, not really from what I can observe. Some of the teams figure they can draw some extra people but on the whole the appear to view it as a distraction. The Sounders last year where an exception. The action they saw the better and any win would be a good win in any game or tournament.

    Despite the MLS lack of concern does anyone know of any tv or online coverage of Cup games?

    Finally, how can DeMarcus Beasely think of any other team but the Fire!

    • Adam Edg says:

      I agree. It makes me think that MLS could give a crap out the CONCACAF Champions League too. After all the USOC winner gets an automatic berth into the CCL. That is one of the reasons why Seattle hit it so hard last year.
      The bad thing is that I have gone to USOC games in KC when the Menace played them in 2005 & 2006. The Wizards showed up determined to win those games. Now I am thinking it was more about not losing to a PDL side than actually caring about the trophy.
      Maybe the MLS Cup should no longer be a meaningless playoff but a match between the Supporters Shield winner and the team that does the best in the USOC…

      • DCUDiplomat96 says:

        the problem with the Open cup its less of a posteseason playoff and more like a europeans style cup game, if the USOC favored a american style of formate that compliments Major league soccer it would do well.

  9. Randy Capps says:

    My statement of the attendance is more of an indication of the lack of importance the league and its teams seem to place on the U.S. Open Cup – choosing to play that game in a 1,000-seat stadium – than on the K.C. supporters.

    There is a strong case to be made that MLS doesn’t value this competition, and the CONCACAF Champions League, as highly as it should.

    And is it really “anti-MLS propaganda” to mention the attendance at a match?

    • szazzy says:

      And is it really “anti-MLS propaganda” to mention the attendance at a match?

      When you don’t mention that the stadium was sold out, and even oversold, it seems a little disingenuous. I stood in the aisle because there wasn’t anywhere else to stand. There is a point to be made about why they don’t schedule these matches in bigger stadiums, but you didn’t make it in your article.

  10. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    LOL: There is no Anti-MLS propaganda on the MLS Talk website. If Randy is reporting what the attendance really was, then that’s what it was. If it’s not the baloney on Anti-Columbus, then it’s baloney on anti-MLS from our writters.

    Let me tell you guys something, do you know how many times I had to travel to either Long Island at Uniondale, near Nassau Coliseum or down to Rutgers for MetroStars US Open Cup Matches in the past.

    The only reason these smaller venues have to be used is paying for the night and it’s cheaper than what they were paying for Giants Stadium, Invesco Field at Mile High, Rose Bowl & other former venues that held MLS sides for their regular season.

    This is why Crew Stadium, Home Depot Center, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Pizza Hut Park & now Red Bull Arena has been built. So these US Open Cup matches will be played at these true venues. KC Wizards are playing in a minor league baseball stadium, which means paying rent.

    No matter how many times I keep saying it, I will say it. When every club has their own stadium these problems will end. But till that happens, expect Open Cup games to be at a venue that’s not the home stadium.

  11. bigvic says:

    I looked for some video stream of this game, but came up empty. I actually heard Chhreti’s interview on a nationanwide podcast earlier in the day, so there were probably alot of other folks looking for a stream. As for these international tournaments, I dont even think mex/americans are showing up for the Superliga anymore. That tanked out pretty fast, and just a step slower in its tanking out then Pan-Pacific cup.
    Every mid-week I pray to god that one of these regular broadcast national TV companies will wake up and put those copa libertadores on TV. Thats all it will take…to get MLS into an international tournament that they would no doubt take seriously. The Mexicans are in it NOT because Argentina and Brazil admire Mexican football. FMF are in it because of the money. I figure the 6mil US residents who watch on Univision’s regular TV broadcast of Club America vs Chivas would translate into an easy 1mil viewers for some of these copa lib games on the same network or on Telemundo (its spanish, but its still regular tv broadcast). Folks, thats alot of viewers and conmebol would quickly realize that there is money to be made from giving two MLS invites. Garber says its a whole new ballgame now with greater expectation of the league; no, entry into copa lib would be the whole new ballgame we’ve been waiting for. We’d get crucified on the field, but eventually we wouldnt and that would make exciting international club play involving MLS.

  12. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Here’s the video from MLS Soccer’s website

  13. eplnfl says:

    If you want the radio broadcast of the RSL v. SJ game it’s on the RSL website.

  14. city says:

    i have visited to this site and found to get the latest news about the cities.

  15. James says:

    Eh, someone made the same comment about San Jose’s opening day. 10,300 being so low. Well, that’s our stadium’s capacity.

    Honestly, the writing on this site really focuses on a couple teams. That’s fine, but you put people off when you make statements like this about the other ones. If you mean, when you say “only 1,226 people showed up,” to question the MLS’s holding the game in a small stadium you did a very, very poor job of expressing that sentiment.

    • eplnfl says:


      I like to see more information on my Chicago Fire. So what I try to do is leave a long comment or even submit a post myself. Give it a try, send to the Gaffer. It’s up to all the people who come by this to keep up the quality and make it better. I’d love to see more stuff on SJ even though they got lucky and beat the Fire.

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