Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 4

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The Week 4 numbers look like this…

5 year comparison
Week 4 29 GP YTD
Avg +/- GP Avg +/- Avg +/- GP
2006 15,619 4 17,149 18,445 22
2007 15,336 -1.81% 8 15,096 -11.97% 15,828 -14.19% 26
2008 15,896 3.66% 7 15,086 -0.06% 16,410 3.68% 28
2009 17,258 8.57% 7 15,314 1.51% 15,314 -6.68% 29
2010 18,022 4.43% 8 18,333 19.72% 18,333 19.72% 29
YTD – 29 Games
Average Median %<10K %>20k
2006 17,149 16,904 13.79% 27.59%
2007 15,096 14,173 13.79% 17.24%
2008 15,086 14,919 17.24% 27.59%
2009 15,314 12,827 17.24% 20.69%
2010 18,333 18,197 10.34% 34.48%

Here are the attendance comparisons to 2009:

MLS Attendance – Equal # of Home Games
2009 2010
Att Cap % Att Att +/- GP Cap % Cap
Seattle 29,939 92.40% 36,077 20.50% 3 101.63% 35,500
Philadelphia NA NA 34,870 NA 1 91.76% 18,500
Toronto 20,658 93.99% 21,978 6.39% 1 100.00% 21,978
LA Galaxy 19,346 71.65% 20,508 6.01% 3 75.96% 27,000
Chicago 11,633 58.17% 20,276 74.30% 1 101.38% 20,000
Real Salt Lake 11,806 36.33% 19,970 69.15% 1 103.26% 19,340
D.C. United 14,245 63.31% 19,536 37.14% 2 86.82% 22,500
N.Y./N.J. Red Bulls 10,485 41.63% 19,120 82.35% 2 75.90% 25,189
Houston 16,085 71.49% 16,500 2.58% 3 73.33% 22,500
ChivasUSA 14,640 54.22% 15,625 6.73% 2 57.87% 27,000
Columbus Crew 14,686 73.43% 13,536 -7.83% 1 67.68% 20,000
NE Revolution 11,314 50.28% 12,798 13.12% 1 56.88% 22,500
Colorado Rapids 12,033 66.53% 10,785 -10.37% 2 59.63% 18,086
KC Wizards 8,654 83.33% 10,307 19.10% 2 99.24% 10,385
San Jose 9,756 20.58% 9,836 0.81% 2 95.49% 10,300
FC Dallas 11,215 52.92% 9,286 -17.20% 2 43.82% 21,193

My disclaimer about the capacity calculations

For my calculations, I’ve taken the 3 teams playing in Amercan football stadiums, DCU in RFK, Houston in Robertson and New England in Foxboro and assigned maximum capacities at 22,500. I took the 22,500 number from an approximate average of the soccer specific stadiums in use.

  • Philly’s first two home games will be at Lincoln Financial Field. The announced capacity for the Union was published as 38,000 and will be calculated as such.


    A new team on new turf. TFC’s home opener on it’s new grass field drew the expected sellout. Saturday started with the now usual sellout at Qwest Field. The Houston crowd was a bit disappointing, with just under 15,000. DC United had a good turnout, over 18,400, but will they stop coming if they don’t turn around their woeful start soon. A hugely underwhelming gate at Red Bull Arena. Just 13,667 for the first place Red Bulls. San Jose didn’t quite sellout this weekend. Maybe they’ll fill the joint after their recent upturn in performance. I would have expected more at the Home Depot Center for the replay of the 2009 MLS Cup. Just over 20,300. And finally, a horrible turnout in Colorado as less than 10,000 came out to witness the Rapid’s victory.

    I’m still feeling pretty smart about the players on my preseason ‘watch list'(bottom of post). Joel Lindpere assisted on a Juan Pablo Angel goal and Geoff Cameron scored for Houston.

    Week 4 Games
    Toronto 2 TFC Connected
    Philadelphia 1 Philadelphia Union Soccer
    Seattle 1 Seattle Times
    Kansas City 0 Kansas City – Hillcrest Road
    Houston 3 Soccer y Fútbol – Jose de Jesus Ortiz
    Chivas USA 0 Chicago Fire Confidential
    RBNY 2 Red Bulls Reader
    FC Dallas 1 3rd Degree – Buzz Carrick
    DC United 0 DCU – Steve Goff – Soccer Insider
    Chicago 2 Chicago Fire Confidential
    San Jose 2 San Jose Center Line Soccer
    New England 0 Revolution Soccer
    Los Angeles 2 LA – Official Blog
    Real Salt Lake 1 RSL – Behind the Shield
    Colorado 3 Undercurrent
    Toronto 1 TFC Connected


    • FC Dallas have not lost at home in its last 10(7 wins).
    • Colorado has not lost at home in 7 straight.
    • TFC has not lost at home in 7 straight.
    • TFC has lost 11 straight road games.
    • RSL are unbeaten in their last 11 regular season home games.

    MLS Throw Ins

    • There have been 17 clean sheets in the first 29 matches
    • Through 29 games: goal scoring is down slightly: 2.59 per game vs 2.62 in 2009.
    • 36 of the 64 players selected in the 2010 SuperDraft were on MLS rosters on opening day.
    • RSL has lost only twice in its last 31 home matches. They lost only once in ’08 and ’09, a feat matched by Houston.

    Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

    The MLS play-in matches for the Open have begun for the teams that did not finish in the top 6 in 2009. The next match will be played on April 27. All times are ET. Seattle are the defending cup holders, and as such will compete in the 2010-11 CONCACAF Champions League.

