Eddie Gaven And The Woodwork Gives Columbus A Victory At Red Bull Arena

New England Revolution v Columbus Crew

This was a fantastic match that had a lot of pace & action going on the field for both sides. But while the Red Bulls couldn’t convert all their chances, all the Columbus Crew needed were two and they punished New York with two quick goals within a four minute span.

35th minute Frankie Hejduk attacked down the right flank and had numbers with him. A solid cross from the surfer boy towards Eddie Gaven who took two steps to avoid his defender and a solid header past Bouna Coundoul for the one goal to nil lead. Then in the 39th minute the Crew took their second corner on the left side and Gaven became a helper as he found Andy Iro who also avoided his defender and put a header on the ball when he leapt for the two goals to nil lead. The Crew took that score line into the half and they were prepared for a relentless wave of an attack from the Red Bulls.

The final goal in the coffin for the Red Bulls was a mistake by both central defenders in veteran Mike Petke & rookie Tim Ream. As the ball bounced it looked like it was well played, but the classic miss-communication happened with both players as it looked to be “You take it, I got it” happened, and the one who took charge was Columbus substitute Emilio Renteria who charged the net and got Coundoul to bite. He slotted the ball in the net and for the Crew and their 80 visiting supporters; they would take the bus back to Columbus, Ohio with three points in the bag and first place in the Eastern Conference.

For the Red Bulls they played a very good match as well. They were just unfortunate that they had four to five solid chances to get on the scoreboard, but were snake bit when they nailed the posts and cross bar. After Gaven got his goal, RBNY tried to get an equalizer early in the 36th minute, but when Sinisa Ubiparipovic ripped a low hard shot it nailed the far post and the rebound shot by Seth Stammler sailed high. 50th minute Dane Richards with the tall Andy Iro on him attacks the net and got Will Hesmer to come off his line. Instead of trying to get a penalty call, Richards took a shot that was rolling into the open net but it hit the post. Then in the 61st minute New York would get a free kick just three yards from the area. Juan Pablo Angel took the free kick that bent towards goal and nailed the crossbar.

The only positive for the Red Bulls on this night was their first round draft pick Tony Tchani. He came off the bench in the 65th minute and was attacking down the middle in the midfield. 81st Minute Carlos Mendes would cross the ball in the area; Tchani leaps and heads it past Hesmer & into the net for his first professional goal in MLS. The rookie from Virginia that showed alot of promise in the rookie combine finally got his first tally and the monster of the midfield as Hans Backe called him in an US Open Cup Qualifier against the Philadelphia Union, just might get some more playing time and start.

For the Crew they have taken over first in the east & for the Red Bulls they are on a three match losing streak in league play. The friendly against Juventus on Sunday Afternoon, May 23 could be just what the doctor ordered to let loose and have some fun, before their final US Open Cup Qualifier against the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday, May 26th.

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11 Responses to Eddie Gaven And The Woodwork Gives Columbus A Victory At Red Bull Arena

  1. Matt says:

    Finally some love for the Crew, only the best team in the MLS the last two years.

  2. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Matt. I’ve been giving the Crew love during their CONCACAF Champions League matches and I’ve had Blake Compton on my show for the Hudson Street Hooligans. You got to stop this nonsense.

  3. TA says:

    Good article Dan…I feel the love.

    Glad there are writers out there who can at least call it as it was and not for what they wish it was.

  4. Charles says:

    Sorry TA, but Daniel is very biased Red Bulls writer.

    I said it after they beat my Sounders, I just don’t think the Red Bulls are that good. Obviously you always want a Henry on your team and maybe Henry finishes those hitting the post shots, but overall I don’t know that he is going to help that team that much.

    How much better is MLS getting right now overall. Even if Henry doesn’t show. Every team has at least one rookie/sophomore who is contributing….many have two.

  5. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Charles, I am not a biased writter on the Red Bulls. In fact if you read the whole damned thing I gave credit to the Sounders for scoring the goal and getting the win. Outside of the bad call that led to the goal, it was RBNY’s fault for losing their concentration.

    I also commented that I could’ve bitched about a penalty that should’ve been given to NY but when I saw the replay there wasn’t enough contact to award it to them & Lindpere did dive for it. Here is the thing Charlie. I can be honest with how RBNY played, but can you and your fellow Sounders supporters be honest? From recent comments and reports, I say no.

    Don’t paint the picture when the brush is to big and it can’t fit inside the paint can.

    • CrewFan says:

      Wow, a little sensitive about our Red Bulls are we? As usual, I have to agree with Charles. We all appreciate your work for the site Daniel, but don’t sound so offended that people recognize you’re writing largely from the New York perspective. For instance, a more neutral observer might have mentioned…somewhere…that the Crew were without three of their best players (GBS, Marshall, Rogers). Also, the NY goal was more the product of a horrible mistake by Hesmer, although the rest of your summary is spot on.

      Also, let’s not continue to pretend that the Crew is getting a fair shake here for their accomplishments the last two-plus seasons. New York and L.A. start the season in 1st place, and it seems some would prefer we just cancel the rest of the season! I’m guessing the Crew will just fade to the background now for the rest of the year until they play NY or L.A. again while they march to a 3rd straight Shield.

      • Daniel Feuerstein says:

        O.k. here’s the thing Crew fan. I haven’t been here the last two plus years. I started here in the middle of last season. So whatever complaints you have don’t lump me into it. I have written about the Crew’s CCL Quarterfinal aggregate matches, I have brought in my friend Blake Compton who runs the Hudson Street Hooligans to my podcast show.

        It’s very simple to fix the problem, be a writer on MLS Talk for the Crew. The Crew won’t fade if you WANT to write about them. You can contact the site and actually do the job. But if you would rather sit back and complain, then don’t write about the Crew. At the same time it’s a bit difficult when the league makes the schedule and gives your side alot of time off & nothing consistant happens each and every week.

  6. Charles says:

    Here is the deal Red Bull’s fan. I appreciate your writing, as shown by the fact that I read it still. But you are biased. Everyone is. Some people write that way….Both of our writing is biased big time. I have been a Sounder’s fan for 30 years and I don’t care if my writing is biased.

    IF you DO care….you need to change your writing. Plain and simple. You devote 2 full paragraphs to a team that lost. You mention the friendly at the end of the article, without saying which team is playing in it. Of course it is the Red Bulls, Daniel is writing the article.

    ps. It is not a big deal to me, I read the Wall Street Journal and NY Times too, but I know that the journal will have a big time conservative slant and the NY Times a huge liberal one.

    • Daniel Feuerstein says:

      Charles I know I write about the Red Bulls, but please hear me out. I want to be a fair writer as well. I can praise my side and blame them at the same time. If that foul call that lead to the Seattle goal went the other way, I would’ve said the same thing and said that the Sounders didn’t deserve that type of a loss.

      Honestly I saw this match as a draw, but that one moment changed the match. And I did give credit to your side for taking advantage of it.

      And about the Friendly against Juventus, I did mention it. You didn’t read the whole thing.

  7. Matt says:

    Daniel, “you’ve got to stop this nonsense”? Are you serious? This article was the first about the crew, SINCE THE SEASON STARTED. However, there’s virtually an article about the Red Bulls for every game they’ve played. I have no problems with the Red Bulls or any other team. But for the back-to-back Supporters Shield winners (who are undefeated by the way), to have a single article roughly two months into the MLS season is laughable.

    I understand you aren’t the only writer and believe me, i’m not blaming you or anyone else, BUT as my first post said, “finally some love for the Crew.”

    P.S. Is it just a coincidence the first article written about the Crew was because they played RBNY?

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