Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 6

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The Week 6 numbers look like this…

  5 year comparison
  Week 6 45 GP YTD
  Avg +/- GP Avg +/- Avg +/- GP
 2006   13,990     6   16,045     16,760     34 
 2007   14,450   3.29%   6   15,124   -5.74%   14,943   -10.84%   38 
 2008   15,769   9.12%   7   15,613   3.23%   16,909   13.16%   42 
 2009   15,873   0.66%   9   15,015   -3.83%   15,015   -11.21%   45 
 2010   15,552   -2.02%   8   16,818   12.01%   16,818   12.01%   45 
YTD – 45 Games
  Average Median %<10K %>20k
 2006    16,045     15,968    20.45%   20.45% 
 2007    15,124     14,173    13.33%   20.00% 
 2008    15,613     15,024    13.33%   28.89% 
 2009    15,015     14,051    15.56%   17.78% 
 2010    16,818     14,389    13.33%   24.44% 

Here are the attendance comparisons to 2009:

MLS Attendance – Equal # of Home Games
  2009 2010  
  Att Cap % Att Att +/- GP Cap % Cap
 Seattle  29,664   91.55%   36,113   21.74%   4   101.73%   35,500 
 Philadelphia NA NA  34,870  NA  1   91.76%   18,500 
 Toronto  20,282   92.28%   20,186   -0.47%   2   91.85%   21,978 
 LA Galaxy  19,761   73.19%   19,245   -2.61%   4   71.28%   27,000 
 N.Y./N.J. Red Bulls  10,424   41.38%   17,953   72.22%   3   71.27%   25,189 
 D.C. United  14,310   63.60%   17,053   19.17%   3   75.79%   22,500 
 Houston  16,297   72.43%   16,385   0.54%   4   72.82%   22,500 
 Real Salt Lake  11,800   45.52%   16,315   38.26%   2   84.36%   19,340 
 ChivasUSA  14,914   55.24%   15,213   2.00%   3   56.34%   27,000 
 Chicago  10,901   54.51%   14,937   37.03%   3   74.69%   20,000 
 Columbus Crew  11,076   55.38%   13,929   25.76%   2   69.65%   20,000 
 Colorado Rapids  12,033   66.53%   10,785   -10.37%   2   59.63%   18,086 
 NE Revolution  10,368   46.08%   10,332   -0.34%   3   45.92%   22,500 
 KC Wizards  9,231   88.88%   10,219   10.71%   3   98.40%   10,385 
 San Jose  9,743   27.80%   9,448   -3.02%   3   91.73%   10,300 
 FC Dallas  9,747   45.99%   9,028   -7.38%   3   42.60%   21,193 

My disclaimer about the capacity calculations

For my calculations, I’ve taken the 3 teams playing in Amercan football stadiums, DCU in RFK, Houston in Robertson and New England in Foxboro and assigned maximum capacities at 22,500. I took the 22,500 number from an approximate average of the soccer specific stadiums in use.

  • Philly’s first two home games will be at Lincoln Financial Field. The announced capacity for the Union was published as 38,000 and will be calculated as such.


    Another Saturday with all teams playing. Starting on a warm day in DC, a disappointing crowd of under 12,100 after two very strong home attendances. A typically tiny crowd at New England. OK, tiny might be a tad strong, just over 10,000. A decent crowd in Houston, over 16,000. BTW, congrats to Houston getting a stadium. A slightly less than average turnout in Chicago, 13,200+. Don’t know if it was the weather, but Salt Lake only saw 12,600+. This for a team that are now unbeaten at home in its last 12 matches. San Jose had good weather, but didn’t fill Buck Shaw. LA drew under 15,500, the lowest attendance for the Galaxy since June 18, 2003. Up the coast in Seattle, meanwhile, the Sounders fell 22 short of their all-time high with well over 36,000 in the house. This was the first week that attendance was down on a week-to-week basis.

    Rookies are still making their marks. Zack Schilawski scored his 4th goal of the season. Jack McInerney scored his first pro goal as did Sammy Appiah of Houston.

    How do you spell top of the table? First in offense(1.67), first in defense(0.33). Meet the Galaxy.

    Week 7 seems to be one of those where the league is preparing for the 2 week layoff during the World Cup. There are 11 matches, 4 on Wednesday and 7 on Saturday. Playing twice this week are ChivasUSA, DCU, FCD, Houston, LA and the Revs.