    • Colorado Rapids defeated the Kansas City Wizards 2-1.
    • Real Salt Lake beat the San Jose Earthquakes on PK’s 5-3 after playing to a 3-3 score.
    • Philadelphia Union at New York Red Bulls, Tuesday, April 27, 8 p.m. at Red Bull Arena (Harrison, N.J.)
    • FC Dallas at DC United, Wednesday, April 28, 7:30 p.m. at RFK Stadium (Washington D.C.)
    • New England Revolution at Philadelphia or New York on Wednesday, May 12

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    14 Responses to Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 4

    1. david1978pdx says:

      You forgot Portland had 15,418 last night… Oh, that’s right… We’re not in MLS yet. LMFAO!!!

      • Charles says:

        Obviously no one likes Portland, but…
        Man, that is a nice figure. 15k for Portland in minor league soccer and NY in first place in the east in the major leagues can’t draw that.
        There is no other way to describe soccer support in this country.

        I just hope they build a big enough stadium and aren’t stuck in Torontofollyland year 1.

      • Geoff says:

        I was at that game. I just recently moved to Portland and got season tickets to join the TA.

        Man… coming from the Galaxy, I thought that LARS and the ACB were decent SGs but theya re nothing compared to the Timbers Army. That is one batshit crazy SG and I loved every single minute of that home opener.

        Good attendance numbers, everything is lining up for an awesome 2011.

    2. Glubber says:

      I’m not sure why you would expect more for a rematch of MLS Cup. Defending champs in MLS have never been a greater draw. Rematches of the previous season’s MLS Cup have also never had an attendance bump.

    3. eplnfl says:

      The trend is great. Week 4 and everything on the whole points up. NY is a place where you expected a bigger crowd. The Red Bulls are in need of a big name to fill seats. Come July that could happen.

      TFC could have more people in the seats if they wish and their waiting list is a about 17,000 for tickets, if what I hear is correct. Seattle is in the same situation with seats in the stadium not being sold on purpose.

      Just a thought but with tickets that could be sold in places like Toronto and NY, and some very small stadiums in San Jose and KC, what would the attendance be if those places where fully opened. So one can submit for discussion that MLS is keeping attendance down!

      Chicago has it’s second home game coming up. The early ticket sales are strong but a record crowd is not likely. A win over DC helped and given the poor performance by Chicago’s MLB teams the Fire may become the home of Chicago’s only winner this summer. I think a large crowd will be on hand for the Fire game next Saturday if the weather is right. MLS fans are good weather fans.

      • Charles says:

        Maybe that is why the Northwest as huge attendance, not like we are going to wait for good weather.
        I don’t know if Seattle can sell that many more tickets, definitely not the Toronto 17k waiting list.

        I was a huge proponent of opening up more seats last year, because it was obvious. Not as obvious this year. That being said, I am laid up and had no trouble finding someone wanting the ticket.
        When I went out last night the bar was showing the Sounders 3rd ( out of 4 ) REPLAYS of the game.

    4. Charles says:

      Man I love Take Me Out To the Ballgame.

      If you are a little frustrated in the bizarre world of US soccer support….like me……

      Look at the difference this year in the median YTD for 29 games.

      It would be easy in this to think that Philly with a large crowd, Seattle with the outlier is affecting the stats, but all the bottom four pathetic or small stadium crowds have had two home games and the median is still the highest in five years. Nice to see.

    5. The thing that gets me about the Dallas, Columbus, and to some extent Colorado numbers is that those cities have pretty ok teams. Dallas is a team on the up, Columbus are probably the best in the East, and Colorado’s not bad. It reflects extraordinarily poorly on the front office that these teams can’t draw better than that; particularly given that the weather this year has so far been much better than last year’s at this point in the season.

      • Reddevil4life says:

        what is the one thing that C-bus, Dallas and Colorado have in common? If you said ownership that has no interest in promoting their clubs. Hunts and Kronke spend little to nothing promoting the game or their own freaking clubs. I live in Ohio and the only place you can find gear for or media about the Crew is on their web site. I don’t know why MLS doesn’t address this issue with these owners.

    6. Sam says:

      Get ready to come crashing back to earth this week. With the slate of home games on the schedule, the numbers will fall way down.

      • Peter C says:

        Not exactly the words I would use, but you are correct that the numbers will come down. Way down? Don’t know about that.
        I’d be ecstatic if the final number is 17K, achieved only in the league’s inaugural year. The next highest was 16,770 in 2007, year of the ‘Becks’.
        The current numbers reflect 3 home games in Seattle and Houston, two of the stronger teams. Also the Philly game at the Linc that drew over 35K.
        There will be only one more game at the Linc before the Union begin play at PPL Park.
        And only one game so far in poorly attended New England.
        Just wish I lived near an MLS city so I could attend regularly, which is what I hope our readers do.

        • Sam says:

          I say way down because its only week 5 (1 week in five can move numbers significantly). But you are absolutely right, at the end of the year, one bad week won’t kill attendance.

          Side note: WHY does Dallas have the game of the week???? Its embarrassing enough to see Dallas’ attendance numbers, let alone having to see the actual attendance on national television (3,000, maybe?).

    7. Miami Ultra says:

      Dude a big WTF to Columbus and below on that attendance list. I’ll give a pass to KC and SJ due to smaller venues but Colorado/Dallas/Columbus have no excuse.

      Either get some owners with marketing savvy for those towns, or get me a couple of large helicopters so I can airlift one of those stadiums and teams to South Florida. The Fusion may have been an 11K per game draw, but at least it was a market with potential and historical support for the game(NASL Strikers). It’s been nearly a decade since the Fusion were disbanded and South Florida fans still have to watch other teams with sugar daddy owners get new stadiums yet continue to do no better, or worse, than we did at the gates. Frustrating to say the least.

      I will say kudos to Portland. That’s how you do it. From one supporters group to another, well done. The Miami Ultras can only dream to one day match the level of success the Timbers Army has achieved.

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