Deal Is Done. Dynamo Gets A New Stadium

Houston Dynamo

Attention Stacy Smith, Warren Jones, Bryan Zygo & all Houston Dynamo supporters. Since getting your club in 2005 and spending all your home games at Robertson Stadium on the campus of the University of Houston, finally some good fortune has come your way than just the two MLS Cup Championships your side has earned.

The Harris County Commissioners unanimously approved on Tuesday, April 13th for a 20,000 seat stadium that costs $95 Million dollars to construct. The city of Houston also approved of the project about a week ago. Along with building the new soccer stadium there will be some economic zoning to redevelop the area and use new tax revenue to pay the city’s and county’s portions of the project.

Dynamo President Oliver Luck expects designers and architects to start working on the project by May and construction to begin by November or December with the stadium opening in two years. The project date to finish is April of 2012. The stadium would be jointly owned by the city and county, with all the responsibilities in the hands of the Houston Dynamo operating the facility.

Sixty of the $95 million will be paid by the Dynamo while the city & county will pay $20 million in the infrastructure improvements around the facility. The best thing about all this for the residents of Houston & Harris County is that the tax payers won’t be the ones footing the bill on the project. This stadium will be built close to Minute Maid Park, the home of Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros & the Toyota Center, the home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets & AHL’s Houston Aeros. So I believe that local Houston buses and or trains will be able to get the supporters to the games.

Unfortunately there are those in the area that are not happy about this project happening. Some believe that the stadium would disrupt their way of life and not bring true economic redevelopment of the area. Once again when you hear something like this for soccer, they assume it’s never going to work. But what some of the people don’t understand is that the Dynamo will host other games besides the MLS schedule.

I am very excited for the city of Houston, very excited for Major League Soccer & very excited for US Soccer as another home field advantage will be built for a possible Friendly or World Cup Qualifier for the National Team. I am also excited for my good friends who had to go thru alot of grandstanding and political red tape from their local County Government to make this day finally happen. I understand it’s not a pretty thing to go thru, but when a break through finally happens its all smiles.

I have always said all clubs in MLS needs to have their own stadiums to control their revenue streams. Renting or leasing a temporary home just doesn’t cut it anymore when you need this league to get bigger and stronger financial wise. Now we have along with Houston, Kansas City & San Jose with stadium construction projects.

Within a three to four year time period and not counting the expansion sides Portland & Vancouver coming in next year, those three MLS Clubs will finally have homes of their own. But sadly the only negative that will be shining very bright is RFK Stadium as DC United will continue to fight and somehow convince the district to help them create a brand new stadium.;_ylt=AuZxkUepn05kISYfVTHO1bikvrYF?slug=ap-mls-dynamo-stadium (AP)

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30 Responses to Deal Is Done. Dynamo Gets A New Stadium

  1. Adam Edg says:

    About time!
    I had not heard confirmation that KC and SJ have stadium deals finally moving forward.
    If DC can’t get the deal done, then perhaps MLS should move them. Sad to say, but is that not part of the current set up? Sorry but DC is one of the originals; there is no reason why they should be playing in the disaster known as RFK.

    • CTBlues says:

      Move them to Connecticut that way east coast rivalries will still exist.

    • Flex Buffchest says:

      KC has already started construction for their new stadium. It’s just San Jose, DC United, and New England that don’t have their own stadiums, or are even in the talks for one yet. I’m not really counting Seattle because Qwest Field is pretty sick. Wouldn’t mind if they got their own too one day.

  2. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    I had Harvey Ranola on my podcast show from San Jose. They cleared a big hurdle to allow construction of their new stadium near the airport. I believe Kansas City, Kansas has the deal done. I kept up on the info on their website.

    It was Show #2

  3. Dan says:

    DC is all that left and i wish them luck

  4. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Adam Edg: The First Steel Ceremony story for KC Wizards Stadium project

  5. Oh_yeah says:

    I have to say that I am very happy for the Dynamo. The fans and the team deserve this new stadium. DC United will get a new stadium because the fans has been loyal to the team, and the team has been a good representative of the dc area. The team should stay in the dc area. We should not have a policy that if a team cannot get assistance from local government, they should move from the area.

  6. Christopher says:

    DC United loses money (during each year) at RFK Stadium. Yet, RFK Stadium is a better facility than it gets credit for. It has a good seating capacity, better sightlines than other multisport ballparks had, and unobstructed cover for numerous spectators. Its roof is awesome, too!!

  7. tex says:

    this is great news, and i’m extatic for dynamo fans, but it’s a shame that a pointy ball team is going to rip that pitch to shreds. I can’t believe that no one could pony up the 1.5 mil the school paid to have access to the facility and all the rent they pay to the dynamo will be spent on relaying grass, with no net benefit to the club.

    • Jon says:

      The TSU thing was never about money and all political as it was where the county commissioners for the districts the stadium is in went to school.

      And people are making that way too big a deal. TSU plays 5 home games total a season. That’s easy to schedule around since the Dynamo get first dibs. Also, Pizza Hut park has high school football games at their facility all through the fall and it hasn’t affected the look or play of the pitch accept for one game I can recall. The reason Robertson looks as bad as it does for Dynamo games is because UH facility don’t care.

      • Adam Edg says:

        Having Texas Southern play their home games there is not necessarily a bad thing. As you mentioned, there are not exactly a ton of home games for them and they will play second fiddle to the Dynamo. Also, TSU is not part of the Texas state university system so it does not recieve that funding, possibly because of its origins as a historically black university.

  8. forweg says:

    Nobody here has heard of New England Revolution? They’re in a worse situation than DC.

