Chance Encounter With Daniel Hernandez of FC Dallas

FC Dallas v Los Angeles Galaxy

It was Saturday morning and I needed to run a few errands with my 2 year old son. I thought I would take him to Patriot Place to walk around and get some exercise. Patriot Place is adjacent to Gillette Stadium where the New England Revolution play. The Revs would be playing FC Dallas later that night.

My son during his walk made it clear he wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts. As we walked in I noticed many people wearing FC Dallas gear. I had to ask the gentleman behind me in line if he was a player for FC Dallas. He told me he did play for the club. He mentioned they were playing the Revolution last night.

This player couldn’t have been more approachable. We talked for a few minutes about the upcoming game. We talked about the fact that Shalrie Joseph was out for the Revolution. He thought Joseph being out would help his club last night . He also mentioned that he was a former player for the Revolution. He also stated he played in midfield.

This gentleman was just pleasant to me and my son. He said that he had three of his own. He was telling this to a perfect stranger. It was only about 5 minutes long, but it left a very positive impression on me.

As I left Dunkin Donuts, I wished the player good luck tonight and shook his hand. He then told me he was Daniel Hernandez.

I am not going to lie and tell you I knew this player. I am a Fulham blogger and mostly follow the EPL. I do watch Revolution matches, but was not familiar with him.

Eight hours later I turned on the Revolution vs. FC Dallas match on television. The announcers were talking about this former Revolution player to watch out for in the midfield. They were talking about Daniel Hernandez. The announcers mentioned he was wearing the captain’s band.

FC Dallas and the Revolution played a 1 – 1 tie. I won’t remember this game in a week. I will remember meeting the FC Dallas captain.

What was great about this short meeting was how this player and his teammates held themselves in public. They came off as “regular guys” who just happen to be professional athletes. I wish more players had the class of Daniel Hernandez and the rest of the FC Dallas Squad.

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