    • FC Dallas have not lost at home in its last 11(7 wins).
    • Colorado has not lost at home in 7 straight.
    • TFC has not lost at home in 8 straight.
    • TFC is winless in 12 straight road games(3 draws). Note: This is a correction from last week.
    • RSL are unbeaten in their last 12 regular season home games.

    MLS Throw Ins

    • The Phildelphia Union have drawn first half red cards in 3 of their 5 matches.
    • There have been 9 draws compared to 15 in ’09 thru the first 45 matches.
    • There have been 24 clean sheets in the first 45 matches
    • Through 45 games: goal scoring is slightly down from 2009, 2.53 vs 2.62.
    • RSL has lost only twice in its last 32 home matches. They lost only once in ’08 and ’09, a feat matched by Houston.

    Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

    The MLS play-in matches for the Open have begun for the teams that did not finish in the top 6 in 2009. The next match will be played on May12. All times are ET. Seattle are the defending cup holders, and as such will compete in the 2010-11 CONCACAF Champions League. Two teams will emerge from the group of Colorado, RSL, DCU, the Revs and RBNY to join the 6 that automatically qualified.

    • Colorado Rapids defeated the Kansas City Wizards 2-1.
    • Real Salt Lake beat the San Jose Earthquakes on PK’s 5-3 after playing to a 3-3 score.
    • New York Red Bulls downed Philadelphia 2-1.
    • DC United beat FC Dallas 4-2, the 2nd year in a row that DCU eliminates FCD.
    • New England Revolution at New York on Wednesday, May 12

  • 8 Responses to Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 6

    1. epl says:

      Attendance for the Fire most likely effective by the Blackhawk playoff game at the UC going on at the same time. More hockey fans then you think are Fire fans. Saturday saw a full house at Wrigley Field that afternoon and a good number of locals will head to Louisville on Derby day.

      The weather was fine and the bigger crowd from the week before reflected in my mind the people that stayed home because of the poor weather the week before. The game was on free tv Saturday night in Chicago. All in all a good crowd would have been bigger if the Blackhawks where playing at a different time.

      • Logan says:

        Blackhawks definitely had to have had an effect. Good call. I didn’t make it out myself, watched it on TV, and was a little worried about the poor showing (and the draw– not good enough!). Blackhawks completely slipped my mind, even tho I was watching that game at the same time!

    2. Charles says:

      I am laid up, so I watched Real Madrid play someone yesterday on TV. At the same time they were playing one of the replays of the Sounder’s game.
      Seattle Sounders fans are the greatest in the world. Madrid had twice as many fans in Madrid, maybe 3x.
      However, everyone of the Sounder’s fans stood the whole game,
      as is the 1 1/2 year tradition, and were 2-3x as loud as Real Madrid fans.

      Haven’t they been doing this for 100 years or something?

      I am very lucky to be a tag-a-long to this. I hope everyone in other cities is as lucky soon. Bizarre how they are not, I hope it changes.

    3. Miami Ultra says:

      Keep up the good work Revs, Rapids and Dallas. Your making soccer fans in places without MLS teams proud. As someone who has lost my team, I don’t wish that experience on anyone, but these teams have been there since day 1. The Fusion were only given 4 years in a very transient market and then were hastily disbanded. At this point if no one is showing up, especially in places like Colorado and Dallas with great new soccer stadiums, maybe they won’t ever show up. At least South Florida and Tampa had potential and a history of supporting domestic pro soccer.

      San Jose got a second chance for some reason, so Florida ought to get one too.

      • Logan says:

        I know. This sort of thing drives me mad. My initial reaction is: TAKE THE TEAMS AWAY FROM THOSE UNGRATEFUL CITIES! But Colorado and Dallas have soccer-specific stadiums and that’s a hard thing to walk away from; or, hard for MLS to move the team out of that to some other city with a makeshift stadium. It’s complicated, but hopefully they work it out soon. The growing popularity of the sport, and the promise of even higher attendance when teams like Vancouver and Portland enter the league might be enough to carry those other teams until their cities catch on.

    4. man99utd says:

      The Sounders are great supporters as Charles said. But look at what they have to support. Seattle play a very open and flowing game. The string of one touch passes are incredible. I realise they do not always pull them off, but at least they are trying to play entertaining football. The rest of MLS should take note. Players and fans alike.

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