    • Adam Edg says:

      How so? The Kraft Sports Group owns the Revs, Partiots, and Gilette Stadium.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Forweg: We know that the Revolution play at Gillette, but the Kraft’s are the ones who own them with the Patriots of the NFL & the Stadium. The day he decides to remove the field turf and goes back to Grass will be a miracle. And sadly that decision to change the field wasn’t a soccer decision, it was during a rainny muddy Sunday afternoon when the NY Jets beat the Pats at their own game. several years ago.

      • DCUDiplomat96 says:

        Really?? I find it funny that revs fans want to use Field turf as a scape goat!! or any soccer fan.. Im not suprised.

  9. james says:

    RFK is a decent stadium. As has been said, every seat in the house has a great view of the pitch. The supporters are some of the best in the league. It would be a huge failure to move that team.

  10. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    I agree James. But at the same time you have to admit when Don Garber is getting frustrated by the local government and their politicians that aren’t lifting a finger to help DC United get a new Stadium in their jurisdiction, something has to give.

    I don’t want them to move either, but if they have no choice in the matter, then what are they going to do. I know Kevin Payne is trying to find a way to build a new stadium in the area & he won’t rest till that problem is solved, still something has to budge and RFK is slowly falling apart.

    • DCUDiplomat96 says:

      the Ball is on DC United’s Court, it amazes how people blame Mayor fenty , if it aint fenty, its the Nationals if it aint the Nationals its Ward 8 some folks need to stop. I hope Mr Payne is Really trying Im not holding my breath either.

  11. DCUDiplomat96 says:

    Congratulations on houston on getting a stadium, Now for those euro snob whinners listen! Look there is nothing wrong with sharing a facility for other sports, hello its dont in England too! And stop complaining about grass, i find it so stupid the complaints about grass, like these guys cant play on any other surface, heck if grass is the only thing you can play on then you just cant play period. As for DC united, for the team to get a Stadium especially in DC proper they need to market themselves better. Outside the spanish speakers(small minority) and the soccermom/eurosnobwannabees who most of them dont live in the district they live way out in VA or dang near PA, complain about the city(washington) as if they pay taxes there. Also DCU doesnt even have a english radio deal, they barely on TV.(CSN is a stretch) DC United is barely niche when it comes to DC area Sports, lets keep it real. Until DCU caters more to the DC community and Market themselves to the DC masses not just the fans then DCU will have a stadium.

  12. silent e says:

    The Dynamo stadium will have good public transit access. In fact, Houston is currently building 3 light rail lines to add to the one existing already. 2 more are in final planning stage but have not begun construction. One of those lines already has a stop planned for the Dynamo stadium. Expected completion date? 2012, same as the stadium. I look forward to riding the train to the games.

  13. eplnfl says:

    New stadium construction for any MLS team is a victory for all MLS fans! Stay united for soccer specific stadiums for MLS teams to play in.

    Good luck Dynamo.

  14. Charles says:

    I am happy for the Dynamo fans. However I will continue to question the logic of trying to get a league to big time by building small time stadiums.
    The High School Gridiron stadium size just isn’t the answer.

    Look at Toronto and see the future. ESPN said on the game last night that 17,000 season tickets not filled by TFC. Why ? Because the stadium is the size they are going to build Houston’s stadium.

  15. eplnfl says:

    What worries me about the small size is that the price for a ticket will sky rocket as soon as the league thinks it can get away with it. Right now soccer in Chicago at least is a great value. All fans can afford to get in to see a game. In the future this may not be possible as interest grows.

    TV ultimately powers any pro-sport but it will be sad to see the great soccer fans and crowds change over to those fans who can afford the expensive seats only.

  16. Tom says:

    I don’t support the public paying for useless facilities, especially when they replace perfectly good already existing ones. That’s is why I hate many of the new NFL stadiums. The MLS grounds, however, are a useful size for communities; and thus, we should accept that they’ll be used for other things- concerts, high school football, minor college football, etc…

    It is great the Houston is getting a stadium. As far the size, the smaller size creates demand because people no they have to pre-purchase or get packages in order to ensure that get to see certain games. Perhaps Toronto could have been bigger, but I suspect Houston this stadium is right for Houston.

    Why can’t DC United stay at RFK?

    This reminded me- any news on an All-Star game opponent for Houston?

    • Cavan says:

      “Why can’t DC United stay in RFK?”

      If we United fans had a dollar for every time someone from another city our own asked the same question for the past 10 years…

      Just google it or look at BigSoccer forums. We’re sick of explaining it.

  17. Tom says:

    I googled “Why can’t United stay in RFK?”, didn’t get an answer. Why can’t they stay in RFK? Is it being knocked down? Is it unsafe?

    • Charles says:

      I agree with the question of staying at RFK. IF you can get the revenue more advantageous, why not ?
      Everyone is so eager to leave the “aweful” stadiums that were built in the past, the same stadiums that everyone loved when they were built. I am not saying they are a good as the modern ones, but there are big plusses to them.

      One, they are built.
      Two, they are already big.
      Three, they are nicely located.

  18. Miami Ultra says:

    Congrats Houston fans! Exciting news for MLS! I don’t have a MLS team to follow so I have to live vicariously through others who do have teams and new stadiums…

    I hope DC gets some kind of deal done soon. I’d hate to see them move. It would be nice to see the team and district work out a deal that would give DCU full revenue control of RFK, failing a new stadium being built. It’s one of a dwindling number of historic sports venues in the US, especially for soccer, and is a great home field for the USMNT.

  19. Christopher says:

    United lose money on a yearly basis at RFK Stadium. They do not own the ballpark. $60,000 is what they have been/had been paying per game for rent, if I remember correctly. Plus, this venue is said to include structural weakness.

    I hate to lose Kennedy Stadium!! However, if adequate repair is no longer necessary, then Washington should move on. I just hope that RFK’s architecture is duplicated a lot in the future, as its design is magnificent!!!

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